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Chapter 467 - Curse Demon Palace

Let Me Game in Peace
     467 Curse Demon Palace

    "The Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg has been stolen. I wonder who did it?" Zhou Wen hung up and said to An Sheng.

    "It's hard to tell. There are too many people who want the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg. Furthermore, the trait of looking like someone from the East District isn't reliable. There are some rare Essence Energy Skills and Companion Beasts that can allow one to change their appearances," An Sheng said.

    As the two of them spoke, they heard a knock on the door. When they opened it, they found the local police to get them to assist in their investigations.

    Zhou Wen and An Sheng cooperated and went to the police station. They saw many people from the East District there. Li Mobai was one of them.

    Most of the people who were there were people from the East District who had participated in the auction. Zhou Wen and An Sheng were separately questioned during the investigations, but they were quickly released.

    "My friends, you're fine now. I've already made it clear to them. You were with me the entire time yesterday and didn't have the chance to steal the Companion Egg. However, before the ban is removed, you are temporarily unable to leave the Peninsula of Gods." Lucas walked over and said warmly, "That's good too. It gives me the chance to entertain you for a few more days."

    "Lucas, do you know what kind of person stole the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg?" An Sheng asked.

    Lucas said, "It's a man from the East District. He acted the role of a Companion Egg merchant and entered Lord Irjarr's house. After he left, the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg was gone. From the surveillance, he's a man from the East District. However, it's hard to tell. As you know, in our eyes, all men from the East District look rather similar. Furthermore, it's difficult to tell his age."

    "Can we watch the surveillance footage?" An Sheng asked.

    "I'm afraid not. However, if you just want to see what that thief looks like, you can just look at this." Lucas handed An Sheng a piece of paper.

    It was a warrant of arrest with a photo on it. It was indeed a man from the East District. He looked to be in his twenties or thirties.

    "Do you know him?" Lucas asked.

    "I don't know him." An Sheng looked carefully before shaking his head.

    Zhou Wen looked at the portrait and felt that he probably had never seen such a man before. However, for some reason, he found him somewhat familiar.

    After careful inspection, Zhou Wen shook his head and said, "Nah, I really don't know him."

    After returning to the hotel, An Sheng said to Zhou Wen, "Perhaps this will be an opportunity. Since the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg has been stolen, it becomes an ownerless object. Perhaps we will have a chance to obtain it."

    "We don't even know who stole the Companion Egg. What chance can we have?" Zhou Wen said.

    "The Peninsula of Gods is dangerous. There are dimensional zones everywhere, and there aren't many paths to take. It won't be easy to escape with the Invisibility Cloak, so we might stand a chance," An Sheng said.

    "I'm just afraid that he would hide in a dimensional zone with the Companion Egg before coming out a year and a half later. When that happens, we won't be able to catch him no matter if he hatches it." Zhou Wen shook his head.

    "Then let's see how powerful the tycoons of the Peninsula of Gods like Irjarr are. Anyway, we won't suffer any losses," An Sheng said with a smile.

    Zhou Wen returned to his room and prepared to grind the new instance dungeons. Among the three dungeons, he had already gone to the Metalwork Temple in real life once. Although he didn't venture deep, he wasn't in a rush to grind it.

    Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before choosing to enter the Cursed Demon Palace.

    The unknown was interesting. Zhou Wen also wanted to see what it looked like inside the Curse Demon Palace that had been accidentally passed off as a temple of the Goddess of Wisdom.

    The blood-colored avatar appeared in a palace. It was ancient and glorious, with many exquisite sculptures and patterns, but it gave off a weird feeling.

    It looks so eerie and it's obvious that it's not an orthodox deity's temple. Why would those people think that this is the temple of the Goddess of Wisdom? Zhou Wen found the cartoon-styled dungeon eerie and terrifying, so it meant that, in reality, the temple was definitely worse.

    However, Zhou Wen didn't know that many deity temples were extremely eerie and terrifying.

    He didn't see any dimensional creatures as he controlled the blood-colored avatar to walk into the palace. After taking a few steps, a stone statue beside him suddenly came alive.

    The stone was like a warrior holding a sword and a shield. When Zhou Wen approached him, he came to life and struck out with the stone sword.

    Without needing Zhou Wen to take action, the Fire Furnace Queen beside the blood-colored avatar spewed out a ball of flames, blasting the stone statue to pieces.

    When Zhou Wen returned to the hotel, he had hatched the Fire Furnace Queen and the silver Water Snake Companion Egg.

    Fire Furnace Queen: Epic

    Life Providence: Fire Elemental Body

    Life Soul: Flaming Crown

    Strength: 36

    Speed: 37

    Constitution: 32

    Essence Energy: 37

    Talent Skill: Fire Bullet, Fire Furnace, Fire Elemental Affinity

    Companion Form: Flaming Crown

    The Fire Furnace Queen's stats were considered top-notch among Epic creatures, but compared to Overlord Sword, her attack power was far inferior. Her companion form augmented fire-elemental powers, so it wasn't of much use to Zhou Wen.

    However, the Fire Furnace Queen had an extremely great advantage. Her Fire Elemental Body Life Providence and her Fire Elemental Affinity Essence Energy Skill could last for a very long period of time when she was releasing fire-elemental Essence Energy Skills. Together with the large area-of-attack of Fire Furnace, she could transform an area spanning a hundred meters into a sea of flames. Furthermore, it could last for a long time. It was an awesome skill for grinding monsters.

    Although Banana Fairy's Grand Yin Wind was stronger, it required Zhou Wen to keep using it. In comparison, Fire Furnace just needed to be cast, and the area within would keep burning for an hour in a sea of flames. All the monsters that entered would die.

    Of course, it was another matter for dimensional creatures that could withstand Fire Furnace.

    Zhou Wen could use her to kill the monsters, preventing him from being entangled by ordinary monsters. It was much more convenient, and it increased his grinding efficiency.

    Zhou Wen originally believed that this place would have many monsters that used curses, thanks to its name—Curse Demon Palace. Truth Listener could perfectly restrain that.

    To his surprise, there were only stone monsters—Stone Warriors, Stone Lions, and Stone Scorpions. The entire palace was filled with stone statues, all of which were powerful dimensional creatures with resilient bodies. None of them could curse. The Truth Listener earring didn't react either.

    Later, Zhou Wen couldn't be bothered to distinguish between the rocks that were alive from the dead ones. Wherever he went, he got Fire Furnace Queen to throw a ball of Fire Furnace, turning the area into a sea of fire that burned the stone statues inside to death.

    On the phone screen, notifications of him killing dimensional creatures constantly appeared. Many dimensional crystals dropped.