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Chapter 553 - Side Story 1: Zi Shang Becomes an Egg

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 553: Side Story 1: Zi Shang Becomes an Egg

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Lotus Hall, Celestial Palace.

    Yun Jiuge held her son’s small claws and pointed to the big white egg soaked in the golden pool while she said, “Darling, do you see that white egg? That’s your King Father.”

    “Egg, King Father?” Little Dragon furrowed his brows and did not understand why his own father was a big white egg while other people’s fathers were so tall and powerful.

    “He was hurt by fighting the bad guys to save us, so he had to hide in the egg and grow up again,” explain Yun Jiuge as she picked up her son and brought him closer to Zi Shang.

    A year ago, she successfully opened the seal of the Celestial Palace to find Zi Shang’s original body. But she did not expect that after putting his soul into it, he actually degenerated into an egg.

    Wan Sha said Zi Shang had lost too much strength that he was unable to maintain his Demonic Body. He needed to absorb more energy to take shape again. She could only place Zi Shang’s egg in the Lotus Flower Pond and wait for him to be reborn.

    “Bad guys, kill.” Little Dragon shook his little claws angrily. He still had recollection of the big black hand he had met at birth.

    “The bad guys have been killed by us. Very well, you should go take an afternoon nap. Say good afternoon to your King Father,” said Yun Jiuge, taking her son’s little fat claws and waving them to Zi Shang.

    “Good afternoon, King Father.” Little Dragon waved his claws obediently.

    Zi Shang’s egg shook slightly, as if in response to them.

    “Zi Shang, do your best. We’ll come see you again later.” Yun Jiuge leaned on Zi Shang’s egg and kissed the top of it. Then she took her son and left the Lotus Hall to head toward the Golden Dragon Hall.

    Along the way, the maids greeted her respectfully in succession. The maid responsible for taking care of Little Dragon was named Qing’er, selected from Ling Clan.

    “Goddess, Lord Wan Sha has just sent someone here for you, saying that there’s someone waiting in the main hall,” said Qing’er, who was petite but strong. She effortlessly took the heavy Little Dragon from Yun Jiuge’s arms.

    “Mother, stay with me. I’m scared,” cried Little Dragon as he tugged at Yun Jiuge’s sleeve, blinking with tears in his eyes.

    “Okay, Mother will stay with you.” Yun Jiuge could not bear to see her son act like a spoiled child.

    Although the little guy was tall like a three-year-old human boy, he was still a one year old baby who needed his mother to accompany him.

    Little Dragon immediately smiled with joy, and obediently lay on the little golden bed, with glittering gems next to the pillow.

    The Dragon Clan had always liked to collect treasures. Little Dragon was no exception. The entire Golden Dragon Hall was set with all kinds of his favorite gemstones.

    “Go to sleep!” Yun Jiuge touched the little forked horns on his forehead as she gently hummed to coax him to sleep.

    Little Dragon slowly sank into slumberland and his dream was full of beautiful gems. His favorite was a sculpture of his mother carved from white jade in the middle.

    “Mother is the most beautiful.” Little Dragon man took out a small handkerchief to happily help wipe the face of his mother’s statue.

    At this time, a crisp but curt voice sounded, “Little beast, you finally came.”

    Little Dragon turned his head to look over and saw a boy about seven years old appear in his dream.

    He was dressed in a gorgeous black robe and had an extraordinarily handsome appearance. His lips were bright red as if they were stained with blood.

    His forehead had a pair of small and extremely sharp black horns, gleaming with an ominous light. One could feel a stabbing sensation if one looked at them any longer.

    “Why are you here again? I don’t welcome you.” Little Dragon opened his arms wide to protect his mother’s statue and watched the boy warily.

    “A beast will always be a beast. Can’t talk any sense into it.” The boy crossed his arms in front of his chest and spoke contemptuously to Little Dragon,” Don’t think that you can stop our Ancient Black Demonic Clan’s attack by eliminating that idiot, Ao Ge. If you surrender to me now, I’ll not only spare your life but also confer you as the king of this continent. You just need to give me half of your Source Power.”

    “Not giving it to you. It’s mine.” Although Little Dragon did not understand what Source Power was, he remembered something his mother said. If a stranger wanted something from him, he could not agree no matter what.

    “I’ve asked you nicely, but you’d rather take the hard way.” The boy’s dark eyes flashed with anger. Then he pounced toward Little Dragon.

    Little Dragon immediately hugged his head and curled himself into a ball. He fought back against the boy with his golden dragon tail. The two of them suddenly got into a fight.

    Yun Jiuge did not know that her son was being bullied in his dream.

    She quietly left to go to the main hall once she saw her son close his eyes.

    “My Lord, you’re here.” Wan Sha came over.

    “Who’s waiting for me?” Yun Jiuge let Wan Sha secretly recruit the Celestial Palace’s former maids again and ordered him to prohibit any former lovers from calling on her.

    “It’s a Tree Spirit that I don’t know. He said you saved him in Yin Spiritual Mountains’ Secret Realm,” Wan Sha said. He only informed Yun Jiuge after he saw that this Tree Spirit spoke methodically.

    “A Tree Spirit?” Yun Jiuge was puzzled. When had she ever helped a Tree Spirit?

    When she saw the handsome man with green hair and green eyes standing in the main hall, only then she remembered that she had helped a Human-faced King Peach tree.

    “Goddess.” Human-faced King Peach’s eyes brightened when he saw Yun Jiuge. His green eyes glowed with gentle light, like dewy green grass.

    “Have a seat. I didn’t expect you to reach the realm of Soul Formation so soon,” said Yun Jiuge. She remembered the Human-faced King Peach only had Golden Core Cultivation when he left the Secret Realm. If there was no major chance encounter, it was impossible to reach the realm of Soul Formation so soon.

    “I received other chance encounters after I left the Secret Realm at the time, so I successfully gained a Soul Formation through a fluke.” The smile of the Human-faced King Peach was a little shy. He did not dare look at Yun Jiuge even though he wanted to.

    “Why did you want to see me?” Yun Jiuge did not have much feelings toward the Human-faced King Peach.

    “I was entrusted by someone to specially come and find Goddess today,” said the Human-faced King Peach, who became serious as he spoke of the matter.

    “Who have you been entrusted by?” Yun Jiuge slightly frowned. Countless names flashed across her mind.

    “I was entrusted to see you by Lord Fan Yin.” The Human-faced King Peach’s greatest wish in this life was to see Yun Jiuge once. That was why Fan Yan helped him to traverse the tribulation.

    “He wants something from me.” Since Yun Jiuge returned to the Celestial Palace, Fan Yin had sent numerous invitations, wanting to meet with her once. But he was rejected.

    Yun Jiuge was well aware of what Fan Yin wanted to talk with her. It was none other than to talk about the Great Catastrophe and the common people of the world.

    She had already said she did not want to be involved and that she did not want to see him.

    “Goddess, Lord Fan Yin asked me to help convey a message, saying that he wants to meet you not to talk about the Great Catastrophe and the common people of the world but because he misses you very much. He hopes you can give him a chance to meet,” the Human-faced King Peach summoned up his courage and said.

    “Go back and tell him that if I want to see him, I’ll naturally go to him. Wan Sha, see our guest out,” Yun Jiuge said as she rose.

    “Yes.” Wan Sha came in front of the Human-faced King Peach and was about to take him away.

    At this time, the Human-faced King Peach suddenly plucked up the courage to ask Yun Jiuge something, “Goddess, I heard that your side is recruiting male lovers. I wonder if I can have this opportunity to fight for it?”