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Chapter 302 - Do You Think Others Are Dead?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 302: Do You Think Others Are Dead?

    Su Cha and the rest were contestants, and they could take other channels to enter the business.

    The day after Su Cha entered the competition, many of the contestants were already waiting for their debut.

    The rest of this competition would be for the national Top 40, the national Top 30, the national Top 20, and the national Top 10, among whom the champion would be hailed.

    It was going to take place over a few months.

    Furthermore, the promotional competition did not just depend on the judges. The judges had more authority in the later stages because a judge had the right to give 100 marks. At such times, due to the difference in popularity, the audience’s votes would often differ greatly.

    Sometimes, the difference between contestants would be ridiculous, and the judges would have to combine the difference.

    was fair and just, but there was something that was hard to explain. If you were popular, even if you were not strong enough, your fans might be able to send you to the Top 10 in the country.

    It was possible as long as one had enough fans at the venue.

    No matter how fair the competition was, there would always be people who’d end up dissatisfied. In any case, there were many examples of contestants from before who had not made it to the Top Ten in the country. It was just that the odds were generally better for her this year.

    The competition focused on singing, but it had to be said that beauty had an advantage. Su Cha could tell.

    Other than the young girls who had participated in the competition before, most of the others were amateurs.

    In terms of appearance and style, Su Cha was clearly different from others. Even if Su Cha was a plain person, she’d still have a natural advantage. In reality, boht her beauty and voice were outstanding, which was very irritating.

    Le Anqi came a little earlier than Su Cha. She was sitting on her seat and putting on makeup. When she saw Su Cha, she immediately waved at her. “Hey, hey, hey, Su Cha is here.”

    The makeup artist pressed Le Anqi’s shoulder down unhappily. “Don’t move, be obedient!”

    It was as if Le Anqi had committed a crime.

    Le Anqi pouted and stopped moving. Su Cha smiled and walked over. “The competition’s about to start, so why are you so unruly?”

    Le Anqi did not care. “It’s fine. My family said that I can enter up to the Top 50 in the country. It’s not a big deal for me to be eliminated. But you, Su Cha, you have to work hard! The hope of Yang Village is resting on you!”

    Su Cha: “…”

    Le Anqi was a person who often hung out on the internet and sometimes spoke Internet lingo. If it were not for Su Cha’s strong comprehension, she would not have understood all the basic meanings. Su Cha, who was not familiar with these lines, would sometimes be troubled by Le Anqi’s online language.

    The makeup artist couldn’t help but laugh when she heard that. “Oh, the young lady has such a good mentality, eh?”

    Most importantly, her family was quite funny.

    The makeup artist did not know much about these contestants. Through their short conversation just now, she knew that this girl was an internet celebrity. People in the entertainment industry despised internet celebrities. She did not expect this girl to have such a good mentality.

    “Ah, how can I not have a good mentality?”

    Le Anqi shrugged. “I know my strengths.”

    As she spoke, she could not move her face. She tried her best to look at Su Cha through the mirror. “But look at our Su Cha. She has a beautiful voice. Doesn’t she look like a future champion?”

    The makeup artist was amused by Le Anqi’s words and glanced at Su Cha. “Yes!”

    Su Cha: “…”

    The two of them knew how to play along.

    However, a cold snort suddenly came from the side. “You didn’t even make it into the Top 30, yet you dream of becoming the champion. Do you think others are dead?”