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Chapter 385 - He Broke up With Her For Nothing??

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 385: He Broke up With Her For Nothing??

    Overwhelmed by his recent breakup with Zhen Shanmei, Qi Shan was already quite depressed when he opened the door. Yet, in an instant, he was pulled back to his senses when he saw Su Ye—the good doctor was topless, carrying a shrub of bramble twigs on his bareback.

    Thank God this was in a condominium, otherwise, the nosy citizens and paparazzi would kick up a storm on social media.

    Qi Shan stared at Su Ye with a puzzled look. "Hey, bruh. What are you doing?"

    Then, he crossed his arms over his chest. "I might have lost my manhood but I'm not gay, you know!"

    Qi Shan stared at Su Ye who had been single all his life. Could it be the reason that he hadn't gotten himself a mate all this time was because he was gay? The good doctor was gay?!

    Qi Shan was shocked by this "revelation".


    Su Ye's mouth twitched as he squinted his eyes at Qi Shan. "Haven't you heard of ‘Carrying Thorned Grass and Pleading Guilt'?"


    Qi Shan stared at Su Ye speechlessly as the good doctor pulled out a bramble stick from his back and put it in Qi Shan's hand. "Hit me."


    Qi Shan took a look at the bramble stick before probing cautiously, "Just what is wrong with you, bruh? You're scaring me!"

    Su Ye sighed. "It's my fault that you have to go through all these misfortunes. Yesterday, Boss apprehended Ning Ke and sent her to me. I should have just iced her for what she did, but…"

    Su Ye could not bring himself to speak any further.

    He could not kill Ning Ke since he knew what she had gone through 8 years ago. Still, she had indeed hurt Qi Shan, and to not avenge him was to betray their friendship…

    So, here he was. Carrying a bramble as a punishment.

    Qi Shan was a man who had a clear-cut morality—a man with no notion of a grey area in morality. So, he might hit him until his back broke, but it was fine. He was willing to take the blame for Ning Ke.

    As he was deep in his thoughts, Su Ye saw Qi Shan's eyes suddenly glittering with realization. "I see. Bro, I understand."

    Su Ye lowered his head, not saying a word.

    Then, he heard Qi Shan sigh. "You're a man who's tortured by love too, I see."


    "But how could you fall for a woman who's so wicked and vicious? Nonetheless, since Ning Ke is the love of your life, I won't take it to heart. We're brothers for life, aye? But it's going to be very difficult for us to report to Boss about the outcome of this. Moreover, what if she also poisoned you or something…"


    Su Ye stared at Qi Shan speechlessly.

    Just what the hell was this man was talking about?

    "… so you're not gonna hit me?"

    Letting out another sigh, Qi Shan threw the bramble stick aside. "Oh, come on. What do you take me for? We've served Boss for so many years together, and every time I messed up, you were always there to help me, pleading for Boss to go easy on me. How could I hit you? Although that devil in my ears has already whipped you over a thousand times by now, I could never do that to my bro, right?"


    Seeing that Qi Shan had forgiven him, Su Ye asked, "So, how are you doing today?"

    Qi Shan instantly teared up after hearing this. "I… I don't think I can recover ever again. I'm ruined! Su Ye! Please save me!"

    "Don't worry. No matter how long it takes. 10 years… 20 years… it doesn't matter. I'll do everything in my power to help you!"

    "…bruh, sure. But can you make it faster, though? If you healed me when I'm like, really old, it wouldn't do me any good too!"


    Geez, why was it that when there was a tragedy that befell Qi Shan, it would always turn out to be a comedy?

    Su Ye sighed as he put on his shirt. "Come with me."

    3 hours later.

    At Su Ye's lab.

    The good doctor brought out a lab report as Qi Shan fidgeted uncomfortably on a chair. "So, how is it?"

    Su Ye gave him a brief look before opening his mouth, "There's no more venom detected in your body. You're clean now."


    Qi Shan was shocked after hearing this.

    "No way, I couldn't be healed already!"

    If he was healed, then… did he just break up with Zhen Shanmei for nothing?!