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Chapter 722 - Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 23)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 722: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 23)

    The closest bullet was ten centimeters away from her, but she moved the position of the bullet before returning to her original spot.

    She just revealed a faint smile as everything returned to normal.

    The five bullets hit the wooden log behind her. Luo Qing Chen said with a cold laugh, “You’re a sniper? Ha, ha, you really have terrible eyes!”

    Xu Zheng Liang on the side angrily came over and took the pistol from her hand to slam on the ground before roaring out, “Jin Wen Dan, what are you knowing! Do you know how the commander would have taken care of you if you had hit her!”

    He simply didn’t dare believe that she would fire so easily, this was taking someone’s life!

    “I…..” Jin Wen Dan tightly bit her lips and said, “I don’t believe the commander will do anything to me!”

    After all these years, she had also accidentally injured civilians in battle, but Zuo Mu Ran had taken it for her.

    How could he take care of her for a traitor…...

    Luo Qing Chen crossed her arms and looked over Jin Wen Dan with an uncaring gaze, “A sniper that can’t hit a target, do you want to continue?”

    “Young miss Luo…..” Xu Zheng Liang looked at her and said, “It’s too dangerous. Wen Dan is in an unstable mood, you should leave first!”

    “He, he.” Luo Qing Chen said with a cold laugh, “She can’t hit me with this kind of technique.”

    “Good!” Jin Wen Dan’s eyes were completely red as she moved past Xu Zheng Liang and loaded her bullets as quickly as possible, as she aimed her gun at Luo Qing Chen, “A piece of trash from a family of traitors, no one will blame me if I kill you!”

    “Si.” When this was said, the soldiers who were stunned all took a cold breath.

    They looked at each other in disbelief.

    “I killed Hitoda and Kouichi.” Luo Qing Chen said with a cold snort, “If I’m a traitor, I should kill you, right?”

    Zuo Mu Ran didn’t tell anyone about the Luo Family’s matters. How could Jin Wen Dan know unless…...

    “In short……” She bit her lip and said, “This is for the people!”

    “Peng.” Before Jin Wen Dan could pull the trigger, a bullet quickly flew from her side and went right into Jin Wen Dan’s right hand.

    The gun fell to the ground and her blood flowed down.

    Luo Qing Chen was stunned. When she looked back, she was firmly held in a warm embrace!

    “Commander!” The soldiers all called out.

    But Zuo Mu Ran didn’t reply. His eyes were very cold and the dark look seemed like it could freeze everything.

    “Don’t be afraid……” His voice had a bit of a tremble to it. If he hadn’t gone to the Luo Manor, nothing would have happened.

    “I’m not afraid!” Luo Qing Chen’s face turned red with a bit of embarrassment, “Everyone is watching…..”

    Zuo Mu Ran held her even tighter, as if he was afraid that he would lose a treasure. He completely ignored everyone else’s gazes.

    “Commander.” Jin Wen Dan sniffed as her eyes turned teary, “You know me, I wouldn’t shoot casually. She is a traitor who has intruded in the Zuo Manor, I must ensure the safety of our brothers.”

    Every word was powerful and filled with righteousness, like she was a high up messenger of justice!

    “Who told you she is a traitor?” Zuo Mu Ran narrowed his eyes and looked at Jin Wen Dan with incredibly cold eyes, “I just reached an agreement with mister Luo Gong and Qing Chen will marry me.”