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Chapter 381 - She Is the Light of My Life

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 381: She Is the Light of My Life

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    When Fei Bai sent Ning Ke over, Su Ye was researching on extracting the essence from a plant as part of the antidote to the poison. Although he knew that Qi Shan should be clear from the poison, he was preparing a backup plan just in case.

    When he heard the knock on his door, he walked out and saw Ning Ke obediently trailing Fei Bai from behind to enter the house. She hung her head and quietly stood there. Su Ye felt that this was the Ning Ke that he knew, the Ning Ke he was familiar with.

    After sending her over, Fei Bai did not want to say much and left immediately. After Fei Bai had left, Ning Ke looked at Su Ye before walking over to the side to sit on the sofa with a gloomy look on her face. Su Ye recalled the Ning Ke he knew eight years ago… She had been like this too. She was always gloomy, and people tended to ignore her. She was akin to air, simply passing by. Who knew that she was, in fact, a venomous snake who would come up with these kinds of dirty tactics.

    Su Ye took off his gloves. Although he did not hold much hope, he asked anyway, “Does the poison have a cure?”

    Ning Ke lifted her head and threw him a look as she smiled. “Nope.”

    She tilted her head and showcased her trendy winged eyeliner look. Her eyes looked just like Ning Meng’s peach blossom eyes. “I’ve succeeded, haven’t I?”

    If not, Su Ye would not be researching for an antidote here, right?