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Chapter 378 - Poison

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 378: Poison

    Huo Beichen could not do anything other than looking straight ahead and going into his office. After dealing with a pile of work and just as he was about to head to a meeting, his phone vibrated. He casually glanced through and saw that Ning Ke had sent him quite a few WeChat messages. He had not seen the messages that she had sent throughout the day, and so, he decided to just simply read through them.

    N: [Huo Beichen, I’m downstairs at the office. I need to see you!]

    N: [You cannot treat me this way. Are you afraid of letting me see that woman? Are you scared that I will tell her what you used to do to sis?]

    N: [Huo Beichen, I really like you. I’ve liked you for eight years. How could you be so cruel to not even see me? Are you afraid that you would see sis in me?]

    N: [Huo Beichen, you’re a jerk! Karma will come and get you!]

    Her last message showed that she was indeed crazy. Huo Beichen preferred to blacklist her WeChat. Soon, he gave Stephen a call.

    “Make sure you take good care of Missus. Don’t give Ning Ke the slightest chance of getting near her!”

    Stephen answered him instantly, “Yes sir.”

    Huo Beichen was fully confident in Stephen’s skills and way of working. When Ning Meng was not a good person, many of her ex-boyfriends had wanted to kill her out of revenge. Nevertheless, she was protected from every one of those dangers by Stephen. Now that they were only dealing with a harmless Ning Ke, there should not be any big threats. After he had thought about this, he went to the meeting.

    After his meeting was finished, he headed back to his office. It was lunchtime. Usually, if he was not invited for any business lunches, he would ask the villa’s personal cook to deliver their homecooked meal. It was healthy and safe for consumption.

    He had had to ask Qi Shan to order takeaway food the day before as his business lunch had been canceled. The lunch set that was delivered by the housekeeper today was sumptuous and was laid out on the coffee table. Huo Beichen dealt with a few more matters, washed his hands, and finally sat on the sofa. Picking up his chopsticks, he was ready to eat his meal when his phone rang. There was an urgent matter to attend to.

    He took his phone and went straight out the door. After he had dealt with that urgent task, he came back only to find that the food had gone cold. The oil enveloping the dishes had solidified, and the food did not look appetizing anymore. Huo Beichen furrowed his brows and felt some discomfort in his stomach. He did not touch the food and ordered Qi Shan to come in as he pointed at the food.

    “Give these to the cats.”

    Qi Shan immediately answered, “Yes, boss!”

    As he was packing the food up, he saw the delicious food, and after giving it some thought, he left some of his favorite dishes behind and put the rest into a bag. He saw that Su Ye was on his way to go downstairs, so he asked the latter to bring the food to the cats.

    Qi Shan put the dishes he had set aside to heat up in the microwave, then enjoying his meal. About five minutes later, Su Ye rushed in. “Don’t eat that!”

    Qi Shan subconsciously put the last piece of pork rib into his mouth and swallowed the meat. He then yelled, “Are you trying to snatch this from me? No way! Hehehe…”

    However, he could not keep laughing after hearing what Su Ye had to say next.

    Su Ye shouted, “The stray cats downstairs all stiffened up and died after eating that food!”

    This one sentence drastically changed Qi Shan’s face.

    “Quick, go and vomit out the food!”


    In the evening.

    Su Ye finally found the source of the incident in the laboratory and gave Huo Beichen a call. “Boss, I’ve found out.”

    He felt quite embarrassed and grit his teeth for a while before continuing. “This is a kind of plant poison that will cause erectile dysfunction in a man.”

    Qi Shan, who was standing next to Huo Beichen at the time, was shocked to the core!