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Chapter 379 - Can I Be Saved?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 379: Can I Be Saved?

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    Qi Shan spent the whole afternoon trembling in fear. The cats had immediately died, but he only felt his body slightly heated up. There was no drastic change, so he was crossing his fingers that he would be alright. When he heard Su Ye’s explanation, he felt his legs tighten and his groin area become a bit chilly. Almost as though he was just hit by an incurable disease.

    He shouted out in terror, “How could this be? Why did the cats die?”

    Su Ye sighed. “This drug has a dosage of causing a man to have erectile dysfunction but it is enough to make a cat die on the spot. The man would not realize it until he’s trying to perform the next day. It is then that he will notice that he does not have enough strength to do the deed.”

    He noticed that Huo Beichen was looking at him while listening to their conversation and subconsciously glanced at him. Qi Shan held onto a certain area at that moment and spoke bitterly. “That… That means I…”

    Su Ye then asked, “Did you feel anything abnormal about your body this afternoon?”

    “I’m feeling very hot! I keep sweating! Does that mean I will never be a man again? Huhuhuhu!”

    “…I’m not sure what reactions the body might have after consuming this drug.”