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Chapter 382 - The Light Is Lost. She Has Withered Away.

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 382: The Light Is Lost. She Has Withered Away.

    Su Ye was drowning in his thoughts. His usual smile faded, and even his fox-like eyes were only filled with a look of utter bewilderment. He incredulously looked at the woman sitting on the sofa. They had all looked down on her!

    He suddenly remembered the moment from eight years ago when Ning Meng had disappeared. Ning Ke had left the country and everyone had led a peaceful life. However, six years ago, when Huo Beichen had married the missus, she had called him in a fit. He sent her a picture of the missus and told her that he had not touched her and he did not plan on touching her either. It was only then that Ning Ke had calmed down.

    That's right. If she truly liked the Boss, why would she need to wait for eight long years? She came all the way back here, telling Huo Beichen that she liked him, even imitating Ning Meng's looks and behaviors from eight years ago. All of these things were done to remind Boss not to forget the Ning Meng of the past!

    Su Ye gulped and looked at her again. Ning Ke looked straight ahead. "Huo Beichen must be very angry now, right? I know I cannot escape this time. Still, considering our relationship from eight years ago, I only have one request to make."

    Su Ye's throat was quite dry. "What is it?"

    "Turn ‘Ride With the Wind' into an anime. That was sis's wish."

    Su Ye was stupefied at her words. Having sent some people to follow Ning Ke, he knew that after Huo Beichen had rejected sponsoring this idea, she had turned mad and contacted a few people, working hard to gather sponsors. He thought that she had been pretending at the time.

    Now that he had seen more of her, she was definitely not putting on a show. She was, instead, putting all her efforts into safeguarding her sis. Her every word and action in telling the boss that she liked him, in her retarded way, was all to make the missus and Boss part ways.

    Su Ye suddenly felt that the woman he was facing was truly insane. Although her plans sounded nice on the ears, they were quite crazy! Su Ye spoke up. "Eight years. It has been eight years. That incident happened a long time ago. Can you not forget just one person?"

    "No way!"

    Ning Ke's tone was determined. She was not the woman in the past who tended to fall into hysteria. Her calmness made a chill run up his spine. "Do you know how it feels like to live in the dark?"

    Su Ye was stunned. He did not know anything regarding Ning Ke's past. He only knew that Ning Meng had rescued her. Ning Ke hung her head. "All of you can forget her, but I can't. Huo Beichen shouldn't either! Three of us promised to live together forever. How could he change his mind and love another?!"

    After she had been rescued by her sis, she had once told the latter seriously, "Sis, I'm afraid to marry anyone in my lifetime. Can I follow you for the rest of my life?"

    Sis had said that she could, but she was afraid that her future brother-in-law would not agree. Thus, she had carefully tried to get his attention. When he was in a fine mood, she had then asked him if she could live with him for the rest of their lives! Alas, Huo Beichen had told her "no" and that he would only want to be with her sis for the rest of his life. This was when she became lost and afraid…

    Ning Ke fell back into her memories. Her whole being drowned in silence, and a gloomy dark aura overcast her. She looked like she was a shaded plant that had lived in the dark her whole life. Her drastic change would make anyone feel scared.

    Su Ye looked at her. The Ning Ke from eight years ago was quiet and bore a sad mood. Still, her frail and gentle demeanor made people pity her. The Ning Ke eight years later had been fully consumed by poison. He was touched by her intentions that were for the sake of Ning Meng, but the way she had executed them just could not invoke a lick of sympathy from him. She had tried very hard to turn herself into Ning Meng during these eight years, yet, all he saw now was a person that had lost herself. She had become paranoid and extreme in her ways.

    Ning Meng may have been the light of her life, but now, the light had been lost. She had withered away.