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Chapter 300 - End of the Top 50

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 300: End of the Top 50

    The opportunity given by Dai Xiaofu was an interview to play a small character in a big production drama.

    Although it was a small character that did not have many scenes, it at least had something to do with the male lead. Strictly speaking, though, it could be considered a no-name character.

    Due to the fact that the plot could not be leaked, Dai Xiaofu was not sure about what kind of story it was. She only knew that the news that this big production drama was happening was released a year ago, but it had only officially begun filming now. It was said that it had pulled in several hundreds of millions in investments alone.

    It was considered a top-notch television drama production in the country.

    It was called The Legend of the Crane.

    Judging from the name, it should be a historical drama, but there was no emperor in history who was called the Crane Emperor. Moreover, this was an original script, so the entire story was unclear.

    It was a big male-centered drama.

    The director was the famous director, Han Yongbing. Other than that, there was no other information.

    However, based on the information revealed, it was also known that the production of this drama was unprecedentedly grand, so it was definitely a good opportunity.

    The role recommended by Dai Xiaofu was not an important character, but being able to show her face was a good enough opportunity for a newcomer like Su Cha. She was not even thinking about whether or not she could enter the entertainment industry.

    It all still depended on Su Cha's capabilities.

    After Dai Xiaofu called the assistant director, the other party said that even if it was a no-name character, there were many people targeting the role. Su Cha did not have much of an advantage. He merely asked Su Cha to audition in one month.

    Half a month had passed.

    Regarding that matter, Su Cha was not in a hurry, and it's fine even if she did not receive any information about this character.


    After a few days of competition, the National Top 50 contestants of Dreams in Progress were officially selected. Le Anqi barely made it to the last place. Besides her, Mona, Jin Mou, Su Cha, and only four other contestants from Yonggu City had entered the Top 50.

    Dong Yishan was naturally eliminated.

    As soon as she came out, Le Anqi had called Su Cha, who was practicing martial arts in the basement. "Su Cha, I passed. I passed!!"

    Le Anqi was so excited that she could not control herself. She said in a daze, "Amituofo, it's really God's blessing!"

    Su Cha: "…"

    "It's good that you passed. Congratulations."

    Su Cha's voice was always calm. Now that Le Anqi had passed, she quickly toned down her excitement. "There were only three spots left in the holding area. I was the second to the last to pass. That was too close, but it's fine as long as I wasn't last."

    She was optimistic. "Hahaha, and let me tell you, Dong Yishan has been eliminated. I saw her smiling so brightly."

    Le Anqi, who disliked Dong Yishan, was overjoyed when she saw that the latter did not pass. The other party's expression was too wonderful!

    As soon as Le Anqi finished speaking, Su Cha heard an angry voice from the other side of the phone. "Are you proud that I've been eliminated? How far do you think you can go? You're also going to be eliminated soon!"

    Le Anqi exclaimed. Su Cha immediately reacted. It was Dong Yishan.

    Le Anqi was caught red-handed, but she did not shy away from it. "Hahaha, that's okay, I can at least go on TV next week. I'll have to wait at least two weeks for the next elimination, just a little…"

    Since they had already fallen out, Le Anqi did not give the other girl any face.

    Hearing Dong Yishan's angry voice over the phone, Su Cha could not help but laugh helplessly.