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Chapter 304 - The Top 30 Wants to Stay Together

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 304: The Top 30 Wants to Stay Together

    Everyone was shocked.

    The main reason was that apart from being known for having a cold personality, Jin Mou had little presence.

    It was no secret to everyone that she admired Su Cha. After all, many people knew about her interview, but they had never seen her actually interact much with Su Cha.

    Everyone thought that she was just being polite. Who knew that she would really stand up for Su Cha now?

    Mona’s expression stiffened when she saw Jin Mou stepping forward. “I’m just saying. I just want everyone to compete well. I didn’t mean anything else.”

    Jin Mou glanced at her. Her calm but natural aura made Mona stiffen.

    This was how different being fair, rich, and beautiful could make one person be from another.

    Su Cha found it interesting. She too did not expect Jin Mou to stand up for her.

    The other contestants found it even more exciting to watch the show. Everyone knew that they came from the same division. They had long heard of their relationship being strained, but they did not expect that they would openly fall out with each other.

    Chen Shengjun started to feel awkward.

    In the end, the director came in and urged them to start the competition. All the contestants had to enter the competition venue to break the deadlock.

    After that, their previous activities resumed. Jin Mou did not approach Su Cha, and when Le Anqi noticed that Jin Mou had already left, she asked curiously, “Hey, does she really like you?”

    Su Cha looked at her strangely. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

    Le Anqi chuckled. “I thought she was joking in that interview. I just casually dragged someone, after all. I didn’t expect what she’d to be true.”

    She sighed and continued, “Good students are popular everywhere… I may never know if I could have become the city champion if I had worked hard a few years ago.”

    Su Cha: “…”

    How amusing.


    The competition officially began.

    Su Cha continued competing following the number she got from drawing lots.

    The Top 30 competition was organized in sequence, but Le Anqi, who was lucky to have come this far, was in the same group as Su Cha.

    The competition would be recorded and uploaded online after editing. The contestants had a better mentality than before during this competition, but Le Anqi could not help but break down when she found out that she was in the same group as Su Cha.

    However, she could still accept the truth. In the end, Su Cha went straight to the top of the group while Le Anqi was waiting for her turn.

    Their show was divided into two episodes, but the competition itself would be filmed over a few days until the results were out.

    Su Cha did not know how to comfort Le Anqi, but since the latter had already thought things through, she was not worried.

    However, on the day of her competition, the production crew sought her out and suggested something.

    “It’s like this, contestant Su Cha, our production crew will have the top 30 in the country live together for a while until the competition ends. You have no objections to that, right?”

    Su Cha did not know about this development. When she heard it, she was stunned and asked a crucial question, “We’ll have to stay in?”

    The staff was not surprised by her reaction. He just nodded and said, “Yes. It’s best if we all live together. When the time comes, our dormitory life will be revealed to the public. This will also provide an additional way for the contestants to increase their attractiveness. If we don’t do it, there might be negative comments.”