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Chapter 299 - Some People Will Never Change

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 299: Some People Will Never Change


    Su Cha was a little surprised, but she quickly smiled. "I'm so focused on the competition that I haven't thought much about it. What you said makes sense, but I'm not sure how well I could act."

    "So you're not against it?"

    Dai Xiaofu thought for a while and said, "Actually, I don't know why I brought this up for you. The main reason is that I know a director in the industry. A few days ago, he said that a big production is about to begin filming. He is the assistant director, and almost all the actors have been decided on. But there is still one character that needs a girl with a clear aura to play it, and I thought of you. I didn't know back then that you'd be interested in participating in this competition. If you want to act, I can recommend you to them."

    Dai Xiaofu used to be Teacher Sheng Le. It was not surprising that she knew Quan Jia, but Su Cha was surprised that she also knew someone in the entertainment industry.

    Perhaps seeing Su Cha's confusion, Dai Xiaofu laughed. "This director once shot an advertisement and asked me to teach vocals, so we got to know each other. He's a nice person, or I wouldn't have recommended you. Actually, this industry is very chaotic. I don't want you to go, but…"

    She felt that Su Cha would be buried if she just stayed in the music industry.

    There were too few people who could become famous by singing nowadays. After the industry was impacted by Internet streaming services, it had been devastated. There were only a handful of singers who could maintain their best sales. If Su Cha joined only this side of the entertainment world, it would seem like a waste.

    Now that Dai Xiaofu had heard about this opportunity by chance, she wanted Su Cha to give it a try. Even if she could not get the part, she wanted to give Su Cha some experience.

    Dai Xiaofu thought it was simple. She would also become famous, but the entertainment industry was faster than the singing industry.

    She did not want Su Cha to give up on Dreams in Progress, but an attempt at acting should not hinder her from doing that at the same time, right?

    She wondered what Su Cha was thinking.

    Su Cha thought about it for a while and did not reject the idea. "Okay, I can give it a try. I'll just think of it as a chance to broaden my horizons."

    She just wanted to be casual in the entertainment industry. Whether it was singing or acting, if she did not try, how would she know if her path was going to be easy?

    Hence, Su Cha did not refuse.

    "Okay, I'll call him and send your information and photos over. Do you mind?"

    Su Cha shook her head. There would definitely be an interview in this segment, so how could she mind this much?

    Seeing Dai Xiaofu helping her like this, Su Cha sighed in her heart. "You don't have to be responsible for me, you know. Why would you want to help me like this?"

    She was Su Cha's mother, true, but in the end, that was just a title. Dai Xiaofu did not need to help her this way.

    "What are you talking about, silly girl?"

    Dai Xiaofu touched Su Cha's head and looked at her lovingly. "I don't have another daughter. I raised you back when you were so young. What I'm doing is just making random mentions, but for you, it's an opportunity. If you want to enter the circle, I can help you with anything I can. Besides, I'm just giving you a chance. Whether you can grasp it or not depends on you. The other party will not give me face on account of our being friends, so if you really want it, you might as well give it a try."

    Su Cha had an indescribable feeling.

    At the very least, she did not lose all hope in life. There were always people who were kind to her.

    The world would change as she had changed, but some people in her world were constant.