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Chapter 305 - Scared Her

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 305: Scared Her

    Su Cha, who was in a difficult position, frowned slightly.

    She was thinking about it so seriously that it made one nervous.

    The staff member thought that this would be just a routine notice, but now, he was cautiously waiting for Su Cha's answer. He reminded her, "If you don't move in, it's very likely that the other contestants will have objections about you. Moreover, there are many malicious viewers who will speculate on why you didn't want to stay. They might even spread rumors… In the past, there were contestants who did not move in, and they did not manage to resist the pressure of public opinion and quit the competition."

    If it were someone else, the staff would not have bothered to say so much.

    However, looking at Su Cha, he felt an instinctive fear and had unknowingly explained the disadvantages.

    To be honest, Su Cha did not care about this. However, she thought about it and realized that she had entered the entertainment industry to become famous. The staff had made it clear that living in this group dormitory would give her additional exposure, which would benefit her in the competition. There was no need for her to not follow along.

    Under certain circumstances, she would not need to opt out.

    But Bo Muyi might not be so easy to coax…

    She thought about it for a while and asked, "Even if we're staying here, can we still go home as usual?"

    The staff nodded. "That's fine, but you'll have to apply for leave, and same if you have any projects. After all, if your ranking gets higher, there will be more of that."

    After thinking about it again, Su Cha nodded. "Okay."

    After she gave her agreement to the staff, she returned to the Lookout Pavilion.

    Actually, she could not figure out why the contestants had to stay together. Su Cha felt that there might arise more conflicts between them, but it was very likely that that was what the production crew was hoping for.

    When she arrived home, Su Cha saw Blue Sky lying lazily in the courtyard, shaking its tail. When it saw Su Cha, it immediately stood up and growled at her.

    The roar did not sound murderous, but this was still a ferocious lion catching a person off guard with a roar without any barrier between them. The scene was really scary.

    However, Su Cha was not frightened. Seeing that Su Cha did not respond, Blue Sky shouted and suddenly leaped towards her.

    Su Cha did not move. In an instant, Blue Sky had pounced on Su Cha. She did not even blink.

    There was almost no distance between them. She could even see Blue Sky opening its bloody mouth, but she did not move.


    The moment the lion's mouth was about to bite Su Cha, Blue Sky suddenly stopped. It placed its front paws on Su Cha's shoulders and looked at her.

    She was someone who was not scared, it confirmed.

    Finding that boring perhaps, Blue Sky swung its tail, brought its front paws down to the ground, and walked away slowly.

    Su Cha smiled gently. At this moment, Ah Chen suddenly appeared and lowered his head to Su Cha. "I'm sorry, Miss Su. Blue Sky must have scared you just now."

    "There was nothing to be scared of."

    The smile on Su Cha's lips was not obvious, but there was a cold glint in her eyes. "Ah Chen, a straightforward person does not lie. You were testing me just now. You should have stopped Blue Sky when he rushed over."

    But he did not stop her, which proved that he was testing her.

    Su Cha did not intend to hide anything. She just stood there without fear.

    She did not sense any murderous intent from Blue Sky, nor did it seem hungry.

    It did not intend to attack Su Cha; it just wanted to scare her.