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Chapter 370 - The Difference of Space Transmission

Pocket Hunting Dimension
     The ravaged grass plains from the battle with the overlords previously had recovered.

    Only the area where the powers of the blue bird and black tiger overlords’ base remained

    -a huge pit with a range of tens of kilometers could still be seen.

    Inside the huge ditch, only the wind god art and ist body god art were left behind.

    A part of the ditch contained a blue wind while another part of it was black and gold in color. The black and gold stream occupied a wider space than the blue wind.

    At this moment, a blue light flickered. Thereafter, Lu Ze landed from the air to the side of the ditch where the blue wind could be found.

    Upon seeing the wind in there, he shivered. The wind appeared very calm. However, this was further from the truth.

    The wind blade sliced across his body like blades. Despite this, he had to enter in order to digest the energy. This was quite embarrassing.

    He took a deep breath. In the next moment, a green wind circulated around his body. Lu Ze then entered the region.

    Soon, wisps of blue wind from the area poured into Lu Ze’s body. It didn’t leave a satisfying sensation like the gray mist and lightning arcs-only bone-scraping pain could be felt.

    He sat down and frowned as he began learning the wind god art.

    After devouring the gray mist completely, Lu Ze didn’t get a special god art like the blood lightning. Nevertheless, his regeneration god art improved a lot.

    Lu Ze even tested using regeneration god art to regenerate limbs. However, it was too slow and couldn’t be used in combat. Despite this, this could still be considered a rather good improvement for Lu Ze. He wondered whether the wind would give him anything special.

    Two days later, the region covered by the wind had shrunk by half.

    Lu Ze sat in the center as the blue wind surged into his body. Blood seeped out from his hair glands, painting him with a red color.

    The massive pain had clouded his consciousness. It was extremely painful to the point that he wanted to cry.

    At this moment, another immense pain began. His consciousness sunk into oblivion. When he opened his eyes again, he was back in his room on the spaceship. Lu Ze lay shakily on the bed, not even daring to breathe heavily. He could only wait for the pain to diminish and gradually dissipate

    An hour later, the pain finally eased up.

    After some rest, Lu Ze sat back on the bed once more. This time, he was going to learn space god art!

    To Lu Ze, space god art was extremely mysterious.

    At least, apart from a star state, Lu Ze hadn’t seen anyone possess a space-type ability. This was definitely a very precious god art.

    When he finished calming down, he used his mental force, and the silver orb disappeared from his mental dimension.

    Subsequently, waves of abstruse meaning dawned on his mind. Lu Ze felt as though he entered a completely twisted dimension with no sense of direction at all.

    He didn’t know if this was an illusion or whether the space around him had changed, but this was rather normal when learning a new god art.

    After using a purple orb, as usual, Lu Ze immersed himself in these secrets.

    Eventually, Lu Ze felt the mysterious dimension was leading him to a small corner.

    He seemed to see the lines between the physical world and the warp dimension. These lines appeared to have separated the two, but they also connected them at the same time.

    Gradually, Lu Ze found that if he employed some force, he could travel to the warp dimension through these lines and then use it to come back to the physical realm.

    Was this space transmission?

    Lu Ze discovered a bit of distinction between the space god art and the space transmission used by star states.

    Back then, he recalled seeing Uncle Merlin use his power to open up the warp dimension directly and create a wormhole to move.

    Meanwhile, the space god art was more like fusion. His affinity toward space could allow him to use the lines to travel in the warp dimension.

    This method had a fundamental difference from forcibly opening a wormhole with one’s own power.

    If Lu Ze had the same power as Uncle Merlin, he would be able to move through space faster than Uncle Merlin. Moreover, it would only consume less power.

    If Lu Ze had enough power, he could even create a small dimension with more ease. Of course, Lu Ze’s current power didn’t allow for that. Nevertheless, Lu Ze felt great.

    Should he show off to Uncle Merlin?

    Although this arcanum was just about space transmission, it still increased his affinity to space. Even if he learned other types of space god art in the future, it would be much easier!

    Moreover, he had calculated that even if this divine art would be taxing, he could instantly jump to a few thousand kilometers away if he used up all his energy at once.

    The further the distance, the more energy it would consume. If it was an ordinary battle, Lu Ze could use it to jump a few hundred meters of space.

    Although the consumption of this was much greater than the blue bird 1 divine art, it would definitely be useful at crucial moments.

    However, the only bad aspect was that if he didn’t learn this god art well enough, it would be easy to interrupt him during space transmission.

    12 hours later, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. Thereafter, a silver light flashed at the bottom of his eyes. There were messy space lines around him, but these couldn’t be used for space jumps.

    After all, the ship he was on was already in warp dimension.

    Lu Ze gasped at the realization. As it turned out, he probably couldn’t play here.

    But he could test out interesting ideas after they were out.

    After resting for a moment, Lu Ze went back to the bed. He looked inside his mental dimension. The regeneration god art orb, regeneration god art divine art, and the lightning divine art rune from the sky had been left untouched.

    At this moment, only four days remained until they could reach the Gracious System. It would take an extremely long period of time to learn divine art. It wasn’t plausible to learn them both.

    Additionally, If he learned a divine art for the first time, he wouldn’t be able to enter the pocket hunting dimension. There were still energy nests inside the hunting space that he could use to cultivate.

    Lu Ze contemplated deeply.

    After a while, he decided to cultivate regeneration god art orb and regeneration god art divine art runes.

    It was a very good safety measure. Accordingly, Lu Ze used the regeneration god art orb.

    Eight hours later, Lu Ze opened his eyes again.

    He lifted up his hand, and a blue light cut across in his hand. Immediately, a bloody wound appeared in his palm. Thereafter, a gray spirit light flashed, and the bloody wound disappeared before the blood could even pour out. Lu Ze grinned. This level of recovery speed from the 1st body god art, coupled with the black and gold battle armor, would make him very tough!