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Chapter 588 - Dig In!

Medical Master
     Chapter 588 Dig In!

    “Thank you for supporting us all the time. You have been with us all the way as the show started to evolve. The most lovely audience, the show can only be more wonderful because of you!

    “We’ll see you in the next season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. Goodbye!”

    With the host’s announcement, the first season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor finally came to an end with all the people on the Internet watching.

    “Congratulations, you’ve won the championship.” Putting down the microphone, the host was the first to walk to Fang Qiu and congratulated him.

    “Thank you,” Fang Qiu answered with a smile.

    “Good job, Fang Qiu.” The three highly-skilled doctors also came over. Yang Juanyong, who gave Fang Qiu the highly-skilled doctor certification, patted Fang Qiu’s shoulder with satisfaction and said, “Your performance is better than I expected.”

    “You’ve won the championship.” Li Zhengtang laughed and said, “From now on, you can be regarded as an experienced Chinese Medicine doctor, but it’s not easy to be the champion.”

    “I will work harder.” Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

    “To be honest, although it was really hard to tell who would be the winner in the end, you have already been the champion in my heart. Today, not only has your dream been fulfilled, but it also proves that I have an eye for people.”

    Huang Zhengren nodded with a smile and said, “Congratulations, congratulations!”

    “Thank you, teachers.” Fang Qiu bowed to express his gratitude.

    At this moment, the eight people who had already stepped off the stage also came onto the stage again.

    Seeing Jiang Miaoyu coming over, Fang Qiu immediately went to her and held her in his arms.

    “I still can’t beat you, so I can only congratulate you.” Gu Shaoyu congratulated Fang Qiu jokingly.

    “You’re very awesome. You’re worthy of your name.”

    Leng Wenzhuo looked at Fang Qiu with no expression on her face and said, “Congratulations.”

    Li Sanxiao, Chen Ziju, Wang Shijie, Lin Dan, and Yang Chenxiang also came to congratulate him.

    There were a lot of people coming to congratulate him, which looked very lively on the stage.

    At this moment, the audience under the stage had all left through the safe passage under the arrangement of the staff of the crew.

    “Be quiet, everyone. Listen to me.” After all the audience left, the director’s voice sounded in the studio.

    Everyone turned to have a look and found that Director Li Huawen standing amidst the spectator seats with a loudspeaker.

    As they saw the director want to speak, everyone immediately turned to look.

    “In order to celebrate the success of the first season of our show and also to celebrate that Fang Qiu has won the champion of the first season, we have prepared a celebration party.

    “Let’s go. Everyone, gobble up today!”

    All the staff in the studio, as well as all the contestants, cheered together.

    Under the arrangement of the crew, they got in the car together, heading for the hotel that the director group had booked in advance.

    “Beep, beep, beep…”

    On the way, Director Li Huawen’s cell phone suddenly rang.

    It was a call from his leader.

    “Hello, I’m Li Huawen.” Director Li Huawen didn’t dare to neglect and immediately answered the phone.

    “Li.” The leader’s voice was heard from the other end of the phone. “Not bad. You did a good show. I heard that the highest ratings have exceeded 10%. You have created a record that is almost impossible to break in the country.”

    “It’s all because of the good resources of the station.”

    Director Li Huawen said with a smile, “Without the support of leaders, the show wouldn’t be so popular.”

    “Okay, very well.”

    The leader nodded with satisfaction and said, “From the show ‘Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’, we all see your potential. Next, you still have to work hard, especially directing the Spring Festival Gala!”

    “Okay.” Director Li Huawen was overjoyed and immediately promised, “I’ll do my best!”

    After hanging up the phone, Director Li Huawen was as happy as a child.

    He knew that the reason why the leader called him was that he wanted to tell him that his being the director of the Spring Festival Gala had been confirmed!

    As he thought about it carefully, nothing particularly serious had happened in the country in the past year.

    It was not so easy to find someone who was more famous than him.

    “Fang Qiu.” Director Li Huawen suddenly thought of Fang Qiu.

    If he took it into consideration, Fang Qiu would be the only one in the limelight this year.

    The Young Chinese Medicine Doctor rose because of Fang Qiu!

    “No, I have to bring Fang Qiu in.”

    With that in mind, Director Li Huawen immediately looked at Fang Qiu, who was sitting on his left.

    At this moment, Fang Qiu was sitting there calmly, showing no surprise at all.

    “What are you thinking about?”

    Director Li Huawen asked, “You got the first place. Why aren’t you excited at all?”

    “There’s nothing to be excited about.”

    Fang Qiu shrugged and said, “This is just the beginning. The revival of Chinese Medicine has a long way to go. It’s far from enough for us.”

    Director Li Huawen was stunned.

    He didn’t expect that Fang Qiu would say such words.

    “Kid, you think too much.”

    Director Li Huawen exclaimed, “Don’t think too much. It’s a good day today. Have a good time tonight.”

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

    The venue of the celebration feast had been settled. A few tables were placed in the super-VIP private room of the hotel.

    Soon, wine and dishes were served on the table.

    When they started eating, everyone began to toast.

    Of course, the only one who was toasted was naturally Fang Qiu.

    Each one of them drank a toast to Fang Qiu.

    After drinking for a long time, Fang Qiu finished the social engagement.

    Those who toasted finally let Fang Qiu go and turned to toast other contestants and directors.

    Although the whole celebration feast was rumbustious, Fang Qiu could still see that the celebrities invited by the staff and Director Li Huawen all congratulated him sincerely.

    The staff understood.

    Although making this variety show was tiring, it did bring great glory to the show’s crew.

    The ratings exceeded 10%. It was the only show that made such an achievement!

    It could even be said that this was unprecedented.

    No one could make such an accomplishment now. And almost no one could achieve it in the future.

    As a member of the show’s crew, this was their honor and their topic of conversation.

    How proud they would be if people knew that they had this achievement!

    They all knew that Fang Qiu was the key to such a great achievement.

    Therefore, everyone sincerely sent their congratulations to Fang Qiu.

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiu was also very grateful.

    Knowing that everyone almost finished toasting, Fang Qiu got up to toast everyone.

    “Thank you for your hard work, all the staff. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to make it today and people wouldn’t be so interested in Chinese Medicine now. Cheers! I’ll finish my drink first!”

    Everyone also drank up.

    At the celebration feast, it took everyone a whole night to let out their excitement.

    At six o’clock the next morning, Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu walked out of the hotel to go for morning jogging.

    As Fang Qiu looked at the rising sun in the sky, he heaved a sigh of relief.

    He thought to himself, “Next, it’s a new beginning!”

    In front of the gate of the No.1 Senior High School in a county, a streamer was hung, which wrote, “Congratulations to Fang Qiu, our school’s student, for winning the championship of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor!”

    The streamer immediately attracted people’s attention.

    “What the f*ck! Did Fang Qiu graduate from No.1 Senior High School of our county?”

    “Why didn’t I know that?”

    “Awesome! I always thought that Fang Qiu studied in the city’s high school. I didn’t expect it to be our county.”

    “It turns out that Fang Qiu’s high school is here.”

    At the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    Today was the summer vacation day of the school.

    After watching the live broadcast of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor last night, everyone packed up their things with great excitement and was ready to go home for a rest.

    The school hung two banners to congratulate Fang Qiu in front of the gate.

    Although the students couldn’t see them during the holiday, the university wouldn’t treat Fang Qiu so casually for such a big event. If the students couldn’t see them, the school would like the people in society to see them and advertise the university by the way. Wasn’t that killing two birds with one stone?

    Chen Yinsheng wanted to call all the students in the school to give Fang Qiu a warm welcome ceremony after Fang Qiu came back, but he didn’t expect that it happened to be a holiday. In order not to delay the students’ departure, Chen Yinsheng had to give up.

    In the capital.

    After the celebration banquet, Fang Qiu stayed there for another day.

    After that, he went out for a walk with Jiang Miaoyu.

    The next day, the two of them returned to the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine in a low profile.

    The two parted and went back to their respective dormitories to pack their things.

    When they returned to the dormitories, both of them were surprised to find that their roommates did not leave.

    In Dormitory 501.

    “You guys?”

    Fang Qiu opened the door and saw three roommates who were gathering, laughing, and discussing something. He froze and asked, “We’re on holiday. Why haven’t you left school yet?”

    “If we leave and you don’t have the key to the dorm, how can you get in?” Sun Hao said with a smile.

    Fang Qiu was stunned and thought to himself, “I can get in through the window.”

    He didn’t dare to say it out loud.

    After all, this was the fifth floor.

    “Fang Qiu, my bro.” Zhou Xiaotian walked up to him with a smirk on his face. As he stared at Fang Qiu, he said with a smile, “Our champion! It’s time to treat us, isn’t it?”

    “Sure, no problem.”

    Unexpectedly, Fang Qiu immediately nodded and agreed.

    “What?” As they heard that, the three of them were stunned.

    “So fast? We’ve discussed it for a long time, wondering how to make you agree.” Sun Hao shook his head with a wry smile.

    “Ha-ha.” Fang Qiu chuckled and said, “I’ve seen through you guys. Besides, it’s a good day. I won the championship and happened to have a holiday. We’re going to be separated for a while. I should treat you guys to a meal. Let’s have a good time together before we separate.”

    After that, Fang Qiu immediately called Jiang Miaoyu.

    When he learned that Jiang Miaoyu’s three roommates hadn’t left school yet, he immediately asked Jiang Miaoyu to bring them all out. Then they had a good meal together, went to the karaoke, and had fun together until the middle of the night.

    The next day, Fang Qiu saw Jiang Miaoyu and her three roommates off in the high-speed railway station.

    After saying goodbye to each other, they all got on the train and left.

    After all the people left, Fang Qiu took out his mobile phone and called his mother with his bag on his back.

    “Hey, Mom, I won’t go back home for now. I have something else to do. Tell Dad about it,” Fang Qiu said as the phone connected.

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu’s mother said straightforwardly, “Anyway, there are so many people at home, so it’s more crowded for you to come back. But you have to send the trophy back to me. Do you hear me?”

    Fang Qiu was speechless as he heard that.

    After returning to school and sending the trophy and certificate home, Fang Qiu packed up and left the school alone with his bag on his back.

    His target would be the Fairy Desert Cistanche in Beijiang!