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Chapter 465 - Fire Furnace Queen

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 465 Fire Furnace Queen

    Lucas rode on the Tyrannosaurus as they stormed through the Metalwork Temple. He killed several Steel Cauldron Fire Sprites and several robot dimensional creatures. They were instantly killed in one strike, making him look rather powerful.

    However, his luck was clearly average. After killing more than ten Legendary creatures, only one Strength dimensional crystal dropped. It was even at the Legendary stage.

    “We’ve finally gained something. From the looks of it, your luck isn’t too bad. Take it. Don’t stand on ceremony with the mighty Lucas. This is what you deserve.” Lucas handed the dimensional crystal to Zhou Wen before taking out his phone. He took a selfie with Zhou Wen and himself together with the dimensional crystal.

    Zhou Wen broke out into a sweat as he thought to himself, This person is really a piece of work. There’s really no limit to this world when it comes to surprises. To think that such a person is a famous Epic expert from the Peninsula of Gods. I really didn’t expect it.

    Lucas led them through the hall’s corridor and constantly killed various dimensional creatures. However, they were all at the Legendary stage. Most of them were Steel Cauldron Fire Sprites with the occasional robot.

    Suddenly, a flaming person that resembled magma appeared in front of him. Zhou Wen immediately recognized it. It was an Epic Fire Sprite that they had seen previously.

    “You are really lucky to encounter an Epic Fire Sprite. From the looks of it, I have encountered a true opponent today. Young lads, watch the battle from the side. If the Fire Sprite drops a Companion Egg, you will really be lucky.” Lucas made the two of them alight the Tyrannosaurus before charging at the Fire Sprite.

    The Fire Sprite was nearly three meters tall. When Lucas fought the Fire Sprite while riding the Tyrannosaurus, Zhou Wen frowned.

    To be honest, the Fire Sprite had quite good fire-elemental powers and it wasn’t afraid of being injured. It was indeed quite strong, but Lucas was one of the famous Epic experts in the Peninsula of Gods. He actually had a tough time defeating the Fire Sprite.

    The battle looked gaudy as the gigantic ax and shield bombarded the flames. In addition, the roars of the Tyrannosaurus and the Fire Sprite made it seem like a battle between Epic monsters.

    If this was a movie, Zhou Wen could give it 99% for the visual effects.

    However, from Zhou Wen’s point of view, Lucas was too much a noob. He had average combat talent and was quite pedestrian.

    With an Epic Tyrannosaurus, an Epic Companion Beast weapon, and Epic armor, he only managed to tie with the Fire Sprite. Apart from ‘noob,’ Zhou Wen didn’t have any other words to describe him.

    “Is this really a famous Epic expert whose name resounds in the Peninsula of Gods?” Zhou Wen looked at An Sheng and asked.

    “Yes, I think so.” An Sheng’s expression was calm. Clearly, he had seen all kinds of things happen before, so he wasn’t too surprised.

    Zhou Wen naturally refused to believe that the Peninsula of Gods was only at that level. If the top Epic expert in the Peninsula of Gods was at this level, the resources here would probably have been snatched away by other factions.

    After fighting for more than half an hour, the intense battle ended with Lucas’s victory. However, the Fire Sprite also left injuries on him.

    Lucas even showed Zhou Wen and An Sheng his injuries as though he was flaunting them. He even took a few selfies as a memento.

    However, Lucas was really a generous person. When the Fire Sprite dropped a Essence Energy Skill Crystal, he actually gave it to Zhou Wen and An Sheng according to his promise. However, he still naturally took the picture to commemorate this. He did all of this with great familiarity.

    “You sure are lucky to have a Fire Sprite’s crystal drop. This is a good item that has about a 3% drop rate,” said Lucas as he stuffed the crystal into An Sheng’s hands. He then asked, “Let’s add each other as friends. I’ll send you the pictures later.”

    “I haven’t installed that software. Let Zhou Wen add you.” An Sheng reacted quickly and directed this at Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen wasn’t eloquent, so he added Lucas as a friend. Then, he saw that he had sent the photo they had just taken, along with some stage lines.

    “Although I’ve suffered some injuries, it’s worth it to let fans from the East District witness Lucas’s strength and charm.”

    A few of them were photos of him getting injured while fighting the Fire Sprite. There was also the picture of him giving Zhou Wen the crystal.

    The comments were filled with envy. There were all sorts of comments that claimed how awesome it was. Some even praised Lucas for his invincibility.

    It’s really a waste that this bro… isn’t a celebrity… Zhou Wen thought to himself.

    Lucas led the two of them to continue hunting dimensional creatures in the Metalwork Temple. He was clearly very familiar with this place as he traversed the corridors that resembled a spiderweb and found quite a number of dimensional creatures.

    “Lads, it’s time to rest. As a great hunter, you have to know how to enjoy life. Work and play need to be combined to ensure that you are always in your optimum combat state.” As Lucas spoke, he took out a folded chair and table from a box on the Tyrannosaurus’s back. Inside it was an umbrella.

    This fellow actually made it seem like he was drinking coffee by the sea. He set up all sorts of things in the Metalwork Temple. Even food was prepared. It looked like a sumptuous spread.

    Just as Zhou Wen and An Sheng were about to start eating, they heard snapping sounds. Lucas had taken another selfie with them before quickly posting a few words on the Internet.

    Zhou Wen saw Lucas’s message. It was the picture that had just been taken. On it was the tagline: “Hero’s mid-game break.”

    Zhou Wen and An Sheng continued eating by themselves. Not to mention, the food brought by Lucas was quite good. Zhou Wen had never tried such exotic food, so he ended up eating quite a lot.

    The three of them were eating when they suddenly felt the temperature in their surroundings rise. The air that was originally extremely hot because of the huge steel furnaces was now unbearable. Their hair almost charred.

    Zhou Wen turned his head and saw a burning dimensional creature with a pair of butterfly-like flaming wings. On its head was a flaming crown. It was a dimensional creature that had flown out of another palace.

    “What’s that?” Zhou Wen asked curiously.

    “No good. It’s the Fire Furnace Queen. Get up. Let’s go.” Lucas was surprisingly fast. Ignoring the chairs and table, he jumped onto the Tyrannosaurus’s back and shouted to Zhou Wen and An Sheng.

    “Why are you running? Get rid of it. It would be nice if a Companion Egg dropped.” Zhou Wen had heard the passerby mention that the Fire Furnace Queen was a mutated Epic creature. She possessed very powerful flaming powers and was extremely rare.

    “I can fight her alone, but you will definitely be implicated if you are here. How can the mighty Lucas allow you to be injured? I’ll fight her again after I take you out…” Before Lucas could finish his sentence, Zhou Wen summoned a sword and casually slashed out a sword beam.

    The sword beam shot out and cleaved apart the Fire Furnace Queen’s body. Flames splattered everywhere as a Companion Egg dropped.

    The mighty Lucas gaped in astonishment as he stared at the Overlord Sword in Zhou Wen’s hand. His jaw nearly dropped to the ground.