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Chapter 298 - Have You Thought About Acting?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 298: Have You Thought About Acting?

    "Are you really uncomfortable?"

    After leaving the clubhouse and getting into the car, Su Cha immediately regained her composure.

    Seeing her, Bo Muyi smiled and tapped the tip of her nose. "Did you see something interesting?"

    During the time that they'd been together, Bo Muyi had come to understand Su Cha well enough. Although there were still those things that happened in the past, Bo Muyi did not care. Su Cha would never really show that kind of face.

    Of course, he also knew that she and Tang Keruo might have talked about something in the washroom.

    Su Cha: "That secretary is someone's niece?"


    Bo Muyi nodded. He made no mention of who the traitor was nor what the Tang Sect was.

    Su Cha did not ask him anything more. She just lowered her head and smiled as she thought of Tang Keruo.


    After the incident with Zi You, the production crew chose another celebrity to replace Zi You as a judge.

    Perhaps because of their recent experience with Zi You, the production crew looked specifically for a capable celebrity. Although Zi You's matter did not have much to do with the production crew, Dreams in Progress was already getting a headache.

    Their biggest headache was that this was not the first time a judge got in trouble.

    One of the judges in Yonggu City's division, Yu Siqing, had also been exposed and had since disappeared from the industry.

    Of course, it was nothing much to worry about if the incident involved an 18th-tier celebrity. While there were very few people in the entire entertainment industry, a scandal would have still been fine if it had happened at any time before the celebrity got involved in a certain project. Why must it happen at that particular time instead of others?

    There were two instances of that happening to Dreams in Progress. Even if the show itself was not very influential, or perhaps not cared about much by people, it was still very much on their radar.

    During the past two days, when Dreams in Progress was still screening the Top 50 contestants, Su Cha had gone to practice her songs. There, even Dai Xiaofu talked about the subject with Su Cha. "When I was chatting with Quan Jia, we talked about your show. They say the whole production team is not doing well. Two judges are in trouble, with both being involved in huge scandals. One of them is an 18th-tier celebrity and the other is from a popular group. Why is this happening? Is it a bad year?"

    Su Cha smiled lightly. "You're thinking too much. Or rather, isn't it just a coincidence?"

    Su Cha would not say that both things had something to do with her. Of course, the fewer people who knew, the better.

    Dai Xiaofu pondered for a while. "That's not true. One of the judges who got in trouble was a judge from Yonggu City's competition area, wasn't it? I heard from Quan Jia that this judge had been targeting you since the start of your competition. I don't know how you offended that person, but Quan Jia said that the judge was an 18th-tier host who relied on unspoken rules to climb up the ranks. That judge deserved it."

    Su Cha nodded and did not comment.

    Dai Xiaofu looked at her and smiled. "It's good that you're like this now. Just concentrate on your competition. Don't worry about anything else. It will be beneficial for you if you can enter the top ten. But Su Cha, do you only want to sing or do something else?"


    Su Cha turned to look at her. "Why do you ask?"

    Dai Xiaofu said, "You have to consider it carefully. The music industry is still in a state of decline. Since singing as an industry is not doing well now, it's not easy to become famous. It's not easy to meet a good producer and score great luck, so it's quite difficult to continue on. Other than those singers who are already at the top, most singers choose to also dabble in television shows and walk both paths together. Have you thought about acting?"