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Chapter 1007 - Coming Clean About Her Relationship

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1007: Coming Clean About Her Relationship

    Wen Xinya ended the call, after which Si Yiyan stopped calling. Given how intelligent he was, he definitely knew why she ended the call first.

    However, he sent her a text message.

    All he said was, “I’m safe, don’t miss me too much!”

    The short and simple message was enough to make her genuinely happy.

    At 7:40 PM, Wen Xinya finally remembered that she had arranged to meet her friends at Ninth-Heaven. She immediately shuddered and cringed at the thought of her friends behaving fiercely.

    She immediately grabbed the gifts that she had bought for her friends and hurried to Ninth-Heaven.

    By the time she reached the private room that she had booked, her friends were already present and they were all glaring at her with their arms folded and their legs crossed.

    Feeling a little guilty, Wen Xinya raised her arms awkwardly. “I’m not late. There are still ten minutes and 33 seconds until the time that we’re supposed to meet. You guys are early.”

    Zhou Tianyu humphed coldly and chastised condescendingly. “If you’re late, just admit it. Why bother coming up with an excuse?”

    Xu Tongxuan stared at her nails which were polished with red-colored nail lacquer, appearing elegant and posh. “Explaining is equivalent to hiding. It’s a matter of fact that you’re later than us.”

    Even Du Ruo had pulled a long face and tried her best to make herself appear stern, but to no avail because of how adorable her face was. “You made us wait for you for ten minutes and 33 seconds.”

    Gu Junling and Ling Qingxuan picked up a glass of red wine each. “Cheers!”

    The sounds of the glasses being clinked together were loud and crisp, coupled with the sound of the thick liquid moving in the glasses. The two of them were clearly gloating and waiting to see a good show.

    Wen Xinya could not help but tear up, wondering to herself how she had become friends with such aggressive people.

    Wen Xinya put on a warm smile and picked up the bags in her hand. “Here are some gifts that I bought for you guys.”

    Zhou Tianyu chastised. “Your smile is hideous.”

    Xu Tongxuan glanced at her coldly and gibed. “You’re being nice for no reason. You must have evil intentions!”

    The usually meek Du Ruo chimed in. “Forget about it if you’re trying to use these gifts to bribe us. We’re all strong-willed pioneers of revolutions. All gifts are sugarcoated bombs.”

    Gu Junling snorted with laughter and glanced at Wen Xinya in a gloating manner. “Hah, our female members are all strong-willed and determined people. Xinya, your trick is not going to work!”

    Ling Qingxuan laughed and said, “Don’t look at me. I won’t be tempted by sugarcoated bombs.”

    At this moment, Zhou Tianyu stuck her finger out and beckoned for Wen Xinya to walk towards her.

    Wen Xinya scurried towards Zhou Tianyu and thumped herself down beside her, staring at her innocently with puppy eyes. Si Yiyan often fell for that trick.

    Zhou Tianyu chastised. “There’s no use playing cute. You’re really something, eh? You went to Russia without telling us. What are you trying to do?”

    Knowing that she was at fault, Wen Xinya hung her head low and said, “I’m sorry, I won’t do this again.”

    Actually, she was rather afraid of being questioned by her friends and hence, decided not to inform them.

    Refusing to budge, Xu Tongxuan probed. “Answer me, who did you go to Russia with this time? Don’t tell me that you went alone. I’ll never believe that.”

    Actually, she had already guessed it, but she still needed some verification.

    Du Ruo raised her hand and said excitedly, “I know, I know…”

    Zhou Tianyu shot her a glance and said, “Let her come clean herself.”

    Ling Qingxuan and Gu Junling looked on merrily. “You’ll be spared if you come clean. If you’re dishonest, you shall be punished.”

    Turning red in embarrassment, Wen Xinya answered, “I went together with… that idol of yours, my Grampy’s student, Si Yiyan.”

    Actually, ever since she returned to the nation, she had been planning to find a chance to come clean to her friends about her relationship with Si Yiyan. She knew that they wouldn’t sell her out and leak the secret since they were not blabbermouths. Anyway… Si Yiyan would be showing up by her side openly as Old Mr. Mo’s student. Given how intelligent they were, it was only a matter of time before they guess it.

    Her friends were all dumbfounded.

    Wen Xinya explained, “I didn’t intend to hide it from you guys. I just couldn’t find the right opportunity. As you know, I was still underage…”

    They were flabbergasted after processing her words.

    Zhou Tianyu pushed Wen Xinya onto the couch and said, “Oh, oh, oh, so it really is him. Wen Xinya… Sis, I’ll give you 32 likes. You’re really something. You even managed to win the heart of such a rare gem.”

    Xu Tongxuan screamed excitedly and exclaimed, “Ah, Sis, you’re really awesome. You have no idea how agitated I am now. Come here and tell us, just how did you manage to win the heart of our idol?”

    Even Du Ruo’s eyes widened in shock. Clenching her fists, she exclaimed, “That Mr. Si seems to be very impressive!”

    Wen Xinya almost got dizzy.

    Ling Qingxuan and Gu Junling looked at each other, at a loss for words to describe the man-crazy girls.

    At the same time, they also took pity on Xu Zhenyu. As his friends, they obviously hoped that he could win Wen Xinya’s heart and get into a relationship with her. However, she was now attached. Despite taking pity on their friend, they wouldn’t intervene.

    They just felt that it was a shame.

    The girls continued to bombard Wen Xinya with questions excitedly.

    Zhou Tianyu held Wen Xinya’s hand and asked, “Tell us, how far have you progressed in the relationship?”

    Wen Xinya snorted and spat the wine out of her mouth while it dripped down the corners of her lips. She immediately choked and began coughing violently as a burning sensation formed in her throat.

    Xu Tongxuan patted her back and asked, “First base?”

    Zhou Tianyu handed her a glass of water and asked, “Second base?”

    Du Ruo handed her a piece of tissue paper and exclaimed, “I’m guessing third base!”

    She continued to cough vigorously.

    Zhou Tianyu, Xu Tongxuan, Gu Junling, and Ling Qingxuan glanced at Du Ruo peculiarly.

    Staring at them in astonishment, Du Ruo raised her hand innocently and exclaimed, “I have a question!”

    They nodded, signaling for her to proceed.

    Du Ruo swallowed her saliva and asked, “What do first base, second base, and third base mean?”

    Her words were the bane of their existence.

    What an innocent girl~

    Do you unchaste people really think it’s appropriate to speak about such lewd stuff in front of such a pure girl?