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Chapter 10

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 10: No, Junior Brother

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    Qiu Li stared at the odd-looking metallic ball in his hand that was green in color with white lines drawn across it. Surprise was written all over his face.

    Seeing how anxious Lin Fan looked, Qiu Li knew that it was a good item.

    "Give it back." Lin Fan glared at Qiu Li angrily.

    "Give it back?" Qiu Li sneered. "Impossible. Whatever is in my hands is mine."

    Lin Fan gritted his teeth. "It's nothing good. It's actually quite useless."

    "Hehe, no matter what it is, it's still mine." Qiu Li grinned.

    "Speak up. Tell me what it is. If you don't, then I'll have to take your life, but if you do, I will let you live."

    Lin Fan turned green and looked at Qiu Li pitifully. "I beg you, please return it to me or you will regret it."


    Qiu Li burst out in laughter. "Regret? I, Qiu Li, do not know what regret is. What makes you think that you are so great that you could make me regret anything? Speak up or I'll send you to hell."


    "Don't kill me, please," Lin Fan stammered.

    Qiu Li smiled at him, pleased. "Oh, okay, but you need to tell me what's inside."

    A glint of hope could be seen in Lin Fan's eyes. "Do you mean it?"


    "I, Qiu Li, never go back on a promise. I swear to god that I will not kill you." Qiu Li put up his hand and swore, grinning.


    Lin Fan bit his lips. He pondered for a moment before letting out a sigh. "Okay, I'll speak. That is my heirloom…. Eighty years ago, my grandpa saved the life of a powerful individual. He was grateful for my grandpa's help, so he left three of those items behind before he left. After my grandpa took some, he immediately broke through to the Earth Star Border Realm. He was the best among his generation too, but sadly…"

    Lin Fan started spouting nonsense.


    Qiu Li's eyes lit up upon hearing the story. He was excited and couldn't wait to get it open.

    "Enough, I want to know how to open it."

    "Wait." Lin Fan raised a hand. "Please hear me out, so that you will remember my grandpa's legend if you become an elite later."

    But Qiu Li could wait no more.

    It wasn't an easy task to break through to the Earth Star Border Realm from the Body Tempering Realm.

    The difficultly could not be expressed by words. One must experience it themselves.

    But with such a precious treasure, how hard could it possibly be?

    Qiu Li gave Lin Fan a death glare upon realizing that.

    "You just need to pull the ring attached to it and it will unlock itself after a few seconds. It's a precious treasure after all. But if you are afraid that I'm lying, then I could do it for you." Lin Fan was afraid that Qiu Li would be smart enough to guess that the grenade was a dangerous item, thus he volunteered to open it for him.

    "Hehe, open it for you? Don't think I am not aware of what you are thinking. Trying to swallow the pill before your death, right?" Qiu Li laughed.


    Lin Fan's face changed, and he yelled at him. "You're going back on your promise!? You said that you would not kill me!"

    "Haha." Qiu Li was currently in a good mood upon getting his hands on the "precious treasure." "I won't, as I have sworn, but my disciples never said that they wouldn't do anything."

    "You…!" Lin Fan looked at him in fury.

    Qiu Li pulled the ring and there was a clicking sound. He stared at the grenade and waited for something to happen.

    The disciples started to crowd around him, eyes filled with anticipation. "Senior brother, could you let us take a look too?"


    "Yes, but you can only look. It's mine." Qiu Li glared at them.

    "Yes, junior brothers understand. We only want a look. Only senior brother is worthy of this precious pill."

    The crowd gathered excitedly. The name "Emperor Earth Star Border Calming Pill" sounded extremely powerful.


    The group stared at the grenade with their doe eyes.

    Lin Fan looked at them in anticipation.

    "Exploded… blast these idiots to their death."



    Back on the main road, Lu Qiming looked toward where he last saw Lin Fan. "Why is Junior Brother Lin not yet back?"

    "I have no idea," Zhang Long replied. "Did he get into trouble? And why are the Sunshine Sect disciples not here yet?"

    "Did Senior Brother Lin run off cause he was scared?" Some disciples suspected him.

    "Shut your mouth. Junior Brother Lin is not somebody like that. If you continue to speak nonsense, I'll slap you." Lu Qiming glared at them.


    Just then, they heard an explosion.

    The crowd turned pale.

    "Oh no, that's where Junior Brother Lin went. Let's go." Hearing that sound, Lu Qiming panicked and went over with the crowd.


    "Haha, idiots. I mean real idiots. Is this fun? Or exciting?" Lin Fan stood up. He was feeling dizzy because Qiu Li had just sent him flying, but it was too exciting for him to not take a look.

    The Sunshine Sect disciples were all dumbfounded. An explosion suddenly took place, and their senior brothers were sent flying off.

    Lin Fan was extremely happy.

    Points +60

    Points +50

    Points +60


    The grenade killed many Body Tempering Stage Five and Stage Six cultivators.

    "Wow, you survived?" Lin Fan stared at Qiu Li in shock.

    Qiu Li vomited blood again.

    "How does it feel?" Lin Fan asked, grinning from ear to ear. "How did that pill taste? I told you to not touch it or you would regret it, but you turned a deaf ear to me. How do you feel right now?

    "I, Lin Fan, am not like a mouse. I do things justly and honorably. I told you that it was dangerous and you would regret it, but you chose to not listen. Who am I to blame?"


    "You…" Qiu Li stared at Lin Fan with his bloodshot eyes. He never expected that he would be tricked.

    If he was not a Body Tempering Stage Eight cultivator, he would be like his other junior brothers who had turned into ashes right now.

    "Catch him! I am going to torture him to death!" Qiu Li commanded weakly.

    Lin Fan realized that the situation wasn't in his favor right now.

    He then waved his hands and snickered. "No need for you all to do anything. I, Lin Fan, will never die by your dirty hands!"

    Lin Fan prepared to commit suicide.

    He placed the broadsword on his neck, ready to end his life.

    "Junior brother, don't! Senior brother is here." Lu Qiming came over. They didn't expect to hear such things as soon as they arrived. Some were so touched that they even burst into tears.


    Especially those who thought that Lin Fan was running off. They were feeling guilty. They never would have thought that their Senior Brother Lin would rather commit suicide than die under the hands of the Sunshine Sect disciples.

    Now, they were all in awe, yet ashamed of themselves.

    "Holy hell!"

    Lin Fan did not know whether he should laugh or cry.