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Chapter 361 - Just A Little More Courage (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 361: Just A Little More Courage (1)


    Back then, she had spoken casually without thinking. Remembering what she said, however, he had been working hard at it the entire time.

    At that moment, the walls of her heart constricted violently. She knew that she had already been shaken beyond control, and perhaps… she was about to surrender soon.

    She couldn't bring herself to remain dispassionate when faced with this side of Gu Yu. She was falling even deeper than before.

    "Soon," she whispered. Her voice was extremely soft; it was almost as if she was talking to herself.

    Gu Yu apparently heard her, and the corners of his lips curled upward in a smile. He planted a gentle kiss between her brows and replied, "I'll wait, Xu Weilai."

    Xu Weilai rested her cheek against the man's chest and listened to his steady heartbeat. She thought to herself that she wasn't going to make him wait for long. She just needed a little more courage to move past the knots in her heart.


    In the Gu Corporation CEO's office…

    Assistant Lin knocked on the door of the office a few times before pushing it open and walking in.

    He first handed over the documents that needed to be signed by Gu Yu, then waited until Gu Yu was done with his signature before bringing up the next issue. "Mr. Gu, will you be attending the banquet tomorrow night?"

    Gu Yu was often invited to various banquets, but he had never indicated any interest in attending. Most of the time, he simply turned the invitation down. If it couldn't be turned down, he'd turn up for a symbolic show of face and leave soon after.

    Therefore, Assistant Lin was simply asking for courtesy's sake. However, he already knew Gu Yu would reject the invitation.


    "Alright, got it…" Assistant Lin suddenly choked on his instinctive answer. His eyes widened in shock as he asked, "Did you just say ‘sure'?"

    The banquet taking place the next day was for a group of celebrities to get together to flatter each other and network. Given that, it seemed to be a very ordinary banquet. Why had he agreed to it?

    Had the sun risen from the west?

    Gu Yu raised his head and glanced at him. "Do I need to repeat myself?" he asked.

    Assistant Lin trembled and quickly shook his head. "Not at all," he replied. "I'm just… a little surprised…"

    Leaving aside the fact that he usually wasn't interested in such events, Gu Yu had been arriving to work late and leaving early every day. He even skipped work every now and then just to spend as much time as possible with his wife. Why was he agreeing to waste his time on a banquet like this?

    No wonder Assistant Lin was surprised!

    Gu Yu put his pen down and leaned back against his chair. With a lift of his chin, he explained, "Networking is crucial; as long as it's within reason, I should make a point to take part in it."

    This man preferred everyone to stay a mile away from him, but he now was saying he needed to network? Why did his explanation sound so strange?

    Assistant Lin did not dare to question him. Out of a sense of duty, he simply asked Gu Yu, "As for your plus one—"

    Gu Yu interrupted him immediately. "I'll be bringing my wife with me."

    He understood right away.

    Networking, his *ss! It was utter bullsh*t!

    Young Mistress refused to allow him to announce their marriage, so he had no choice but to settle for the next best thing: parading Xu Weilai through his circle first, silently staking his territory. He wanted everyone to know that he had resumed his relationship with Xu Weilai…

    Wow, what a shameless guy!

    Why did he have to flaunt his relationship so often? Couldn't he spare a thought for a pitiful single man like him?

    Assistant Lin asked sullenly, "Mr. Gu, has Young Mistress agreed to go? What if she doesn't want to…?"

    "Huh? Are you hoping that she won't want to go?" Gu Yu said softly with a slight smile on his lips. However, the look in his eyes was as cold and bleak as the autumn wind.

    Assistant Lin hurriedly shook his head as he said, "Not at all. I misspoke. I'm sure Young Mistress will be more than willing to attend the banquet with you! You both look so good together! You're a match made in heaven. I'm sure you'll be the most noticeable couple at the banquet!"