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Chapter 590 - The Types of Pulse Are Too Strange!

Medical Master
     Chapter 590 The Types of Pulse Are Too Strange!

    Fang Qiu took a plane straight to Urumqi in Beijiang.

    When he arrived at the destination and got off the plane, it was already dark.

    Walking out of the airport, Fang Qiu looked at the sky and thought for a while.

    He then got in a taxi directly at the airport gate.

    “Sir, let’s go to Fukang City,” Fang Qiu said.

    Because of the long distance, the taxi finally got on the highway after Fang Qiu bargained with the driver.

    The reason why he went to Fukang was that it was where Highly-skilled Doctor Yu Qing lived.

    Xu Miaolin got the news that Yu Qing had a treasure book about ancient prescriptions.

    When Fang Qiu heard the news, he decided to go to Beijiang to find Yu Qing. Now that he finished what he needed to do in Jiiangjing, he came to Beijiang because he had to go to find Master Yu Qing first.

    They traveled at night. When they arrived at Fukang, it was already dawn.

    On the way, Fang Qiu had already booked the hotel and asked the taxi driver to drive him directly to the hotel.

    Early the next morning, Fang Qiu had breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant after getting up. He then followed the address given by Xu Miaolin and went all the way to Beicheng Development Zone in Fukang.

    Because the place was still developing, the sand and storm in this area were enormous. The tall buildings hadn’t been built yet, so the place made people feel particularly empty.

    After making a few turns, he finally came to a particularly remote street that was not windy or dusty, which made people feel particularly quiet.

    There were lush trees on both sides of the street. Because there were not many people, it looked a little desolate. But it made people feel comfortable with the afternoon sunshine and shade under the trees.

    Fang Qiu walked for a while and saw a group of people standing together not far away as if they were lining up.

    Taking a closer look, Fang Qiu found it was Yu Qing Clinic.

    He arrived at his destination!

    Fang Qiu’s eyes lit up.

    This was the first time that he had seen someone directly use his own name as a clinic’s name.

    Judging from the number of people lining up, Yu Qing Clinic was obviously different from the other clinics in the secluded area. Apparently, it was very popular.

    Fang Qiu went forward and glanced around the crowd.

    He found that among the people in line, some people were of Han nationality, but most of them were Uygurs.

    At this moment, everyone was talking.

    “I’ve come to line up several times, but I still failed to see the doctor.”

    “Alas, there’s nothing we can do. The miracle-working doctor doesn’t see any patients today.”

    “I wouldn’t have come if I knew this would happen.”

    “Since you’re here, let’s just wait and see what might happen.”

    “When will the miracle-working doctor see us?”

    “I heard that he would see patients tomorrow.”

    “Why tomorrow? My illness has been torturing me for so long. I really don’t dare to wait anymore. I can’t wait any longer!”

    The sound of the discussion was heard.

    Hearing the discussion of the crowd, Fang Qiu immediately stepped forward and asked, “Is Yu Qing the miracle-working doctor you’re talking about? Doesn’t he see patients today?”

    As they heard that, the people who were discussing took a look at Fang Qiu from head to toe.

    One of them then said, “Yes, Dr. Yu Qing is the miracle-working doctor here. It’s a pity that he doesn’t see patients often. Most of the time, it is his apprentice who is treating patients. Dr. Yu Qing comes here only twice a month, and it will be the first time of this month tomorrow.”

    “Oh?” Fang Qiu rolled his eyes and said, “This miracle-working doctor is quite arrogant. I wonder if his medical skills are better than his temper.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    A young Uighur man said in mandarin with an accent, “Dr. Yu Qing’s medical skills are the best in Fukang. If his medical skills are not good, why do we line up here?”

    “Yes, young man, you can eat whatever you want, but you can’t talk anything you want.”

    A middle-aged man echoed, “Dr. Yu Qing is a miracle-working doctor. His medical skills are really excellent. Otherwise, no one would call him a miracle-working doctor. What’s more, we would rather wait in line for a few days in order to see Yu Qing. This is enough to prove that he’s really competent.”

    “Yes, the miracle-working doctor is also a really good person.”

    “He has treated one of my relatives once, and it’s very effective.”

    “Not to mention ordinary diseases, even if it’s a difficult and complicated disease, he can still cure it as soon as he starts to treat!”

    Everyone praised Yu Qing.

    Fang Qiu smiled to himself.

    As a highly-skilled doctor, Yu Qing’s medical skills had to be excellent.

    The reason why Fang Qiu asked this was to hear people’s views on Yu Qing. In this way, he could judge whether Yu Qing was a good-tempered person or not.

    After listening for a long time, Fang Qiu only heard people complimenting Yu Qing, but he didn’t hear that the highly-skilled doctor would take the initiative to treat patients or whether he was kind to the patients.

    Thinking about it deeply, he wouldn’t be able to figure it out even if he continued listening.

    Fang Qiu directly stepped forward, wanting to see what was going on in the clinic.

    It turned out that the clinic hadn’t opened yet.

    At this moment, someone shouted, “Hey, what are you doing?

    “If you want to see a doctor, go to the back and line up. Don’t jump in line!”

    Fang Qiu turned around.

    Because he had been wearing a mask all the time, he didn’t bother to explain to them. Therefore, he could only smile and walk to the end to line up.

    Fortunately, he came early.

    It was only 8:15 a.m. There were only a dozen people gathered at the entrance of the clinic. The line was not too long.

    Fang Qiu went to the end of the line.

    He was waiting as listening to people’s conversation.

    At half past eight, the clinic finally opened.

    Fang Qiu still waited in line quietly.

    He wanted to see how the strength of Yu Qing’s apprentice was.

    At the same time, he could see the level of Highly-skilled Doctor Yu Qing’s medical skills. He wanted to see what kind of skills Yu Qing excelled in.

    After waiting for a long while, Fang Qiu could finally see the appearance of the doctor in the clinic when there were still seven or eight people in front of him.

    A young man in his early 30s was sitting at the consultation table. He had a buzz cut. Perhaps because he had been staying in the clinic for a long time, he looked very delicate.

    Fang Qiu had been staring at the young man. After a while, he found that he was very fast while seeing patients.

    What was more, what he said when he was seeing patients was also very concise without a word of nonsense.

    After seeing the patient, he directly wrote the prescription and ordered the medical staff in the clinic to get the medicine.

    Fang Qiu waited in line while watching and listening.

    “Well. As expected, the apprentice of a highly-skilled doctor is not an ordinary person.”

    After watching for a while, Fang Qiu nodded quietly.

    Half an hour later, it was finally Fang Qiu’s turn.

    “Hello, please take a seat.”

    The young man glanced at Fang Qiu and asked, “Is it okay for you to take the mask off?”

    “No, I can’t,” Fang Qiu said.

    “That’s fine as well.”

    The young man nodded and asked, “What ails you?”

    “I feel my heart aches,” Fang Qiu said.

    “Let me feel your pulse first,” the young man said.

    Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate and immediately stretched out his hand.

    The young man began to feel his pulse.

    As soon as the young man felt his pulse, he was stunned right away!

    The way he looked at Fang Qiu also changed in an instant.

    “What the f*ck!” The young man was very shocked. He had never seen such a powerful pulse.

    This type of pulse was amazing. How could it be heart disease?

    The young man frowned. “Based on your pulse, it can’t be heart disease.”

    Fang Qiu knew that the young man had seen through it.

    He smiled right away. Anyway, he was wearing a mask, so the young man couldn’t see it.

    Fang Qiu didn’t admit it.

    He pondered for a while and came up with an idea.

    Fang Qiu then said, “How could it not be? Why don’t you feel my pulse again? Did you feel it wrong just now?”

    “No, I didn’t.” The young man nodded with certainty.

    But still, in accordance with Fang Qiu’s request, he reached out to feel Fang Qiu’s pulse again.

    Right at this moment, Fang Qiu secretly controlled his pulse to change.

    “Hmm?” The young man felt the pulse and his face changed again.

    Fang Qiu’s pulse was indeed different from before.

    “It’s strange. It wasn’t this type of pulse just now. Why has it changed?”

    The young man raised his eyebrows in confusion.

    Then he immediately wrote a prescription.

    After he finished writing the prescription, Fang Qiu picked it up to have a look.

    It was indeed not bad.

    He nodded to himself.

    The strength of this young Chinese Medicine doctor was really strong. No wonder Yu Qing would ask him to stay in the clinic to treat patients.

    “There seems to be something wrong with your prescription.”

    Although he was sure, Fang Qiu didn’t show it. Instead, he said with a smile, “I’ve seen a famous doctor before. His prescription is quite different from yours. Would you like to feel my pulse again and confirm my condition before giving me the prescription?”

    As he heard that, the young man raised his eyebrows, took a deep look at Fang Qiu, and said, “Generally speaking, I won’t make mistakes when seeing patients. If you really doubt it, I can feel your pulse again.”

    Without saying anything, Fang Qiu reached out his hand.

    The young man felt his pulse again.

    This time, his type of pulse was indeed different from before.

    Feeling the difference in Fang Qiu’s types of pulse, the young man was completely confused. “What’s going on?

    “How could a person have three types of pulse?”

    He frowned tightly.

    The young man didn’t dare to give him a prescription anymore. He waited for a while, then felt Fang Qiu’s pulse again. After confirming the condition of the pulse, he rewrote the prescription.

    Fang Qiu had been hiding behind the mask and snickering silently.

    When the young man finished writing the prescription, Fang Qiu picked it up and took a look.

    “That’s not right either.”

    Fang Qiu looked at the prescription with a frown and said, “No, it’s not right. It’s still wrong.”

    “That’s impossible. I just felt your pulse twice and confirmed your condition before I gave you the prescription,” the young man said.

    “It’s really wrong. You can try to feel my pulse again.”

    As he spoke, Fang Qiu stretched out his hand again.

    The young man felt his pulse again speechlessly.

    However, he found that Fang Qiu’s pulse condition had changed again.

    His pulse had become normal. He was not ill at all.

    “What the hell is going on?” The young man was completely stunned!

    “How is it? Can you treat me?”

    Fang Qiu asked, “I heard that this is a miracle-working doctor’s clinic, so I came here to line up to see a doctor. If you can’t treat me, what kind of miracle-working doctor you are?”

    The young man clenched his teeth and took a deep breath.

    “No, this type of pulse is so strange. I can’t damage my master’s reputation. It seems that I have to ask him to come out.”

    “Wait a moment.”

    The young man said to Fang Qiu and then got up directly, walking into the backyard and shouting, “Master, come out and have a look.”

    As the young man called, a nearly 60-year-old man with sharp eyebrows and tiger-like eyes walked out from the backyard, looking dignified but with a kind smile on his face.

    “Master, this person’s pulse is a little strange. I’ve felt his pulse several times, but it’s not right,” the young man walked to him and said.

    “Miracle-working doctor!”

    “The miracle-working doctor came out.”

    Outside the clinic, the patients who were lining up exclaimed one after another.

    At this moment, the old man had walked to the consultation desk and reached out to feel Fang Qiu’s pulse without saying anything.