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Chapter 301 - Start Again

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 301: Start Again

    Le Anqi and Dong Yishan argued with each other. One of them was eliminated while the other was not. Dong Yishan was furious.

    If Mona had not pulled her, they would probably have fought at the scene.

    Le Anqi and Su Cha were talking on the phone, so she heard the noise clearly. When she heard Dong Yishan being dragged away, she said leisurely, “I thought you were going to fight with her just now.”

    “Who’s fighting with her?”

    Le Anqi curled her lips. “I know where we are. But Su Cha, we’ve both passed. Should we go out and celebrate?”

    Su Cha chuckled. “Let’s wait for the next time. I have to go to my voice class later, so I don’t have much time.”


    Knowing that Su Cha was different from her, being a seeded contestant, Le Anqi did not force her to cut class.


    After the national Top 50 results came out, the production crew gave them time to rest. After a week, the national competition officially began.

    It had to officially be broadcasted on television.

    The advertisements for  began to appear everywhere. Among them, the popular seed contestants were being promoted as representatives. No one in Yonggu City’s competition area was ranked among them.

    This showed what the officials’ tack was.

    After all, the contestants from the popular districts had a natural advantage. This was understandable.

    There were fifty contestants from all over the country. There seemed to be a lot of people, so it was impossible for them to pay attention to every contestant.

    Even though Su Cha had become popular after the subway incident, the production crew had never thought of using such a gimmick as an example.

    When Su Cha was scrolling through Weibo, she saw several topics regarding . There were also popular verified accounts who came out to talk about it. As this was an established talent show, its influence was unquestionable.

    The production crew’s director added the 50 contestants into a WeChat group. They shared the general rules of the competition and said that no details could be revealed.

    Other than that, there were other things that needed to be taken care of.

    Under Dai Xiaofu’s guidance, Su Cha’s musical skills had reached a very high level. Her comprehension was fast so her improvement was also fast. Basically, it was not difficult for her to take on some difficult songs now. She just did not want her to take on styles that her voice was not good at.

    It was the official day of the competition. When Su Cha went out in the morning, Bo Muyi gave her some encouragement. “Cha Cha, you can do it. I will make the whole company vote for you.”

    Su Cha: “…”

    There was indeed a voting system in the national competition, but Su Cha did not want to use such methods. She just smiled brightly. “I will let nature take its course.”

    Ever since Dai Xiaofu had told her about acting, she had become much more open-minded. There was no need for her to be limited to singing. There were many choices in front of her. However, since Su Cha had chosen to do it, it was enough for her to do the best. As for the rest, she could just let nature take its course.

    “My Cha Cha must be the best.”

    Bo Muyi kissed her forehead. After saying goodbye to Su Cha, he went to work.

    Su Cha also started moving towards the production set of .

    When the contestants joined the production crew, they realized that even if this was just the Top 50 in the country, they were already building a fanbase. Many fans were already holding various banners for contestants and waiting outside the venue.

    Some of them were here to see the contestants they supported while others were audiences. All of them were waiting to enter.