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Chapter 471 - Opening the Door Together

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 471 Opening the Door Together

    “Why are you looking at me?” Lucas found it odd.

    “I’ve seen your recent post on social media. You have a good relationship with Zhou Wen, right?” Henry said.

    “So what?” Lucas frowned slightly.

    “Very simple. Take this first.” Henry handed him a bottle.

    When Lucas took the bottle from Henry, he felt his fingers itch. He raised his hand and saw a red dot on his finger as though it had been bitten by a bug.

    Lucas thought nothing of it. He held the bottle and asked, “What is this?”

    “There’s water inside. As long as you pour the water inside into Zhou Wen’s water and let him drink it, that will do,” said Henry. “Then, I’ll help you open the door to the palace for free.”

    “Impossible. I won’t help you do such filthy things.” Lucas placed the bottle heavily on the table before turning to Irjarr. “Lord Irjarr, we don’t need their help. I’ve already got Zhou Wen and company to head to the palace with me. I guarantee that I can open the door to the palace.”

    Irjarr looked a little hesitant. Lucas continued, “My lord, please believe me. I will definitely be able to open the door to the palace to help you catch that thief.”

    Irjarr looked at Lucas and then at Henry. Finally, he said to him, “If you are willing to help, what I promised previously still holds.”

    Henry sat on the sofa and did not reply to Irjarr. He picked up the bottle of water that was on the table in front of Lucas and said to him, “I think you will agree, right?”

    “Of course not. What kind of person do you think the mighty Lucas is?” Lucas said angrily.

    “Is that so?” The look in Henry’s eyes became odder and odder. Something seemed to be shaking in his eyes, and his pupils became very strange. It was as if there was a mosquito or bug trapped in a glass sphere.

    “Ah!” Lucas immediately felt as though countless worms were gnawing his bones. The pain made his face turn pale as beads of sweat oozed out of his forehead.

    “Despicable… Bastard… You… What did you do to me…” Lucas nearly fainted from the pain as he glared at Henry and barked.

    “Henry, you actually dare to attack my man on my territory?” Irjarrr’s expression turned cold as he stared at Henry.

    But Henry remained indifferent. He placed the bottle in front of Lucas and said calmly, “Do as I say. You won’t die, but this kind of pain will continue until you die. If you don’t believe me, you can seek out others to help you relieve your pain.”

    With that said, Henry got up and bowed slightly to Irjarr. “Dear Mr. Irjarr, I believe I’ll be able to serve you very soon. I’m looking forward to our next meeting.”

    “If I were you, I would immediately relieve the pain in Lucas’ body.” Irjarr waved his hand and immediately, a few Epic experts surrounded him.

    “Mr. Irjarr, I hope you can consider it carefully. Zhou Wen is my Cape family’s enemy, so do you wish to become enemies with the Cape family?” After saying that, Henry strode off and ignored the Epic experts.

    Irjarr gritted his teeth. In the end, he didn’t give any order to attack Henry.

    “Lucas, you know how powerful the Cape family is. They are the uncrowned kings of West District, and we don’t have the ability to fight them yet. You…” After Henry left, Irjarr said to Lucas helplessly as he looked at the small bottle of water.

    Lucas wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and reached out to grab the small bottle.

    Zhou Wen and An Sheng waited in the hotel for news of Lucas. Before long, he rushed back.

    “Lucas, how’re the negotiations?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “I ran back all the way. I’m dying of thirst. Let’s talk after I drink some water.” As Lucas spoke, he sat on the sofa in the living room and began pouring himself a cup of water. After drinking it, he filled it up and poured Zhou Wen and An Sheng a cup.

    “I didn’t manage to get the entry pass to Pluto Temple,” said Lucas as he held a teacup.

    “Is the entry pass to Pluto Temple that precious? Can’t outsiders even take a look?” Zhou Wen said, somewhat surprised.

    “Although I failed to get Pluto Temple’s entry pass, I’ve already discussed it with Lord Irjarr. You can leave the Peninsula of Gods in advance. Pack up and follow me to the airport,” said Lucas.

    “I’m really grateful to you, Lucas. However, we still wish to stay here for some time. We don’t have any plans of leaving for the time being,” Zhou Wen said as he drank a mouthful of water.

    Seeing Zhou Wen drink some water, Lucas heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Since you don’t plan on leaving, can you consider it again? Join me in opening the door to the palace. All the rewards that I mentioned previously will be yours. I don’t want anything. Just treat it as helping me.”

    “Alright, let’s do as we said before. The Companion Eggs will be split equally. The pass will be ours.” Zhou Wen nodded. Since he couldn’t obtain the entry pass of Pluto Temple, getting a few Pluto Temple Companion Eggs and entry passes to the other temples wasn’t too bad.

    Of course, Zhou Wen’s main goal was still to hope that Irjarr and the rest could find the thief. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have the chance to fish in troubled waters.

    “Haha, I knew it. Lucas’s friends are good friends.” Lucas wrapped his muscular arm around Zhou Wen’s neck and laughed loudly.

    Lucas quickly led Zhou Wen and An Sheng to the Curse Demon Palace. It had been sealed off by Irjarr’s men, so no one was allowed to enter without his orders.

    Lucas was naturally an exception. After showing an identification document, he brought Zhou Wen and An Sheng into the Curse Demon Palace.

    As there had been many people rushing into the Cursed Demon Palace to look for traces of the thief, the stone statue creatures had almost been wiped clean.

    Zhou Wen and company walked all the way to a spot close to the door of the palace without encountering any dimensional creatures.

    “Right ahead is the palace’s door. Put this on. Otherwise, even if you accidentally see the girl’s eyes on the door, you will be petrified.” Lucas took out the three pairs of eye masks and gave one each to Zhou Wen and An Sheng. He put on one himself.

    Zhou Wen and An Sheng put on the eye masks before continuing forward.

    Zhou Wen had Truth Listener’s powers, so it wasn’t a problem without his sight. An Sheng was about the same. They remained very agile while wearing the eye masks.

    Only Lucas seemed a little clumsy after putting on the eye mask. Even his footsteps became slow.

    Zhou Wen didn’t rush him. He slowly walked to the door of the palace and groped around the door. He pressed down the girl’s eyes with both hands.

    The door to the palace automatically slid aside, immediately opening.

    “It’s open. You can remove the eye mask,” Zhou Wen said.

    Lucas took off his eye mask and was overjoyed when he realized that the stone door was gone. He took out his phone and stood in front of the door, taking a picture with Zhou Wen and company. He posted it online:

    “The great Lucas and his friends opened the mysterious and terrifying palace door together.”