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Chapter 586 - Let’s Watch Some Commercials…

Medical Master
     Chapter 586 Let’s Watch Some Commercials…

    “Ha-ha, it’s really the game named Fighting the Landlord!”

    “Has Fang Qiu been challenged by all of them?”

    “Fortunately, there is Jiang Miaoyu. Otherwise, Fang Qiu would be attacked by all the people.”

    “I remember. It seems that since the first episode, everyone has been confronting Fang Qiu, right?”

    “Ha-ha, from the first episode to the last one, let’s wait and see whether they can defeat Fang Qiu or not.”

    “No matter how far Fang Qiu has gone, he will always be challenged by others. This guy is simply the master of a variety show!”

    Countless people on the Internet burst into laughter by making fun of Fang Qiu.

    On the spot, the host said, “Okay, let me interview Jiang Miaoyu.”

    He asked a staff member to hand the microphone to Jiang Miaoyu, and then asked, “Why do you support Fang Qiu while others are supporting Luo Jie?”

    “Because…” Jiang Miaoyu blinked and said, “Because we are in the same school.”

    “Is it that simple?” Obviously, the host didn’t believe it.

    “It’s that simple.” Jiang Miaoyu nodded at once.

    “So, what do you think of other people’s choices?” the host asked from a different angle.

    “I felt the same way!” Jiang Miaoyu replied at once.

    As she said that, the netizens laughed again!

    “Holy sh*t. This answer is awesome.”

    “Ha-ha, Fang Qiu, I thought there was at least one person who supported you, but I didn’t expect that even our goddess, Jiang Miaoyu, was pissed off by you.”

    “That’s brutal!”

    On the stage, as he heard Jiang Miaoyu’s answer, Fang Qiu couldn’t help but smile.

    At the same time, the director went backstage.

    “How are the ratings?” Director Li Huawen asked again.

    “7.8%.” the assistant director quickly replied.

    Director Li Huawen took a deep breath and thought to himself, “Whether I can become the director of the Spring Festival Gala completely depends on this in the end. Let’s see if the ratings will exceed 8%!”

    The host turned to look at the three judges.

    “Now, let me interview the three judges.”

    The host bowed to the three judges and then faced the camera and all the audience, saying, “I want to explain to you first. Everyone only knows the identities of the three judges, but they don’t know their status in the Chinese Medicine industry because many people don’t know much about Chinese Medicine, so I have to introduce them to you. Although the three judges haven’t reached the top in the Chinese Medicine industry, they are also very powerful. In the whole Chinese Medicine industry, only 47 people have the same strength as the three judges. The 50 people in the Chinese Medicine industry are called ‘highly-skilled doctors’!”

    Hearing that, all the people present felt great respect for the three judges.

    On the Internet, netizens were also posting comments crazily!

    “Highly-skilled doctor?”

    “Only fifty people in the country?”

    “That’s too awesome!”

    “No wonder Central Television invited them to be the judges. It turns out that they have such great backgrounds.”

    As the host finished the introduction, he looked at the three highly-skilled doctors with a smile and asked, “Judges, who do you support?”

    The three highly-skilled doctors looked at each other and finally let Li Zhengtang pick up the microphone and say, “As for us, three old men, whether it’s Fang Qiu or Luo Jie, they are the pride of Chinese Medicine. Of course, including all the contestants. You are all the pride of Chinese Medicine.”

    There was nothing wrong with his response at all, which made it impossible for others to find any flaws.

    The host shook his head and continued to ask, “Well, every one of you can choose one. Tell me, who do you think will be the winner?”

    Obviously, the host was asking the judges to choose a side.

    “Host.” Yang Juanyong picked up the microphone and said with a wry smile, “You want us to choose one side. Are you meant to let us offend someone?”

    “Ha-ha.” The host grinned and said, “Of course not. As you’re elders, please tell us the person you support.”

    “Well, I support Fang Qiu,” Yang Juanyong said.

    “I support Fang Qiu, too.” Li Zhengtang also followed.

    Highly-skilled Doctor Huang Zhengren, who had picked up the microphone but couldn’t make it to say ahead of Li Zhengtang, shook his head with a wry smile. He glanced at the two people next to him and said, “Chinese Medicine doctors always follow their hearts. I choose Fang Qiu!”

    All the three judges actually chose Fang Qiu?!

    Hearing the answers of the three judges, everyone present was surprised.

    All the netizens who were watching the live broadcast on the Internet were also very amazed.

    No one had expected that.

    “The three judges are so optimistic about Fang Qiu!”

    “Teachers,” the host was also a little surprised and then said, “Gu Shaoyu, the third place, just mentioned that Fang Qiu had treated about 1050 patients this time. With such a large number of patients, Fang Qiu’s curing rate may not be high. You should also know this. Why did you still choose to support Fang Qiu?”

    Highly-skilled Doctor Li Zhengtang picked up the microphone and said unhurriedly, “Doctors believe in miracles and are more willing to create miracles. Since the first episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, Fang Qiu has been creating miracles, so I believe that he can do it this time.”

    “Okay, thank you, judges.”

    The host nodded and thanked them.

    Then he looked at Fang Qiu who was standing on his left and Luo Jie on his right. He asked, “What’s the final result?

    “It will be revealed right away!

    “First of all, please watch Luo Jie’s short video with me first.” After that, the host looked at the big screen.

    Everyone also turned to look at the big screen.

    The big screen began to broadcast the excerpts of Luo Jie’s performance in the past ten episodes of the show. With an unknown identity, he passed all the tests and defeated his opponents, fighting all the way to the finals.

    Undoubtedly, in addition to Fang Qiu, he was the most eye-catching person in the show!

    Luo Jie’s final result gradually appeared on the big screen.

    Everyone thought that there was something wrong with the show’s crew because they accidentally announced Luo Jie’s score. But they noticed that the host was very calm about it as if everything should be like this.

    Luo Jie had treated 614 patients.

    His curing rate was 94.1 % and the improvement rate was 100%.

    Everyone was shocked in an instant as they saw that!

    “What the f*ck! The curing rate is so high!”

    “The third place, Gu Shaoyu, only has a curing rate of 89.1%. How could Luo Jie’s curing rate be so high?”

    “It’s over. Fang Qiu is determined to take the second place.”


    “Look, from the tenth place to the third place, the gap is about 1-2% as the rankings went up. But from Gu Shaoyu to Luo Jie, there is a gap of 5%. There must be another person, Fang Qiu, in such a big gap!”

    “This curing rate is terrifying.”

    “Indeed, Fang Qiu definitely is ranked the second. If he goes higher, the curing rate won’t be terrifying, but horrible!”

    Everyone was shocked because the curing rate of Luo Jie was too high!

    All the people who supported Fang Qiu couldn’t help but worry about him.

    Although they all knew that even if Fang Qiu was defeated by Luo Jie, he would still be the second. What Fang Qiu gained would be far more than the first place. But they weren’t going to give in because they still wanted to see Fang Qiu win the championship with their own eyes!

    However, Luo Jie’s score was too good. His curing rate was too high!

    “Next one, Fang Qiu!” the host shouted timely.

    On the big screen, Luo Jie’s performance disappeared, replaced by a short video of Fang Qiu’s performance in the past ten episodes of the show.

    It could be said that Fang Qiu’s performance in every episode was amazing.

    In the first episode, he sang the theme song. In the face-to-face confrontation, he was the first to win in the second episode. In the third episode, he went into the mountains to collect herbs and found a big wild watermelon. He also caught beehives bare-handed. In the fourth episode, he was ahead of Luo Jie in the competition of processing medicine. Then the video showed what he did in the fifth, the sixth episode… all the way to the tenth episode.

    From the ninth episode, people saw Fang Qiu persist in seeing patients for 75 hours consecutively.

    Once again, everyone was moved.

    Although it seemed that Fang Qiu was very arrogant, didn’t fear anyone’s challenge, and didn’t take anyone seriously, everyone knew that it was just a deliberate display of Fang Qiu. Once he started seeing patients, he wouldn’t say much. He would be immersed in it all the time and serve the patients with all his strength.

    This was Fang Qiu. What a Chinese Medicine doctor would do!

    Moved, everyone was very looking forward to seeing if Fang Qiu could win the first place.

    The short video ended.

    Just like Luo Jie, the final result of Fang Qiu gradually appeared on the big screen.

    Fang Qiu had treated 1050 patients!

    When the first line of data came out, all the people on the scene and on the Internet who were paying attention to the show were staring at the big screen.

    They all knew that the most critical number about Fang Qiu’s curing rate was coming out!

    At this moment, everyone held their breath!

    As expected, the data gradually emerged.

    Curing rate: 9**.*%

    Improvement rate: 100%.

    Seeing the data, everyone was stunned!

    What was this?

    Was there something wrong with the crew?

    Just when everyone was puzzled. “Ahem. Ahem…”

    On the stage, the host coughed twice without embarrassment and then announced, “We will come back after these commercials. After the commercials, we’ll continue with this wonderful show!”

    After that, the show immediately turned into commercials.

    Because of that, the netizens all cursed in anger.

    The audience was also wailing.

    Under the stage, Director Li Huawen asked nervously, “How are the ratings?”

    This was the end.

    Now, it was all up to this section whether they could exceed 8% or not!

    “7.9% now.” The assistant director’s voice came.

    Director Li Huawen froze.

    At first, this part should not have been added with commercials, but he had no other choice. These advertisement companies had paid a lot, even equivalent to the price of the commercials in the Spring Festival Gala. Even the leaders on the station could not resist such a great temptation, so they could only make plans to play the commercials.

    If there were no commercials, the ratings should be able to exceed 8% now.

    However, as he thought about it carefully, the commercials were nearly impossible to drive people away. On the contrary, it would give those who were watching the live broadcast a chance to call more people to see the final result.

    Perhaps, after the commercials, the ratings might continue to increase.

    With this in mind, Director Li Huawen was waiting anxiously.

    One minute later, after the four commercials which each lasted for 15 seconds were finished, the TV screen returned to the live broadcast.

    The host opened his mouth and said, “Welcome back. It’s the 11th episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, the championship competition!”

    At this moment, Director Li Huawen, who had been nervous for a long time, hurriedly asked, “How’re the ratings?”

    “What?” the assistant director shouted slowly.

    Director Li Huawen raised his eyebrows and asked, “What is it?”