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Chapter 357 - Be Famous Unaccountably (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 357: Be Famous Unaccountably (1)

    “No one instructed me to do anything! I had wanted to wangle some money from this. I only looked for you so that I’ll be able to exert some pressure on Li Huihuang. Who knew that I would get exposed by you. I admit defeat!”

    Given the circumstances, Xu Weilai knew that she would not be able to get anything out of Wen Xiaoshan’s mouth.

    “Since you intend to bear everything by yourself, I won’t be able to help you. Enjoy the retribution that awaits you!”

    Xu Weilai got up and left the room.

    She had written numerous news stories over the years, and in the process, had offended many people. At this point, she had no clue who the mastermind was. But, for some unknown reason, she felt that it involved Yun Rou in some way.


    Since Xu Weilai had provided a crucial piece of evidence, she received praise from the police and received a plaque for good citizenship. They even posted the information on WeChat, heaping high praise on an upright reporter like her.

    Five minutes later, the Li Corporation reposted it on WeChat.

    Ten minutes later, the Gu Corporation followed suit.

    Following the reposting by the two giant companies, the internet blew up once more. Many well-known celebrities on WeChat, as well as other companies, jumped onto the bandwagon, possibly to ride the wave, or to get on the good books of the two big companies.

    After exposing Rong Wang’s true colors the other time, Xu Weilai’s popularity soared again. She topped the most-searched list once more. And she even got a nickname, “righteous little angel!”

    Xu Weilai completely overshadowed the popularity of the current “national hero,” Yun Rou.


    After waking up in the morning, Yun Rou readied to start her yoga workout, as is her routine. Since Yun Rou wanted to see the supposed gift for their first meeting that Rong Fanghua had mentioned, she had the television switched on, so that she could watch the news broadcast while she did her yoga.

    Just as she was bending over, she heard the news about WeChat’s latest most-searched list. A cracking sound filled the room. Yun Rou had sprained her back, and her face contorted in a grimace of pain.

    She got up with great difficulty. But, not one for caring much about pain, she picked up her phone and dialed Rong Fanghua’s number. The tone of her voice was icy, sarcasm evident in her voice. “Auntie, Xu Weilai is placed in such a good light right now. Is this the gift that both of you had prepared for me?”

    Were they sure that this was to help her, and not Xu Weilai?

    Rong Fanghua had also been shocked by the news broadcast that morning. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

    She didn’t anticipate this, either. She didn’t expect Xu Weilai would see through their perfect plan. Not only did Xu Weilai’s reputation remain intact — the exact opposite of what they had wanted to achieve — but her standing improved as well, and she was getting flooded with compliments.

    Rong Fanghua didn’t know how to answer Yun Rou’s question. She could only comfort her. “I had underestimated Xu Weilai. But don’t you worry, she won’t be so lucky every time.”

    Yun Rou closed her eyes, trying her best to calm herself down before she spoke again, “Auntie, I have already given you some time, but this time around, you’ve disappointed me. And so, from now on, I’ll do it my way. If you still wish to work with me, then please cooperate with me, and follow my orders.”

    Her impolite tone made Rong Fanghua’s expression turn sour. She had been currying favor with her the past few days. And at the drop of a hat, she’s turning hostile.

    No matter how much she scorned at her inwardly, she had no choice but to put on a tight smile for the sake of the big picture, as she promised, “All right, we’ll both cooperate.”

    Only then did Yun Rou’s mouth curve into a smile. “Now, I need your help. I want you to get your hands on something.”

    “What is it?”

    Yun Rou parted her lips and said a few words.


    Xu Weilai had never thought that she would rise to such prominence for some odd reason.

    Honestly, it didn’t matter to her if she was famous or not. But to emerge victorious from the fight, she felt extremely fulfilled. Of course, she didn’t forget that she owed half the credit to Gu Yu.

    At the thought of that, Xu Weilai reached for her phone. She took a snapshot of the plaque and sent it to Gu Yu.

    [ This glory is ours! ]

    In the next second, Gu Yu called her.

    Xu Weilai picked up the call. As the man’s deep and raspy voice rang in her ears, her small face slowly began to blush in excitement.