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Chapter 374 - Boss is Keeping His Eye on Her!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 374: Boss is Keeping His Eye on Her!

    As Tang Jinyu looked discreetly at Jian Qi, the deep gaze in his eyes resembled a vortex which seemed as if it could draw a person in.

    “Are you sure?” He asked in a deep voice. There was a hint of danger in his voice.

    “Yeah. When can we do that?” Jian Qi nodded calmly.

    Tang Jinyu continued to stare at her for a long while. “Just you wait!” He finally said.

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Boss, are you being serious?’

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi laughed out loudly. “Don’t make me wait for too long.”

    While still staring at Jian Qi, Tang Jinyu’s smiled so slightly that one could have easily missed it. Out of the blue, Jian Qi sensed a strange feeling from the way he smiled.

    Lightning sighed silently. ‘Big Sister Qi, do you realize that you just dug a hole for yourself to fall into?’

    ‘Tsk, tsk. Boss, you really are a big bad wolf.’

    Lightning could not help but laugh when he looked over a Crocodile who had a solemn expression on his face.

    Cannon fodder…

    He must have been a cannon fodder in his past life!

    Crocodile would probably get beaten up by Boss once they return.

    On the other hand, Feng Yi felt extremely sad that his goddess was falling into an obvious trap.

    Very soon, the helicopter landed somewhere in Germany.

    The group of people, who were joking around at first, now looked serious and sat in an alert manner on their seats.

    Once the helicopter came to a halt, everyone speedily got off and stood in proper lines.

    Right then, two people began walking in their direction from somewhere not too far away.

    “Stay where you are!” Tang Jinyu ordered the group as he turned around and started walking toward the two men.

    By then, the sky had already turned dark. Apart from the colorful military outfit of the two men standing afar, none of their facial features could be clearly soon.

    Jian Qi looked over as her eyes glimmered slightly.

    “Big Sister Qi, what are you looking at? They’re so far away. Can you see them clearly?” Lightning chuckled.

    Jian Qi shifted her gaze away and smiled. “I was checking if they are handsome. Perhaps I could consider having a foreign love affair.”

    Lightning’s mouth twitched.

    ‘Young lady, have you forgotten that you were still flirting with Boss a couple of hours ago?’

    ‘Are you sure you’re not just trying to get into trouble with Boss by looking at other handsome men?’

    “Jian Qi, these men are all very ugly!” Leng Yu exclaimed.

    When Jian Qi heard what Leng Yu said, she could not help but laugh.

    “What an apt conclusion!”

    Jian Qi smiled. “I think Instructor Tang is the most handsome person in the world too!”

    Everyone was impressed by her sudden display of affection.

    However, did she not just mention that she would look for other handsome men?

    To prevent any further gloating, everyone became silent instantly.

    Jian Qi smiled as she shifted her gaze back to the two men standing afar.

    Although she could not see how they looked like clearly, she could identify these two people based on the shape of their bodies and the pictures she had seen from before.

    Very soon, Tang Jinyu returned. Meanwhile, the two men seemed to be waiting for them from afar.

    “We will head over to their base together. Once we reach, everyone should stay in your positions and not run around. Do you hear me?” Tang Jinyu looked at Jian Qi when he asked the question in the end.

    Jian Qi felt an urge to laugh.

    ‘Instructor Tang, do you feel very worried about me?’

    ‘Is it necessary to warn and stare at me in such a way?’

    “Yes!” Everyone answered unanimously.

    However, Tang Jinyu was still a little concerned. “Keep your eyes on her!” He addressed the rest of the group.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Instructor Tang, you are clearly picking on me!’

    She could still accept being monitored by a single person. However, what was the meaning of asking everyone to keep their eyes on her?

    A barely noticeable glimmer appeared in Leng Yu’s eyes. Boss was prepared to keep his eyes on her!