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Chapter 464 - The Great Lucas

Let Me Game in Peace
     464 The Great LucasZhou Wen turned his head and saw that they were the only ones from the East District. The others looked Mediterranean. Clearly, the two fans that Lucas mentioned were likely him and An Sheng.

    Many of Lucas's fans looked at them enviously.

    "Don't doubt it. Don't be excited, my friend. It's you. I, Lucas, can't let you return disappointed after you came all this way here. Come, my friend, take The Great Lucas's autograph and enjoy a luxurious day tour sponsored by Lucas. Leave pleasant memories of your stay here in the beautiful Peninsula of Gods. When you return, you can tell your friends in the East District how beautiful the Peninsula of Gods is. Of course, tell people how handsome The Great Lucas is," Lucas said as he pointed at the two of them.

    "Ahem. Young Master Wen, I don't think he has any ill intentions. I've heard about his style before. We should respect his enthusiasm and kind intentions. We need to be gentlemanly and polite," An Sheng whispered to Zhou Wen.

    Hence, Zhou Wen and An Sheng boarded the temporary stage under the envy of many fans.

    "Come on, buddy. Where do you want The Great Lucas autograph signed? On your chest, or your butt… I'm just joking… I only sign on the butts of women…" Lucas said with a smile.

    Zhou Wen really couldn't appreciate Lucas's humor, much less allow him to scribble on his clothes. He took out a notebook and handed it to him. "Please sign here."

    "Friends from the East District are indeed reserved. Alright, as you wish." Lucas waved his pen rapidly and signed his name on Zhou Wen's notebook.

    "What about you, my friend?" Lucas looked at An Sheng.

    "I'll have to trouble you to sign here," An Sheng said as he flipped a page and pointed at a blank spot in the notebook.

    "You East District people are too strict. Young people should be more relaxed. Don't be embarrassed to express your love. Alright, I should sign something special for you." As Lucas spoke, he signed again. This time, he did not sign a name but wrote a sentence.

    "Dedicated to my dear friend, your greatest love, Lucas." He spoke it out loud as he wrote before signing his name.

    Zhou Wen didn't know what expression An Sheng had, but he nearly burst out laughing.

    An Sheng said expressionlessly to Lucas, "Thank you for your autograph. We still have matters to attend to. I'm afraid we have to leave."

    "Don't be in such a rush to leave. There's still the luxurious tour that's fully paid for. You have a chance of coming into close contact with the mighty Lucas and seeing how I hunt dimensional creatures. Whatever is received today will be yours. Today is your lucky day. Come on, young friends." He wrapped his arms around Zhou Wen and An Sheng's shoulders. Then, he said to the fans, "Thank you for your support. Today, I'll be entertaining my fans from the East District, so pardon me."

    With that said, he handsomely snapped his fingers and a Companion Beast that looked like a dinosaur appeared in front of him. He flew up and waved at Zhou Wen and An Sheng. "Don't be shy. There's no need to be too pleasantly surprised. Try having a ride on the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This is what you deserve."

    "Lucas… Lucas…" A group of fans cheered. They were clapping for the lucky Zhou Wen and An Sheng, as though encouraging them to be braver.

    Zhou Wen and An Sheng looked at each other before An Sheng nodded. Then, they flipped onto the back of the Tyrannosaurus. Lucas handsomely patted it and said, "Old Pal, let's set off."

    The Tyrannosaurus roared cooperatively, causing the young fans to cheer crazily. Then, it ran to the opposite side of the street.

    Zhou Wen and An Sheng were dumbfounded. They had heard Lucas talk so much at the temple entrance and had imagined that he was going in to explore the temple. To their surprise, he didn't enter the temple and instead rode the Tyrannosaurus down the street.

    Many youths from the Peninsula of Gods let out cheers when they saw him. Lucas also greeted them handsomely.

    Is this fellow a celebrity or an Epic expert? Zhou Wen wore an odd expression.

    After running for a while, the Tyrannosaurus came in front of a Metalwork Temple. Lucas showed his pass and took Zhou Wen and An Sheng in.

    "Didn't you say that only residents of the Peninsula of Gods can enter the Metalwork Temple?" Zhou Wen asked An Sheng in puzzlement.

    An Sheng clearly didn't know why Lucas was able to take them in. On the other hand, Lucas said coolly, "The Great Lucas is the image ambassador of freelance hunters in the Federation. Here at the Peninsula of Gods, I'm the only one who can bring you in here. Now, you should understand how rare this is, right?"

    "Great Lucas, can I take a few photos in front of the temple's entrance?" Zhou Wen hurriedly said to Lucas when he saw the small palm symbol as they approached the entrance.

    "Haha, you're really a smart little imp. Are you taking the opportunity to have a photo with me? Of course you can. You are the VIP today," said Lucas warmly as he wrapped his muscular arm around Zhou Wen.

    With no choice, Zhou Wen had no choice but to take a few pictures with Lucas before seizing the opportunity when An Sheng had a photo with Lucas to snap the tiny palm symbol with his mysterious phone.

    He had originally thought that he wouldn't be able to enter the Metalwork Temple, but to his surprise, he was able to download it thanks to this chance. He really wanted to thank this mighty Lucas.

    After taking a group photo, Lucas led them into the Metalwork Temple.

    The temple was like a blacksmith shop. It was filled with machinery used for forging. There was a huge steel furnace, work platforms, and some tools. Zhou Wen couldn't name them.

    However, the heat in the furnace was hot. There was actually liquid-like metal boiling in them. From time to time, one could see Fire Sprites jumping inside.

    "Are those Fire-Elemental Sprites?" Zhou Wen asked as he pointed at a scarlet ball of fire.

    "It's about the same. However, its real name should be the Steel Cauldron Fire Sprite. It's a type of elemental sprite. It has high temperatures and can spew out high-temperature flames. It's a very powerful Legendary creature." As Lucas spoke, he summoned a long-handled ax. He rode on the Tyrannosaurus and slashed at it with a cool slash. He struck the Steel Cauldron Fire Sprite and destroyed it, sending sparks flying.

    Lucas raised a shield in his other hand to block the sparks, preventing Zhou Wen and An Sheng from being affected.

    Having killed the Steel Cauldron Fire Sprite, Lucas smiled at them and said, "What a pity. There weren't any dimensional crystals or Companion Eggs. From the looks of it, your luck ain't that good."