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Chapter 2

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 2: I'm Excited


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    He didn't know how long had passed, but when Lin Fan opened his eyes, the scene that welcomed him knocked him off his feet.


    "Where am I? Where did you bring me?"

    He squinted his eyes and looked toward the desolate land that was a distance away from him. Lin Fan sneered.

    "Wow, that explosion brought me this far, huh? But that's good. They will think I'm dead, and I'm now free to go anywhere I want."

    Lin Fan giggled, revealing both rows of his pearly white teeth.


    Within no time, the picture that Lin Fan was anticipating appeared in his mind.

    "Name: Lin Fan.

    "Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage One (+).

    "Experience Points: 100


    "Points: 30"


    "Oh lord, this is so damn cool." If any others were to be placed in Lin Fan's position, they would definitely be shocked, confused, or even terrified, but this was Lin Fan, whose adaptability was extraordinary. All he focused on was how it was mandatory for a handsome guy like him to have a hack.




    But when Lin Fan saw that the cultivation was only at Body Tempering Stage One, he rolled his eyes.

    "Eh, what's the plus sign right behind the cultivation?" Lin Fan blinked his eyes and pressed on it lightly.

    Something incredible happened.

    "Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Two (+).

    "Experience Points: 0"


    "What is this…?" Lin Fan breathed out. He felt a current of energy flowing through his body, and he seemed to have gained more strength.

    Lin Fan clenched his fist.



    Lin Fan cackled. He felt as if he was standing on top of the world.


    But soon, he realized that something was out of the place.

    The experience points were 0 at the start, increased to 100 within a short period of time, and were back at 0.


    Noises could be heard from afar.

    Lin Fan crouched behind a rock and peeped over it. He could not believe what came into his sight.


    He took a quick glance around himself only to realize that there was no way out.

    If he met them face-to-face, it would not be fatal for him since he could just revive, but Lin Fan wanted freedom, not to be captured alive.


    An idea popped up in Lin Fan's head. His eyes shone with determination, and with all his strength, he banged his head against the rock.


    "Wow, Lin Fan, you're so dope!"


    Blood flowed out of his head, and he tried to get every drop of it.

    He wiped the blood all over himself and lay on floor motionlessly with his tongue stuck out, pretending to be dead.


    The noises got closer.

    "Let's go. The Magnificent Flame Sect people are all mad. How is it possible that we were defeated?"

    "What in the world is going on?"


    "Look, a Magnificent Flame Sect disciple who's dead."

    "These disgusting people. I hope he does not die in peace!"

    Lin Fan felt a blade stuck right into his flesh.

    But even so, he remained motionless.


    Suddenly, a sentence flashed through his mind.


    "This evil disciple of Magnificent Flame Sect, I'm going to turn you into diced meat!"

    "C'mon. Let's get going."

    "One attack each will be enough."



    And then, a tragedy took place; every madman who passed by gave him a slash on his "dead body."


    Fortunately, he gained more experience points.




    However, it took ten seconds for Lin Fan to revive. He would be considered dead in the meantime, and whoever gave him a slash during that period would not grant him experience points.

    A few moments passed.

    The noises got lower and lower.

    Lin Fan immediately opened up his eyes and caressed his head.



    Lin Fan pressed the plus sign beside the cultivation again, but to no avail.

    A breeze blew past, causing Lin Fan to shudder.

    He looked down to see that his clothes were torn into pieces.



    The next minute, he took back all his words.

    Hiding behind the rock, he could see everything that was taking place right in front of him. He did a u-turn without hesitation.