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Chapter 355 - The Smile After Success (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 355: The Smile After Success (1)

    A satisfied laugh came from the other end of the phone. Then, a lady’s voice was heard. The lady complimented Wen Xiaoshan, “You did a great job!”

    Wen Xiaoshan smiled too. She didn’t forget to remind the lady, “So, about the conditions you promised me…”

    “Don’t worry. I will transfer the money to you on time and get the best lawyers for you. I promise that you will be safe very soon.”


    Rong Fanghua put down the phone and smiled. Then, she took her flower tea and had a sip of it; the image looked elegant. She carefully savored the taste. With her mouth filled with the refreshing fragrance of the tea, she closed her eyes in satisfaction.

    The loudspeaker in the room was playing the original disk containing the piano pieces Yun Rou played. Yun Rou gave this to her when she came to visit her yesterday; it was extremely difficult to get this disk any other way.

    Look at how well-mannered Yun Rou was. She knew how to please people.

    As for Xu Weilai, she had been married to the Gu family for a long time but always looked down on her uncles’ families. She only cared about pleasing Mr. Gu Sr. and Gu Yu. Don’t even talk about sending them gifts! Even if she saw them in the Gu Residence, she wouldn’t smile at the sight!

    In the past, Mr. Gu Sr. and Gu Yu used Xu Weilai to humiliate her husband. This time, she wanted Xu Weilai to be even more humiliated!

    She had already hired the Internet water army and bought the script. Once the news came out tomorrow, Wen Xiaoshan would turn herself in. Xu Weilai would then become the immoral reporter that worked together with Wen Xiaoshan to write fake articles to blackmail Young Master Li!

    Of course, ruining Xu Weilai’s reputation was just one of her goals. Her second goal was to pave the way for Yun Rou.

    The worse Xu Weilai’s reputation was, the more it would show how noble and outstanding Yun Rou was. Mr. Gu Sr. and Gu Yu liked Xu Weilai now, but they wouldn’t ignore it if she was badly discredited and humiliated the Gu family as the young mistress of their family. Once that happened, they would finally be able to see how good Yun Rou was…

    After all, you would only know which was better after making comparisons!

    A delighted look appeared in her eyes as Rong Fanghua thought about it. After some time, she picked up the telephone again and dialed Yun Rou’s phone number.

    Yun Rou’s gentle and pleasant voice was heard quickly as she said, “Aunt.”

    Rong Fanghua simply said, “Tomorrow, you will be able to see the welcome gift my husband and I prepared for you.”


    The next day…

    Xu Weilai slept until she woke up naturally. She stretched her back comfortably.

    She looked towards the sofa. Gu Yu wasn’t there anymore. He might have gone to his company already. Yesterday, he pushed away an entire day of work to accompany her to get evidence for her article. There must be a huge pile of work for him to complete today.

    Xu Weilai felt a little guilty, but her heart was still filled with happiness. The corners of her lips curled upward, refusing to go back down.

    She got off her bed and walked to the side of the window barefoot. She pulled the curtains opened and the warm rays of sunlight shone into the room. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath! ‘How energizing!’ she thought.

    After washing up, she walked out of her bedroom and sat down in the dining area. She ate the hot breakfast that Mrs. Lin prepared for her while looking through today’s newspaper.

    When she saw that the headline was the article she wrote, she took a huge bite of the steamed bun. ‘How fragrant…’ she thought.



    Wen Xiaoshan was also casually eating her breakfast in her rented apartment. She took out her phone and looked at the headline for today. However, the instant she saw it, her eyes widened. The depth of her eyes was filled with disbelief.

    Her hands kept trembling as she clutched her phone. The next second, she leaped up and rushed to her bedroom. She grabbed a few clothes from her luggage and rushed out of her house.

    When she opened the door, however, she was instantly met with the policemen standing outside.