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Chapter 555 - No Meeting Of Your Ex-lovers Alone

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 555: No Meeting Of Your Ex-lovers Alone

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “Your Highness, it’s quite difficult to find an Ancient Demonic Body that acts as a Demonic Portal Key. We’re trying to find a way to get one.” Li Er hung his head in shame.

    At first, they thought that the Canglan Continent was merely a primitive plane of existence which they could conquer without the Galactic Federation’s knowledge. However, the fire in Ao Ge’s Empyrean Soul Lamp had extinguished some time ago, meaning that they had failed to open a portal from their world to the Canglan Continent.

    Ao Ge was born with a Void Demonic Body, so he was the best key to open a portal to the Canglan Continent.

    They were absolutely certain that Ao Ge would succeed, so they did not prepare another key for the portal. Right now, they could not find a suitable Demon in such a short time.

    “You should know that my legs can’t afford to wait any longer.” The young boy’s face was sullen. The sharp, black horns on his head emitted an ominous glow.

    “Your Highness, please rest assured that we’re working hard to find Ao Ge’s replacement. You will hear some good news from us soon.” Li Er broke out in cold sweat.

    Ever since His Imperial Highness’s legs became paralyzed from the curse, he became more cold-blooded and impulsive in killing others.

    “Get out!” The young boy ordered coldly. Li Er had never felt so relieved to hear that. He bowed and left immediately.

    In the blink of an eye, the young boy was the only one left in the large bedchamber.

    He ran his eyes over every toy in his bedchamber. In the end, he decided to return to his bed.

    “Forget it. I shall go to his dreams and play with him!” The young boy said to himself.

    As the only successor to the Ancient Black Demonic Clan, he was a revered figure. No one dared to act impetuously in front of him. They did not even dare to speak loudly.

    His King Father and Queen Mother pulled out all the stops to break the curse on his body. They racked their brains day and night, trying to think of a way to rob the Source Power of a primitive plane of existence. They were so busy that they could not spend time with him.

    Because of the curse, he could only stay in the Deep Sea Demonic Palace, a place without daylight. The Demonic Servants that attended to him would tremble when he was in their presence. His life was mundane.

    This changed when he entered the Little Dragon’s dream to investigate Ao Ge’s death.

    For the first time, someone had the nerve to argue and fight with him. This feeling was novel to him. He wanted to continue experiencing it.

    After Little Dragon woke up, he wrapped his arms around Yun Jiuge’s neck and wept, “Mother, a bully kept bothering me in my dreams. He wanted to take my treasure from me!”

    “What does he look like?” Yun Jiuge asked. She motioned Qing’er to give her the Spiritual Milk that she had prepared earlier.

    “He’s black from head to toe. Even the horns on his head are black.” Little Dragon touched his small, bifurcated golden horns. “Not as beautiful as mine though,” he said proudly.

    “He must have been jealous of your lovely horns, so he came to your dreams to harass you. Darling, come and drink some Spiritual Milk.” Yun Jiuge gave her son a crystal glass containing Spiritual Milk.

    “This must be the case. Mother, you’re so clever,” Little Dragon said happily and took a big gulp of Spiritual Milk, leaving a milk moustache on his mouth.

    “Even if his horns are ugly, you shouldn’t make fun of him. Try to be his friend when you see him next time!” Yun Jiuge used a soft Heavenly Silkworm Towel to wipe his mouth. Since Yun Jiuge was not paying attention to their conversation, she replied Little Dragon reflexively without thinking too much of it.

    “Okay!” Little Dragon nodded reluctantly. He thought to himself that he was an obedient child, so he should listen to his mother.

    “After you’re done with your Spiritual Milk, you should go play with Cute Little Baby and Fei Fei!” Yun Jiuge placed her son on the ground.

    After she went back to the Celestial Palace, she placed the Magic Cauldron back at Wanhua Spiritual Garden. Little Grass, Fei Fei, the Treasure-hunting Scorpion and his wife also lived there.

    Little Dragon visited them often to play with them. However, Little Grass was the only one that could bond with Little Dragon.

    Although Cute Little Baby had an adorable face, it possessed a mature mind. All this while, it regarded itself as Little Grass’s elder. Every time it opened its mouth, it would go on and on about philosophy. Little Dragon found it annoying.

    Ever since Fei Fei went to the Secret Realm, it fell in love with the job of purifying Death Energy. Yun Jiuge sent it to the Celestial Palace’s Demonic Realm for training.

    Shortly after the Treasure-hunting Scorpion’s wife came to the Celestial Palace, she became pregnant. The Treasure-hunting Scorpion was ecstatic and also stressed about it. He never left her side throughout her pregnancy.

    Yun Jiuge promised Little Dragon that once Little Scorpion was born, she would give it to him as a Spiritual Pet.

    As for the ungrateful Eyeball she got from the Secret Realm, she gave it to Wan Sha as a pet. She heard that it was living a good life and had grown another eyeball.

    “Let’s go see Baby Scorpion!” Little Dragon ran towards Wanhua Spiritual Garden enthusiastically. Caressing the female Scorpion’s belly every day to greet his future Spiritual Pet had become his newest hobby.

    Yun Jiuge did not accompany her son to Wanhua Spiritual Garden. Instead, she went to Lotus Hall.

    Zi Shang, who took the form of a white egg, was as large as a basin. He was placed in the Spiritual Water in a vertical position. When he saw Yun Jiuge, his eggshell started to glow softly, expressing his joy.

    Yun Jiuge took off her magnificent robe and red satin shoes with phoenix wings motifs and entered the Lotus Pool barefooted. She hugged Zi Shang and told him about the Human-faced King Peach’s visit.

    “Fan Yin is extremely infuriating. Even though I already told him that I couldn’t care less about what’s happening in the Mortal Realm, he still insisted on seeing me,” said Yun Jiuge in exasperation.

    She had already done enough for the Mortal Realm. It was up to the Cultivators in the Mortal Realm to think of a way to solve their problem.

    Zi Shang’s eggshell became warmer, as if he was soothing Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge felt better immediately. She then said, “You need more Spiritual Water. I’ll ask the Blooming Flowering Tree for more Spiritual Water. If we can obtain the Fairy Stone, you can recover faster.”

    Zi Shang moved his body to and fro vigorously, showing his objection to Yun Jiuge’s plan.

    “What are you worried about? There’s nothing between us now,” said Yun Jiuge, who did not know whether to laugh or cry. She patted Zi Shang’s eggshell. Although the Demon King stayed in her palace for a few nights, she had only spent the night with him once.

    When Yun Jiuge found out that he was not a suitable candidate to help her conceive, she rejected his advances. Despite that, he refused to give up.

    Zi Shang was still against her plan to meet the Blooming Flowering Tree tonight. The glow on his eggshell kept flickering. He was very upset.

    “I’ll make things clear to him this time, so that he can get over me.” Yun Jiuge did not reject the Demon King properly back then, so this made him think that he still had a chance with her. It was all her fault.

    Zi Shang rocked his body more fiercely.

    “Alright. You stay here and recuperate. I hope that you can get back on your feet as soon as possible. I’ll return in three days,” said Yun Jiuge as she stepped out of the Lotus Pool.

    She had just put on her shoes and robe when a splash came from the Lotus Pool.

    Yun Jiuge turned her head around and discovered that Zi Shang had absorbed all of the Spiritual Water in the Lotus Pool and shrunk into a palm-sized white egg. Then, it flew over to her.

    As soon as Yun Jiuge caught him, she shouted angrily, “What are you doing?”

    Zi Shang could still use the Spiritual Water for another three months. It was such a waste for him to absorb all of the Spiritual Water at once.

    Zi Shang was quiet. He pressed himself close to Yun Jiuge’s palm, conveying his intention to go see the Blooming Flowering Tree with her. He’d rather die than stay behind in the Lotus Pool.

    “You’re in such a vulnerable state now. Aren’t you worried that you’ll get beaten into a pulp?” Yun Jiuge asked resignedly. She had never noticed that Zi Shang was a person who would get jealous easily.

    Zi Shang shrugged her question off. He clung to her, determined to not let his wife see her ex-lover alone.

    “You can come with me, but please behave yourself.” Since the Lotus Pond had dried up, there was no reason for her to leave Zi Shang behind.

    Since he got so worked up over this, she could only bring him with her. She hoped that the journey would go smoothly.