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Chapter 723 - Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 24)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 723: Loving one’s country: They are enemies! (Part 24)

    What!  What!  What!

    Why didn’t she know about this!  Could it be that something happened after she snuck out?

    Going back to an hour ago, Luo Qing Chen had left the Luo Manor when Zuo Mu Ran arrived.

    At this time, Ye Yong Jun was talking to Luo Gong about his marriage to Luo Qing Chen.

    When Zuo Mu Ran came in, he became the center of attention.

    His eyes were sparkling as he said to Luo Gong with a faint smile, “I think that there should be a better candidate for young miss Luo’s marriage partner.”

    Zuo Mu Ran’s military uniform was very heroic.

    Ye Yong Jun standing in front of him was like a fake foreign devil.  No matter how expensive his suit was, he couldn’t compare.

    “You……”  Ye Yong Jun cleared his throat and pretended to be calm as he said, “Is commander Zuo going to break up a happy couple?”

    “This mister thinks that you’re qualified to be called a happy couple?”  His tone was very cold as his lips curled into a faint smile, “At best you’re just a duck.”

    [TL Note: There’s an idiom for couple that means mandarin duck, so that’s why he calls him a duck.”


    “There was a report from the Flower Gazing House and I went to take a look.”  Zuo Mu Ran threw a jade pendant onto the table and coldly said, “There were two young miss who were fighting over a jade token left behind by a young master last night, this jade token should belong to this sir, right!”

    Ye Yong Jun was stunned, but he quickly shook his head to deny it, “What jade token, this isn’t mine!  I don’t understand!”

    Zuo Mu Ran said with a soft laugh, “Could it be you’re not Ye Yong Jun?”

    “I…...There are many people named Ye Yong Jun!”  Ye Yong Jun shook his head and said, “It’s not me!”

    “No.”  Zuo Mu Ran's expression changed slightly as he said, “There is only you named Ye Yong Jun in An Ning City!”

    Ye Yong Jun’s face was red, he was clearly suffocating from his anger.  He couldn’t refute it, so he angrily said, “Damn you!  Zuo Mu Ran, you’re slandering me just to marry the Luo Family young miss Luo Qing Chen!”

    “I only admit to half of this.”  Zuo Mu Ran gave a chuckle.  Hearing her name, his eyes had a faint sparkle in them.

    Ye Yong Jun wasn’t willing to give up, “Luo Qing Chen and I are already engaged, if you want to marry the Luo Family’s young miss, have you asked me!”

    “Audacious!”  Luo Gong heard the words Flower Gazing House and his face looked very ugly.

    No wonder this Ye Yong Jun had different perfumes on him when he came in, so he went to the red lantern district!

    “Uncle Liu, I…..You can’t listen to his nonsense!”  Ye Yong Jun tugged at his bowtie and said, “I am being framed!”

    “Whether you went to the red light district last night or not, do you think that this Luo can’t find out?”  Luo Gong’s eyes were filled with rage as he immediately sent an order to dismiss the guest, “Please leave if you have nothing else!  Don’t take a single step in the Luo Manor in the future!”

    Luo Gong thought he had a good eye for people, so he had great hope for Ye Yong Jun.

    One is more disappointed when there is greater hope, he had experienced this first hand.

    Ye Yong Jun wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say a thing and could only leave in despair!

    “Many thanks to commander Luo for using this special method to find bad people for my girl.”  Luo Gong respectfully said, “It’s been hard on you!”

    “Uncle Luo!”  Zuo Mu Ran was a bit surprised as he looked at Luo Gong with absolute determination, “I didn’t want to reveal Ye Yong Jun’s face just to say this.  I…..really want to marry Luo Qing Chen, I hope uncle Luo will help!”