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Chapter 373 - When Will We Try Lying on the Bed?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 373: When Will We Try Lying on the Bed?

    At first, Jian Qi thought that Tang Jinyu might push her away. To her surprise, he did not react even after a long time. In the end, she really did fall asleep while leaning her head against his shoulder.

    She assumed that the last incident where she fell asleep next to him on the bus was an accident. However, this time around, she did the same thing again.

    In fact, she seemed to be sleeping rather peacefully.

    It appeared that Jian Qi began to have strange reactions after spending a lot of time with this person.

    She did not know how to evaluate this situation.

    Perhaps, she did not even have a clue as to whether it was a good or bad thing.

    The one thing Jian Qi was certain of was that she felt an indescribable sense of security whenever this person was around. It felt as if this person would turn any dangerous situation around and make sure that people around him were safe regardless of what happened.

    Meanwhile, everyone in the cabin rested either with their eyes closed or were quietly gazing out of the window.

    However, Tang Jinyu’s gaze landed upon the young girl who was leaning against his shoulder.

    There was a glimmer in his deep, black eyes that people around could never quite catch sight of. On top of that, his enchanting facial features gave off a somewhat chilly vibe due to his cold personality.

    However, when his hand landed on the young girl’s head to shift her head slightly upward, it seemed like an extremely gentle gesture.

    Apart from Leng Yu, nobody else noticed what just happened.

    However, Leng Yu merely smiled before looking away.

    She knew that she did not have to worry too much about Boss.

    As an overly rational person, perhaps he had too much clarity on what he wanted.

    Moreover, once Tang Jinyu was sure about what he wanted, he would use his own methods to get it. As for the person he liked, he would make her throw herself at him.

    Boss was always serious about being cunning.


    After waking up from her nap, Jian Qi lifted her hand and rubbed her neck. “Instructor Tang, I still think that it feels more comfortable to rest on your chest than on your shoulder. Next time, let me lean against your chest!” She said grumpily.

    Tang Jinyu looked at her coldly.

    “Big Sister Qi, why don’t you say it feels more comfortable to lie on the bed?” Crocodile teased.

    Jian Qi’s eyes lit up. “That’s a wonderful suggestion!” She laughed devilishly.

    When Crocodile saw Jian Qi’s evil smile, he had a bad feeling. Indeed, Tang Jinyu, who was originally looking at Jian Qi, now turned to look at him.

    There was a threatening look in Tang Jinyu’s eyes.

    Lightning felt that Crocodile was a lost cause.

    How many times had this happened before?

    Clearly, Crocodile always fell prey to Big Sister Qi’s tricks. However, he would still respond to such tricks in front of Boss. Lightning truly respected Crocodile’s courage for walking into the lion’s den each time.

    Right then, Crocodile was panicking on the inside.

    “Boss, will we head directly to the anti-terrorism team’s place after getting off the helicopter?” Feng Yi, who was next to them, changed the topic.

    Crocodile had tears of gratitude in his eyes.

    ‘You really are my brother!’

    ‘You’ve just rescued me from a major catastrophe.’

    However, Feng Yi directly ignored Crocodile. ‘I wasn’t doing that to save you!’

    When Tang Jinyu heard Feng Yi’s question, he shifted his gaze away from Crocodile and nodded.

    Thereafter, Tang Jinyu discreetly looked over at Jian Qi.

    In return, Jian Qi smiled sweetly and him before flirting with him in a calm manner. “Instructor Tang, when are we going to give Instructor Crocodile’s suggestion a try?”

    Crocodile. “…”

    Why must Big Sister Qi continue with this topic to mess with him again?

    While everyone around tried to hold in their laughter, they all gave Crocodile a pitiful look.

    ‘Young lady, please be merciful!’

    When Tang Jinyu gazed deeply at the young lady next to him, he noticed her distinct facial features. There was a sense of curiosity in her dark glimmering eyes, which made it appear as if she was serious about the question she asked.

    “Instructor Tang, have you given it a thought? When will we try lying on the bed?” Jian Qi smiled thuggishly.

    Crocodile felt as if his chest had been jabbed yet again.