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Chapter 303 - You Can Sing Anywhere, Even on the Streets

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 303: You Can Sing Anywhere, Even on the Streets

    They'd been chatting happily, but the atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward.

    Su Cha looked over. The one who spoke was a contestant who was also having her makeup done.

    Su Cha knew her. She was in the same group as her the other day, but she had won second place. High Note, Chen Shengjun.

    Chen Shengjun's words made everyone present feel a little awkward. The makeup artist who was helping her put on makeup looked at the other makeup artist in a subtle way. Meanwhile, Le Anqi was unmoved by what she heard. "What are you doing? We're just talking here. What's wrong with us talking? Our goal is to become the champion. Can't we at least aim for it?"

    The straightforward Le Anqi was someone who would say anything directly, so she was unhappy when she heard Chen Shengjun's words.

    The atmosphere became tense. Chen Shengjun continued to sneer. "I'm just saying that you are dreaming."

    If not for the fact that the makeup artist was still holding her down, Le Anqi would have slapped the table and stood up. "You…"

    Before she could finish, a hand reached out to touch her shoulder. It seemed to be pressing gently on her, but it also seemed to have a strength as heavy as a thousand pounds, preventing her from moving.

    Su Cha comforted Le Anqi and smiled at Chen Shengjun. "Who's dreaming? I think I'm qualified to become the champion. We're so far from reaching the finish line, so it's still hard to say how things will go. Are you sure that we're dreaming? Do you think you have no ability to become the champion?"

    Chen Shengjun seemed to choke on her words.

    How could she say that she could become the champion?

    She had lost to Su Cha in the group competition, which was even more ridiculous.

    She said she was not here for the championship? Then what was she here for?

    The contestants nearby noticed her dispute with Su Cha and looked over meaningfully.

    Due to the fact that the show had been ongoing for such a long time, everyone was familiar with each other. They did not know each other well, but they knew most of one another's abilities.

    Chen Shengjun and Su Cha were both strong contestants. Chen Shengjun was a contestant from the Water Capital division. She was famous for being a high-pitched singer. The judges liked her, but she lost to Su Cha because of Su Cha's popularity.

    Despite that, no one would actually think that Su Cha could not have won against any of them otherwise. There was no need to doubt her ability.

    It was just that Chen Shengjun was not as popular as Su Cha.

    Now that the two of them were arguing, and Chen Shengjun had lost to Su Cha in the last group competition, it was obvious that everyone thought that there was something wrong with Chen Shengjun.

    Perhaps they were not convinced of her ability?

    In the end, the contestants were clearly divided.

    Strength and popularity were two factions that disliked each other.

    Those who had ganged up were not on either Chen Shengjun or Su Cha's side. They were naturally just watching quietly.

    "Everyone is here to participate in the competition. What are you doing?"

    Mona, who had put on makeup, suddenly walked over and smiled at Su Cha and Chen Shengjun. "The competition is for our dream. Just sing well. Why must you be number one? Everyone, just do your best."

    These words were subtle. For some reason, she sounded so dignified regarding her own dream.

    It was as if Su Cha and the rest did not have any dreams, they just wanted to become the champion.

    This woman's words were piercing.

    Su Cha squinted her eyes. Just as she was about to open her mouth, Jin Mou walked over and said directly, "What you said is very funny. My dream is to participate in the show and become number one. I don't want to become the champion or become famous. I'm really doing this to achieve my dream. Is your dream just to sing? If so, you can just sing anywhere. You can even sing on the streets, don't you think?"