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Chapter 359 - All Men Say Are Lies (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 359: All Men Say Are Lies (1)

    What she meant was for him to try her dishes, all right!

    Besides, it was the kitchen. And Xu Weilai was still cooking. How could he fool around here? What if Mrs. Lin had seen them, how awkward would that have been!

    Numerous thoughts rushed into her head. Unconsciously, Xu Weilai raised her hands and placed them on the man's chest, trying to push him away.

    Gu Yu went along with her, letting her push him a bit. He kept his arms on the fridge as he looked down. He peered at Xu Weilai, her face as red as a rose, and her eyes were sparkling. The longer he looked, the more intense his gaze grew. Gu Yu's thin lips brushed against the side of her ears as he emphasized each word, "Xu Weilai, I've said before that if I'm not satisfied with the reward, I'm not going to accept it."

    "Since you can't give me a reward that I'm satisfied with, I can only take it by myself."

    As soon as he finished his talking, he hugged Xu Weilai, who tried to escape.


    At first, Xu Weilai put up a short struggle. But, as time flew, her arms fell by her sides, her fingers clutching the apron tied around her waist. Then, unconsciously, she raised her arms again, eventually wrapping them around Gu Yu's back.

    As time elapsed, he leaned his forehead against hers. They were so close to each other that Xu Weilai caught a glimpse of a loving look in his usually expressionless eyes.

    At that moment, she felt that Gu Yu truly loved her.

    Just as she widened her eyes, to get a better look, she smelt something burning. It was the dish she was cooking. Xu Weilai swiftly loosened her hold.

    In an instant, she pushed away Gu Yu. Walking over to the stove, she quickly switched off the gas valve.

    Then, looking at the burnt food in the wok, she glared at the culprit, Gu Yu. Annoyed, she said, "Look, it's all your fault. How can we still eat this now that it's so burnt!"

    But her glare meant nothing. Xu Weilai was pulling his leg, pretending to blame him, when she was only teasing him affectionately, a gesture that was enough to melt anyone's heart.

    "I'll eat it even if it's burnt," Gu Yu said, without hesitation.

    It didn't matter to him if the food was tasty or not; if she cooked it, he'd eat it.


    At first, she was angry with him, but she cooled down instantly after hearing those words. Xu Weilai bit on her lower lip involuntarily, trying to control her lips from curving up.

    Then, with feigned annoyance, she gushed, "Get out, don't disturb me when I'm cooking."

    She pushed him out of the kitchen as she spoke.

    Since he had got his reward, Gu Yu complied, perfectly content to let her push him out of the kitchen.

    If he had remained by her side, there was no telling if he wouldn't want to receive more rewards!


    And just as he had promised, Gu Yu finished all the dishes that Xu Weilai had prepared, including the burnt one.

    Gu Yu's willingness to keep his word made Xu Weilai very happy. As she prepared to go to bed that night, she watched the man walk towards the sofa as he always did after a shower. Without much thought, she casually said to him.

    "Gu Yu, do you want to sleep on the bed?"

    Abruptly, the man stopped in his tracks. His eyes darkened.

    Xu Weilai realized that she could not take it back what she had just said. In an instant, her limbs felt numb for some inexplicable reason. She could feel Gu Yu's eyes staring at her. Her eyes flickered about the room, completely unable to meet his gaze.

    Gu Yu was by her side in a few quick steps. In the next second, his slender fingers pinched her chin and lifted it. Their eyes met.

    It was as if there was a dark void within those eyes. As Xu Weilai gazed at them, she felt that she was about to get sucked in, and couldn't help but surrender to those eyes.