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Chapter 554 - : I Only Need One Person in My Harem

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 554: I Only Need One Person in My Harem

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    As soon as Yun Jiuge heard him, she narrowed her almond-shaped eyes. Displeased, she asked, “Says who?” Since the Human-faced King Peach had just ascended to the Immortal Realm, he must not have known about the foolish things he had done in the past. Fan Yin would have never informed him about them.

    “The Demon King, Blooming Flowering Tree, told me.” When the Human-faced King Peach saw Yun Jiuge’s sour face, he knew that he had been given the wrong information.

    He found it strange that someone as aloof as the Blooming Flowering Tree would gossip about other people’s private matters.

    “Does he wish to die? How dare he spread such nonsense!” Although Yun Jiuge gritted her teeth out of anger, she refrained from taking it out on Human-faced King Peach. She said, “Don’t listen to him. I only need one person in my harem, and I’m taken.”


    “I was mistaken.” The Human-faced King Peach’s face turned scarlet from embarrassment. He was so flustered that he could not stop fidgeting.

    “The Immortal Realm of Canglan Continent is not a place for the innocent. You should be more careful about trusting people in the future,” Yun Jiuge advised the Human-faced King Peach, out of consideration for their past acquaintanceship.

    “Goddess, you’re right.” The Human-faced King Peach nodded vigorously. He regarded her words as gospel truth and took everything she said to heart.

    “I’ll see you out!” Wan Sha motioned with his hand impatiently. If he knew that this Tree Spirit was Fan Yin’s envoy, he would have never let him in.

    “Alright. Goddess, I shall take my leave now.” The Human-faced King Peach left with a broken heart.

    Shortly after Wan Sha accompanied the Human-faced King Peach to the door, he returned to Yun Jiuge’s side.

    “Didn’t I tell you to notify everyone that I’ve annulled the Celestial Decree about accepting and keeping male lovers in my harem?” Yun Jiuge asked, trying to contain her anger.

    “I’ve already notified everyone about your decree. However, I just can’t get them to believe me,” replied Wan Sha sullenly. Each and every one of them was adamant that he was lying and refused to trust him. They kept pestering him to let them meet the Goddess so that they could hear it from the Goddess herself.

    “Damn it!” Yun Jiuge regretted the ridiculous decision that she had made in the past.

    Although she had already absorbed the Holy Essence, her Holy Power was not fully restored yet. Besides, she did not have the face to deal with them in person.

    She had a heart of stone in her past life. No matter how her admirers tried, no one succeeded in making her love him.

    In this life, she realized her wrongdoings. She was so ashamed of herself that she could not face the male lovers that she had hurt in the past.

    “Why don’t we tell them about our little Crown Prince?” Wan Sha suggested.

    Yun Jiuge built a harem in her past life so that she could give birth to the Child of Life. Now that she had her own child, she no longer needed any male lovers.

    “We can’t do that. I want to keep Long’er’s identity a secret.” Yun Jiuge rejected his idea firmly.

    The reason why she did not leave the Celestial Palace after her return and even replaced her palace maids with puppets was to prevent Long’er’s identity from leaking out.

    Long’er was still too young, and Zi Shang was not back on his feet yet. She was afraid that she could not protect them.

    “They’ll find out about this eventually.” Wan Sha furrowed his brows.

    Ever since Yun Jiuge reincarnated and closed off the Celestial Palace to others, the Celestial Palace was not as powerful as it was in the past. Although he brought five hundred Demonic Clan members to the Celestial Palace to guard it, he still found it hard to stop them from investigating Long’er.

    “I’ll think about it when it happens!” She and Zi Shang needed some time to nurse themselves back to health. She stayed out of the public eye so that no one would find out the real condition of her body. This would help her avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles.

    “Alright. How do you intend to deal with the Demon King? It’s quite obvious that he has spread these rumors on purpose to give us a hard time.” Fan Yin had been a pain in the neck for the past few weeks.


    “How long can the Spiritual Water at the Lotus Hall last?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “About three months.” The Spiritual Water was an offering from the Flower Spirits back then. Zi Shang had already used up most of it.

    If they wanted to continue using the Spiritual Water, they would need to go and see the Flower Spirit. However, everything under the Flower Spirit’s care was under the control of the Demon King.

    “I want to meet the Blooming Flowering Tree in the Demon Forest tonight. Please make the necessary arrangements.” Yun Jiuge sighed deeply. Spiritual Flower Dew was essential to Zi Shang’s recovery. She had to speak to the Demon King.

    “Do you want me to go with you?” Wan Sha was worried that the Blooming Flowering Tree would make things difficult for Yun Jiuge.

    “It’s fine. Stay here and look after the Celestial Palace,” said Yun Jiuge as she shook her head. The only person that she could trust right now was Wan Sha.

    “What should we do with our young Crown Prince? Your journey will take at least two days there and back. We can’t make him behave himself.” Wan Sha knew fully well how loud the young Crown Prince’s screams could get when throwing a tantrum.

    This child was too attached to his mother. If he could not find his mother after he woke up, he would definitely cry inconsolably.

    Yun Jiuge steeled her heart and said, “I’ll give him the Three Days Tranquilizer before I leave.”

    Newborn dragons generally slept most of the time as a baby. Her son was the opposite. He did not like to sleep at all.


    She needed to coax him into sleeping each time. His lack of sleep was really detrimental to his health.

    Since Yun Jiuge had always coddled him, she could not bear to scold him. This time, she would let him get some good sleep while she was away!

    “Alright. I’ll go get ready for tonight.” Wan Sha bowed and took his leave.

    Yun Jiuge sat in the Main Hall for a while before making her way to the Golden Dragon Hall.

    Qing’er was going to heat the Spiritual Dew to make Spiritual Milk for her young master to drink when she saw Yun Jiuge enter, so she curtsied hurriedly.

    “Is the young Crown Prince awake?” Yun Jiuge whispered.

    “The young Crown Prince is sleeping soundly today. He hasn’t woken up yet,” Qing’er replied softly.

    “Alright. You can get on with your work now.” Yun Jiuge’s flowing red dress swished as she sauntered on the white jade floor tiles toward the inner palace.

    Little Dragon was fighting a young boy in his dream. They even went as far as to grab each other’s hair and stick their fingers into each other’s nose.

    As soon as he detected his mother’s unique fragrance, he kicked the young boy who was pinning him down and sent him flying. After that, he got back on his feet.

    “My mother is here. I don’t want to play with you anymore,” Little Dragon retorted.

    “Don’t leave. I haven’t fought to my heart’s content yet!” The young boy stared at him. He wanted to stop Little Dragon from leaving.

    “Who cares?” Little Dragon made a face at the young boy before vanishing on the spot.

    The young boy stomped his feet in anger. Little Dragon had no choice but to throw the young boy out of his dream and return him to his own body.

    “Your Imperial Highness, are you awake?” Li Er, a Demonic Servant, asked cautiously.

    He opened his eyes slowly and saw a canopy made from Sea Silk. The Demonic Pattern adorning the fabric shimmered like little stars.

    The young boy pushed his black blanket aside and got out of his bed. He sat on a wheelchair made of Nine Serenities White Bones beside the bed.

    His bedchamber was extremely spacious. It could accommodate up to five hundred people sleeping inside at once. Its walls were as dark as the ocean depths. The only thing illuminating the bedchamber was a faint glow from the Moon Rocks half-embedded in the wall.

    Even when Li Er was kneeling on the floor with one knee, his scale-covered body was still much taller than the young boy who was sitting on the wheelchair.

    “Li Er, are King Father and Queen Mother back yet?” The young boy motioned with his hand, and a blanket embroidered with Demonic Spiritual Flowers flew towards him and landed on his unfeeling lap.

    “The King and Queen have not returned,” Li Er answered in a low voice.

    “Have you found a way to travel to the Canglan Continent?” The young boy asked as he pushed the White Bone Wheelchair closer to Li Er.