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Chapter 348 - You Like Her

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 348: You Like Her

    Jiang Yao’s heart was immediately warmed by the rhetorical question. Indeed, this piece of information must be withheld from outsiders, but for them, she was not an outsider, she was one of them.

    Gu Haoyu smiled at Jiang Yao and explained, “The hostage-taker is an organization called G, they’ve been known for committing arms trafficking, they also have a research lab for weapons. Not long ago, a mole infiltrated their research lab and stole the classified documents and all the materials from their lab. After investigation, G found out that the mole was an undercover agent sent by the allied countries, in fact, they were not alone, and all these moles came from those countries.”

    Gu Haoyu’s voice was soft and monotonous, but even his mild tone could not suppress the seriousness of this matter and it still sent a shock wave that rumbled Jiang Yao’s heart.

    “The undercover agents were pursued and killed by G, but two of them managed to escape and brought with them the documents from the research lab that G had no backup for in their organization. They have been tracking down these moles for a long time and the meeting attracted their attention. Then, as you know, the hijacking and the hostage situation occured.”

    “The countries have no talent in creating weapons so they hatched an evil plan when they found out about the new weapons from G’s research lab—God knows how they knew about it—and stole it from them. G just wants to take back what’s theirs and also get some revenge, that’s all,” Chen Xuyao said sarcastically while spreading his hands indifferently.

    “G requested that the research results be returned as well as the undercover professor who took the documents, and they will release all the hostages unharmed.”

    “Their requests are very simple and straightforward but those allied countries refuse to cooperate! They want to use forceful means to fight back! For them, human lives are not as valuable as some pieces of paper!” Zhou Weiqi gritted his teeth in dismay. “If I were the leader of G, I would take it out on the hostages and kill them all! If I can’t take back my own things, I’ll throw some bombs and destroy those allied countries! Why do I still have to show them mercy when they treat me so badly? We’ll all go down together! Compared with the loss of several countries, G is on the winning side!”

    Zhou Weiqi was criticizing and insulting his own country through his crude remarks, but truth be told, the allied countries were the ones at fault.

    Since they could not invent powerful and high-end weapons, why did they not just make a deal with G like in the old days and purchase it from them? Why did they have to make such a crooked move?

    Suddenly, Zhou Weiqi shook his head and sighed. “I have a colleague in my office, adorable young lady, she has an older brother and a younger brother, both are soldiers. Her elder brother died while pursuing drug dealers at the border a few years ago. Her younger brother died because of this mission, a twenty-year-old kid, so young. I saw it with my own eyes, when she received the call at the office, she fainted right there and then. I heard that her brother was blown to pieces in this mission.”

    The more he said, the deeper his tone was. “When I went to the hospital to visit her, she and her old parents were hugging each other and wailing woefully, it was such a heartbreaking scene. The girl is very adorable, her eyes sparkle like bright stars when she smiles, and the dimples, the sharp and tiny canine teeth, so cute.”

    “You like her,” Luo Ruoran’s abrupt voice echoed across the dining table, bursting the imaginary bubble in Zhou Weiqi’s heart.

    Zhou Weiqi sucked in a breath, he was genuinely surprised, and suddenly fell silent. Obviously, Luo Ruoran had spoken the deep secret he hid in his heart.