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Chapter 366 - A Failed Honey Trap

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 366: A Failed Honey Trap

    “Jian Qi, shouldn’t you get to know your teammates? What’s the point of getting to know the counter-terrorism team?” Tang Jinyu asked coldly.

    Jian Qi smiled calmly in response. “I’m just keen to find out if they are good enough! Are they really capable of accomplishing what’s required?”

    “You don’t have to know that. They aren’t directly working with us. We are merely providing support behind the scenes. Besides, I have already done my research. They are all pretty good!”

    Without a doubt, Tang Jinyu’s words had left Jian Qi with nothing else to pick on.

    Jian Qi’s smile faded somewhat. What could she possibly say next?

    Was he forcing her to use a honey trap?

    “Little Tang Tang…” Jian Qi batted her eyelids playfully at Tang Jinyu.

    Her long eyes lashes fluttered like the wings of a butterfly. Meanwhile, her bright pupils seemed to shine like the stars in the night sky.

    As Tang Jinyu fixed his gaze on her, his eyes seemed to have become darker.

    He turned around and started walking away.

    “Sigh…” Jian QI seemed dumbfounded. Did Tang Jinyu have to show just how utterly disgusted he was with her?

    “Little Tang Tang…”

    Jian Qi hurriedly ran after Tang Jinyu. She extended her hand out and was about to grab Tang Jinyu’s arm when he suddenly began warning her in a frosty voice. “If you want to run twenty kilometers, go ahead and touch me!”

    After hesitating for only a second, Jian Qi directly wrapped her hand around Tang Jinyu. “If all it takes to hold your hand is to run twenty kilometers, I wonder if Instructor Lu would feel depressed if he were to find out. After all, he had never held your hands before.”

    Tang Jinyu took in a deep breath as he felt the urge to hit Jian Qi.

    “Instructor Tang? Little Tang Tang? Would you like to share some of the information with me?” Jian Qi smiled innocently. “After all, the spirit of sharing should be present among teammates. What say you?”

    “Just like how you shared the pork knuckles the last time?” Tang Jinyu chuckled coldly.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘When will you stop bringing this up?’

    ‘Pork knuckles are what I hate the most in this lifetime!’

    “That’s right!” Jian Qi smiled pleasantly.

    Tang Jinyu observed her and noticed that she was not able to keep her emotions in check. It seemed somewhat like a forced smile.

    “You seem really invested in the counter-terrorism case!” Tang Jinyu pulled his hand away. Meanwhile, he kept his gaze on her face to carefully observe any changes in her facial expression.

    “I’m a country bumpkin who has very little exposure to the world. I’m feeling curious, that’s all.” Jian Qi showed a very obedient expression as she looked at Tang Jinyu. “I’m a curious baby. Little Tang Tang, don’t you want to satisfy my curiosity?”

    “Haven’t you heard? Curiosity kills the cat.” Tang Jinyu said coldly. “Be honest with me. Don’t think about doing anything dumb!” He warned.

    “I’m very obedient. What could I possibly do?” Jian Qi fixed her gaze on him.

    “Pretending to be dumb?”

    “Little Tang Tang, you are wrongly accusing me. I’m such a naïve little fairy. How could I possibly pretend to be dumb?” Jian Qi asked thoughtfully. “How could you hurt your little fairy like this?”

    “Very good. Keep it up!” Tang Jinyu snorted as he looked at her stonily.

    After saying so, Tang Jinyu began walking away.

    Just as Jian Qi rolled her eyes at him from behind, Tang Jinyu turned around and saw what she did.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Why have I been so unlucky recently?’

    “Little Tang Tang!” Jian QI remained calm as she continued with the act of rolling her eyes. “There’s some sand in my eyes. Come help me blow them away.”

    “Do it yourself. After that, remember to run twenty kilometers!”

    After Tang Jinyu said so, he turned around and a smile appeared on his face as he shook his head helplessly.

    ‘Silly little one…’