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Chapter 587 - Champion, Fang Qiu!

Medical Master
     Chapter 587 Champion, Fang Qiu!

    “8… the ratings are 8.5% now!”

    The assistant director’s voice came with great shock.

    “What?” Director Li Huawen was shocked.

    “Still… still rising!”

    The assistant director stammered and reported, “8.6, 8.7, 8.8……”

    Listening to the assistant director’s report, not only Director Li Huawen but all the staff backstage were astonished!

    “What’s Fang Qiu’s final score?”

    The host shouted, “Let’s ask the staff to deliver Fang Qiu’s final score to me.”

    Soon, a staff member came onto the stage and handed the host an envelope, which was like an envelope of an award ceremony.

    “Let’s welcome the three judges to come onto the stage.”

    As the host called, the three highly-skilled doctors walked to the center of the stage.

    “I will give this envelope containing the final score of Fang Qiu to the judges. The final result will be announced by these judges!”

    The host then handed the envelope directly to Highly-skilled Doctor Li Zhengtang.

    At this time, the three judges gathered together to have a look.

    As they opened the envelope, the three of them were obviously stunned!

    Then, unspeakable looks of shock appeared on their faces!

    Seeing the changes in the looks of the judges, everyone felt their hearts pounding fiercely.

    At Fang Qiu’s house, Fang Qiu’s mother prayed secretly, “May God bless us. May God bless us. My son will definitely win the championship.”

    Next to her, Fang Qiu’s father sat upright.

    At Holy Doctor Chu’s house, Xu Miaolin was also so nervous that he straightened his back. His mouth was slightly open, and he kept breathing deeply.

    At the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, whether it was in the big auditorium or on the sports ground, it was silent.

    Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the live broadcast on the big screen. All of them were looking forward to the final result.

    On the stage, Li Zhengtang took a deep breath and then said, “Hiss… I now announced that the ultimate curing rate of Fang Qiu was 97.1%. Congratulations to Fang Qiu!”

    As soon as he finished speaking, the asterisks on Fang Qiu’s curing rate on the big screen immediately flashed and turned into 97.1%!

    Then, it was instantly zoomed in!

    Everyone was shocked.


    After a short period of silence, there was a loud burst of cheers in the audience. The sound was so loud that it seemed to break the whole show’s studio!

    “Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!”

    At the same time, there was a loud explosion.

    On the stage, it was filled with scraps of paper as if the firecrackers exploded.

    Listening to the thunderous cheers at the scene, Luo Jie turned to look at Fang Qiu who was smiling calmly. He then smiled wryly and couldn’t help shaking his head gloomily.

    In the end, he still couldn’t defeat Fang Qiu!

    Under the stage, Jiang Miaoyu stood up excitedly and applauded desperately.

    In the girls’ dormitory of the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine.

    Looking at the familiar boy with a bland smile on the screen of her laptop, Jiang Mengjie said, “Congratulations.” Her eyes were slightly red and were filled with tears.

    At the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, the moment the final result was announced, the whole campus was in an uproar.

    All the students shouted and cheered wildly, including the teachers in the university and Chen Yinsheng. They were so excited that they even jumped up and down.

    On the Internet, Fang Qiu’s fans also burst into an uproar.

    #The champion of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, Fang Qiu#

    The topic turned hot in an instant.

    In just a few minutes, it rocketed all the way to Weibo’s trending list!

    At Fang Qiu’s home in Linxi County, Fang Qiu’s parents, who had been nervous all night, were so excited that they hugged each other tightly and even cried when they heard that Fang Qiu won the championship.

    At this moment, the house was filled with cheers.

    All his relatives and friends were jubilant.

    In the Northeast, at Holy Doctor Chu’s home, Chu Yunyun was so excited that she pinched Xu Miaolin’s arm tightly, which made Xu Miaolin feel the pain.

    It seemed that Xu Miaolin was too excited, or maybe he really wasn’t. He took a deep breath and bulged his belly. After a long exhalation, he stood up.

    He walked to Holy Doctor Chu and reached out, saying, “Hello, Dad!”

    Holy Doctor Chu was speechless.

    At the same time, the top scorers in the college entrance examination were also staying at home watching the show in Jiquan, Qilu Province.

    “That’s amazing!”

    “Well, it’s very good to study medicine.”

    “Applying for the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine is the right choice.”

    The parents of the two families were also very happy because their children applied for the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    “Clap, clap, clap…”

    On the stage, the applause lasted for a long time.

    “What are the ratings now?” Li Huawen was still paying attention to the ratings.

    Although he had achieved his goal, he had a greater ambition after the ratings reached 8%.

    Since his leader said that he could be the director of the Spring Festival Gala if his highest ratings could exceed 8%. What if the average ratings also exceeded 8%?

    This was the most important and attractive moment now.

    Therefore, Director Li Huawen came up with this crazy idea in his mind!

    However, after asking the question, he found that the assistant director didn’t respond at all.

    He turned to look at him.

    The assistant director, who had been connected with the statistics department of the ratings, was completely stunned in front of the computer.

    “What’s going on?” Director Li Huawen was concerned and immediately went over to have a look.

    As soon as he walked to the computer, he was stunned.

    The real-time ratings displayed on the computer actually reached an astonishing figure—10.1%!

    Not only did the ratings exceed 8% but also exceeded 10%!

    Director Li Huawen felt that he was going crazy.

    This surprise was so amazing.

    What did this mean?

    It meant that the first variety show in the whole country with the ratings exceeding 10% was created by him.

    This was an honor that would last for the rest of his life!

    With this achievement, even if he didn’t work as a director of the Spring Festival Gala, he would have no regrets!

    He was the only director of variety shows in the country whose show’s ratings exceeded 10%. With this title, he could use it for a lifetime and live a better life than anyone else!

    On the stage, the host said, “Congratulations to Fang Qiu for winning the championship of the first season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor!”

    He stretched out his left hand and raised Fang Qiu’s right hand high.

    One of the people in the crowd was dumbfounded, while the other one said mockingly, “You didn’t see that coming, right? The host arranged such a position so that it would be convenient for him to raise Fang Qiu’s right hand, not his own left hand!”

    “Okay.” Listening to the thunderous cheers, the host said, “I want to interview Luo Jie. Do you want to say anything?”

    When everyone quieted down a little, the host walked up to Luo Jie.

    “First of all, I want to congratulate Fang Qiu for winning the championship.”

    Luo Jie opened his mouth and added, “Also, congratulations to myself for winning the second place.

    “I’ll say one last word. A great man cannot brook a rival!”

    Then Luo Jie smiled wryly.

    After hearing what Luo Jie said, both the audience present and people who were watching the live broadcast exclaimed.

    “That’s right. A great man cannot brook a rival. Fang Qiu and Luo Jie are really like Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.”

    “Luo Jie is indeed very competent, but unfortunately, he met Fang Qiu, who is even more incredible.”

    “At first, everyone was looking forward to the descendants of the four prominent families, but they didn’t expect that it turned out that two people with no background got the first and second place.”

    “It’s a pity that Luo Jie lost!”

    “So, Fang Qiu, do you want to say anything?” the host asked as he walked up to Fang Qiu.


    Fang Qiu took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and then said, “I’m very honored to be the champion of the first season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. I’m also very grateful to the crew for designing such a wonderful show. Not only can it make people happy in their spare time, but it can also let people feel the charm of Chinese Medicine. As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, I sincerely hope that Chinese Medicine can be revived!”

    “Clap, clap, clap…” Everyone applauded warmly.

    “Next, it’s the award presentation.” The host continued to follow the procedures.

    But since the result had come out, no one wanted to continue watching.

    The people of the whole Internet went crazy.

    From the moment that Fang Qiu’s final score was announced to now, the first place in both Weibo’s and Baidu’s trending topic was firmly occupied by Fang Qiu within just ten minutes.

    Under such circumstances, Fang Qiu’s fans went wild as their idol won the championship, and his influence also became the best on Weibo and Baidu!

    A large number of fans went to leave comments below the official Weibo account of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

    They thanked the show’s crew.

    They also thanked Director Li Huawen for making this show.

    They were grateful that Fang Qiu had moved them so much in the 11 episodes of the show.

    They were also grateful to all the Chinese Medicine practitioners taking part in the competition and let them know what the real Chinese Medicine practitioners were like.

    The Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’s Weibo account was filled with all kinds of grateful words.

    Meanwhile, people in the Chinese Medicine industry also began to remark with emotion.

    “Sure enough, Fang Qiu is still the first place.”

    “I knew Fang Qiu would be the winner.”

    “His diagnosis skill is even more competent than that of some senior doctors of Chinese Medicine.”

    “It’s really terrifying that his curing rate is so high!”

    “Fang Qiu really lives up to his fame.”

    “There is indeed a genius in the Chinese Medicine industry!”

    “Fang Qiu is simply a wizard of Chinese Medicine. Luo Jie is also a talent.”

    “Chinese Medicine is developing. It’s so good.”

    Just when all the people on Weibo were excited about Fang Qiu’s championship, Li Canming, the post-doctor who returned from the United States, posted something on Weibo.

    “Humph, championship? It’s just you doctors of Chinese Medicine flattering each other. I’m waiting for you to make a fool of yourself at the World Medical Conference! @Who do you think you are!”

    As soon as this post came out, it was spread quickly and was known by Fang Qiu’s fans.

    “Do you know that Master Fang Qiu doesn’t even bother to talk to you?”

    “You returned home after studying in America? When you were studying abroad, what you learned was how to seek attention for yourself, right?”

    “You’re so jealous.”

    “Who do you think you are? How dare you mention Fang Qiu? Do you think he has time to talk to you?”

    As Fang Qiu’s fans flooded in, the post was soon seen by many people.

    People started to tarnish him.

    “I don’t want to stand up for Fang Qiu, but I think he’s a good doctor. At least he can cure diseases and save lives. As a post-doctor of medicine, you’re only good at talking and seeking attention, aren’t you?”

    “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

    “Of course he is. He thinks that after returning from his studies abroad, he should be superior to others, but he found that even an ordinary college student in our country is better than him. How can he not envy him?”

    “It doesn’t sound like envy or jealousy. It sounds like hatred!”

    “If you have the ability, you can also take the first place and win the championship. You are a post-doctor, aren’t you? But I don’t think you have ever won first place since you were a child.”

    This time, everyone stood on Fang Qiu’s side!