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Chapter 383 - She Could Never Chase After the Light She So Longed For

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 383: She Could Never Chase After the Light She So Longed For

    Su Ye remembered the day she had come back to the country. She had shouted at him, "I have liked him for a whole eight years. How could he have liked someone else?"

    He remembered her saying, "Even if he wanted a woman to be his companion for the rest of his life, he should have looked for me. After all, am I not the one who is the most like her in this world?"

    She had proven that she had turned into a madwoman ever since she had come back to the country. Her every sentence to him was announcing her love for Huo Beichen. But if she had truly liked him, why did she not return to the country over the past eight years?

    He had been fooled by her! She knew that Huo Beichen would make him handle her, so, she had purposely confused him. He had only taken precautions about her getting near the missus and thought that she would not harm the boss. His approach had given her the golden opportunity!

    Su Ye frowned. He might as well tell her the truth. "Boss did not eat that meal."

    His statement made Ning Ke abruptly raise her head. Her eyes filled with disbelief, she calmly asked, "How could that be?"

    When Su Ye saw her reaction, he felt that he was able to pull the situation back. Yet, he was not delighted about it. This woman only made him more frustrated by the minute. He did not need to explain the situation as Ning Ke just insulted herself and laughed bitterly. "I have meticulously orchestrated this whole thing, but fate is just not on my side?"

    She hung her head, exposing her fair and long vulnerable neck. Su Ye's eyes glinted. Boss had first changed his attitude toward Missus when the missus had had an abrupt change of behavior. He did find it rather strange and had gotten an inkling of what was going on. Could the missus be the Ning Meng from the past? He had tried to investigate, but the missus seemed to not remember a thing.

    He then found out later that the missus had attended an elite school eight years ago. Hence, she was not the original Ning Meng. As for his boss who had suffered much over these eight years, he had finally let go of the Ning Meng of the past, deciding to settle down with the missus. Now that the boss had let go of everything once and for all, he just had to get rid of all the people he was in contact with during his investigation. He simply needed to break Ning Ke's neck and dispose of her. Then, Boss and Missus could live happily ever after.

    But at this moment, he saw a dispirited and lost woman whose plans had failed. His heart turned soft at this sight. Besides, she was not a weak person, so it would be hard for him to execute his idea.

    "Did you know?"

    Ning Ke suddenly opened her mouth. She had held back for so many years. It was as though she felt that she had come to the end of her life. Now that she was with an old friend, she had the desire to express her inner thoughts. "When my sis disappeared, Huo Beichen said that he would only love one person in his entire life. And that person was my sis. He said that there would only be one Mrs. Huo in his heart. He was talking about my sis."

    She hung her head. In the twenty over years of her life before meeting her sis, her life had been miserable, and there was no light in her days. After her sis had rescued her, before she could experience the beauty of this world, her sis had disappeared from the face of this earth. She had then gone back into her familiar darkness. No one knew how she had spent her past eight years.

    Whenever she closed her eyes, all she could see was her sis' wretched face. She did not dare to fall asleep and had to secretly go to see a psychologist. All she could do was stare at the picture of her sis and deceive herself into believing that the latter was still alive in this world. It was only then that she felt better.

    She knew that she was experiencing some sort of mental illness, but she did not know what else she could do. She also knew that her plans were evil, but that did not matter. She belonged to the darkness anyway. No matter how she tried to imitate and pretend, she could never be her sis. She would never be able to chase after the light she so longed for.

    "So, why don't you just kill me."

    Death, to her, was a way to escape from all of her miseries.