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Chapter 386 - Tragedy

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 386: Tragedy


    Su Ye was stunned in a daze of confusion when Qi Shan grabbed his arm, shouting, "No, it can't be! I'm a eunuch now! A eunuch!!!"

    "Well, perhaps you're just scaring yourself. It's psychological, you know. The more you think you've lost it, the more it feels that way."

    "But… but why did I feel so hot yesterday? It felt as though my skin was burning!"

    "Perhaps you turned on the heater too high."


    Su Ye glanced at him before asking, "Could it be that… you… have always been…"

    "No! Of course my little one can go erect! Just what did you mean by that, huh?!"

    "… No. I didn't mean to say anything."

    "No, you were clearly hinting that I have always been a man who can't get erect!"


    Suddenly, Qi Shan grabbed Su Ye's arm. "I don't care. I've always been able to get erect like a golden spear on a stormy battlefield! You must take responsibility!"


    Su Ye stared at Qi Shan in bewilderment.

    This… sounded really weird, coming from Qi Shan. Well… he had been researching Qi Shan's little brother for a few days now anyway, so this had all turned out so very wrong indeed.

    The two of them stood in the lab for a long while before Qi Shan opened his mouth again. "So, are you gonna prescribe some meds for me? Just to see if I can still get an erection."


    After pondering for a while, Su Ye went to a cupboard nearby to get two pills for him. "Take one pill first. Then, observe for 30 minutes. If it doesn't rise like a flag, take the second pill."


    It was the weekend, so there was no need for him to report to work. Thus, Qi Shan went straight back home.

    Upon reaching home, the day had gotten dark. To ensure that his sex life would be completely recovered, Qi Shan quickly swallowed the first pill. A moment later, his body started to heat up. Yet, perhaps it was because he was too nervous, but he could not get erect after waiting for 10 minutes.

    Ignoring Su Ye's advice, he quickly took the second pill.

    Half an hour later…

    Su Ye received a message from Qi Shan: [Weep~~! Please help me!!!]

    Su Ye: [??]

    Qi Shan: [My peepee stood up and stayed there like a steel pillar! It refuses to go down now!]

    Su Ye: […]

    Qi Shan: [What should I do now? Please! You've gotta help me!]

    Su Ye: [???]

    Help him? How?!

    Qi Shan seemed to have noticed that homoerotic subtext in his previous text and quickly added: [Please help think of something to solve this.]

    Su Ye: [Should I go ask your girlfriend to visit you?]


    Recalling what had happened earlier that day, Qi Shan really wanted to weep loudly now.

    He had broken up with Zhen Shanmei because he thought he would not able to get an erection ever again. Yet now, he was as hard as a mountain, but she was not his girlfriend anymore!

    Lying on his bed in sorrow, Qi Shan picked up his phone and sent Zhen Shanmei a WeChat Friend Request with a message: [Can I take back that decision to break up this morning?]

    Zhen Shanmei: [Sure, you can. Just use a time machine to turn back time.]


    That entire night, Qi Shan felt as though he was trapped in a gulf of everlasting fire.

    Still, the good news was he did not get poisoned to the point of no return. Thus, after enduring the side effects of the pills the whole night, Qi Shan hopped out of bed and drove straight to Zhen Shanmei's home.

    However, when he arrived, he was not allowed through the gate.

    As he was knocking on the gate, Qi Shan received a new message from Su Ye: [Take care. Try not to mess up at work. And take good care of Boss.]

    Qi Shan had a hunch that something bad was about to happen when he read the message. He quickly gave Su Ye a call, but the good doctor had switched off his phone.