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Chapter 367 - Acting Queen, Are You Done Acting?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 367: Acting Queen, Are You Done Acting?

    After completing the twenty-kilometer run, Jian Qi scanned the group of soldiers who were still training. However, she did not see Lightning and the other veteran soldiers.

    Even Leng Yu, who usually stayed late to train, was nowhere in sight.

    Jian Qi could not help but smile as her eyes lit up. After turning around, she began walking toward Tang Jinyu’s study room at a fast pace.

    “Jian Qi, aren’t you going to train with us?” Zhao Yu called out after her from behind.

    “I’m going to wash my face. It’s a little hot,” Jian Qi replied as she continued to walk even faster.

    As Zhao Yu frowned, he turned to look at Lu Yao who was next to him. “Why is she heading in that direction to wash her face? Why didn’t she return to her own dorm?”

    Without saying anything, Lu Yao’s gaze shifted to where Jian Qi had walked off to. That was clearly the direction which led to where Tang Jinyu stayed.

    Tang Jinyu and the others were now discussing about the current mission. What was Jian Qi doing over there?

    “I’m going to the restroom for a while. Continue training,” Lu Yao said as he walked in the same direction where Jian Qi had gone to.

    Zhao Yu looked dumbfounded. Would he not reach the restroom faster if he were to go this way?

    Why did he take the long way?

    Zhao Yu shrugged. ‘Never mind. I don’t care. I’d better keep training.’


    When Jian Qi got closer to Tang Jinyu’s study room, she intentionally took a turn in another direction to avoid the surrounding soldiers.

    Since she often came over to tease Tang Jinyu, she was very familiar with the surrounding area and could therefore move about very swiftly and efficiently.

    As an expert in camouflaging, coupled with the fact that the house was designed very similarly to her outfit, she was able to remain undiscovered.

    However, as soon as Jian Qi thought that she had hidden herself in a safe spot, Lu Yao appeared right next to her.

    The two stared at each other in a wide-eyed manner as they communicated through eye contact.

    ‘Why are you here?’ Jian Qi seemed to hint.

    ‘Why are you here, then? You look very suspicious.’

    ‘I came to look for Instructor Tang.’

    ‘Why didn’t you enter through the front door.’

    ‘I’m being romantic. I wanted to give him a surprise. How would a single person like you understand?’

    Lu Yao frowned as he opened his mouth. However, Jian Qi hurriedly extended a hand to cover his mouth.

    Lu Yao snorted. ‘Are you feeling guilty now?’

    After letting go, Jian Qi spoke in a lowered voice, “I’ll agree to let Little Tang Tang spend one day with you. Let’s make it clear. It will only be a single day and not any longer than that.”

    Lu Yao. “…”

    ‘D*mn it. She’s crazy!’

    ‘Who cares about wanting Tang Jinyu?’

    When Jian Qi saw how enraged Lu Yao was, she smiled devilishly. “What’s there to be shy about? In order to stop me from giving Instructor Tang a surprise, you came after me to keep an eye on me. Doesn’t that show that you are interested in Instructor Tang? If you agree to disappear right now, I’ll give you half a day more to spend with him!”

    Lu Yao gritted his teeth. ‘I wish I can bite her head off.’

    “What are you two talking about? Sounds like a happy conversation!” When the cool voice was heard, they could immediately feel the temperature around them drop. It was a familiarly cold yet noble voice.

    Jian Qi could identify who the voice belonged to without looking up.

    Anyway, she was caught red-handed twice within the span of a few hours!

    What kind of bad luck was she having today?

    “Little Tang Tang, Instructor Lu threatened me. He wanted to steal you away from me. He even said that he would hit me if I didn’t let him have you!” Jian Qi appeared pitiful as she looked at Tang Jinyu.

    Lu Yao. “…”

    ‘D*mn it!’

    ‘She’s doing it again!’

    ‘Jian Qi, don’t you feel bad at all?’

    ‘Who is trying to steal Tang Jinyu away from you? Who threatened you?’

    People in the house all laughed out loudly as they felt sorry for Lu Yao.

    ‘Big Sister Qi, why couldn’t you have imagined anyone else being your love rival? Why must it be Lu Yao? It’s very strange!’

    “Acting Queen, are you done acting?” Tang Jinyu stared at Jian Qi coldly.

    “Not yet…” Jian Qi seemed unusually calm as she winked at him.

    The crowd. “…”