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Chapter 354 - Wait For Xu Weilais Reputation To Be Ruined (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 354: Wait For Xu Weilai's Reputation To Be Ruined (2)

    Xu Weilai remembered that Gu Yu said he was driving while she was calling him just now. She managed to associate something with this. Among the details that Wen Xiaoshan told her, she did mention that Li Huihuang drove her over to this place while she was drunk!

    If he drove her over, that meant that his car would either be parked at the entrance of this place or he would drive directly into the underground parking lot. Maybe the cameras there caught him!

    Xu Weilai was already a little dejected but instantly regained her motivation. She moved her mouse and started checking all the images at the entrance and the parking lot during that night.

    At last, her hard work paid off. Xu Weilai managed to find an image.

    The video managed to film Li Huihuang's car parking in a lot in the underground parking lot. After he turned off the engine, he opened the car door and left his car. Then, he walked round to the passenger's seat and opened the car door on that side. He carried Wen Xiaoshan down the car and walked towards the elevator.

    Wen Xiaoshan's head was leaning against his chest and her eyes were closed. It did look like she was drunk and unconscious.

    Xu Weilai assumed that this image wasn't get deleted by LI Huihuang because it only lasted for less than twenty seconds. If he didn't focus on finding it or manage to see it with his sharp eyes, he might have missed it.

    That's why they say that justice has a long reach! If you did bad things, someone will eventually find out no matter how much you try to hide it!

    Xu Weilai used her phone to record this short video. Then, she stood up and smiled brightly at Gu Yu. "I'm done. Let's go!"

    Gu Yu's gaze landed on her smile. He smiled lightly too. He nodded and replied, "Let's go."

    The act had to end. Xu Weilai walked towards Gu Yu voluntarily and held his arm. The man's gaze landed on her hands for a second without her noticing. His smile got deeper.

    Meanwhile, the manager had been waiting behind the door in agitation. He was truly afraid that one of his men was a thief and had the guts to steal Mrs. Gu's wedding ring. When he heard the sound of the door opening, he trembled and looked towards the couple that walked out.

    "Mrs. Gu, did you see… was it someone from our staff that stole it?"

    Xu Weilai cleared her throat and looked at the manager's face. It had turned white from fright. She said in a regretful tone, "I'm sorry. I made a mistake. When I was washing my hands, I placed the ring in my pocket and forgot about it."

    As she spoke, she took out the diamond ring from her pocket and wore it on her ring finger. She showed it to the manager. "Look, here it is!"

    The manager was left speechless.

    She didn't want to scare him but she had no choice.

    "I'm sorry I wronged you." Xu Weilai apologized sincerely.

    Gu Yu, who had been silent the whole time, moved his thin lips and said, "My wife and I will be having dinner here. Please open an Emperor for us."

    The Emperor was the highest grade red wine in their restaurant, costing 10 million RMB…

    As the manager and their attendant, he was able to draw quite a huge amount of money from this transaction. He immediately figured out that Mr. Gu was compensating for the fright Mrs. Gu gave him.

    He finally saw what the ultimate doting husband was like!

    At that moment, he had forgotten about his fear. He gave a wide smile and said eagerly, "I understand. I will arrange for it right away!"


    After Gu Yu and Xu Weilai returned to their apartment, Xu Weilai hugged her laptop and summarized all the pieces of evidence she collected today. She wrote her article and sent it to her big boss.

    Wen Xiaoshan called her to ask her for her progress. Xu Weilai replied, "The article will be published tomorrow. Evil people will always be punished!"

    Wen Xiaoshan hung up the call and immediately dialed another number. That person on the other end said, "Tomorrow, I will turn myself in after the article is released! Just wait for Xu Weilai's reputation to be ruined!"