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Chapter 13

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 13: Sleep is for the Weak


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    Lin Fan immediately gave up on the Mortal skills creation guide book. It made no difference whether he had it or not. Luckily, he still had 700 points left, so he could continue drawing.

    The lottery draw was an addictive thing.


    Lin Fan wasn't a gambling addict, but he had gotten many interesting prizes from his previous draws, so he was rather excited.

    "Let me draw another one that costs 100 points."

    Points -100

    Bronze lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    "Darn it!"

    Lin Fan felt his heart hurting.

    "Okay, two at once."

    Points -300

    Points -300

    Silver lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    Lin Fan did a double-take.


    "Okay, okay… give me back my points!"

    But what could Lin Fan do? He had already wasted the points.

    He sighed, not wanting to even see the next prize.

    Silver lottery: Mortal high-class refinement medicine – Liger Pill



    Lin Fan's eyes widened in shock. Tears flowed down his cheek in happiness.

    Seeing the pill in his hands, Lin Fan took it without hesitation. He didn't know what it was for, but it didn't matter.

    "It's such a strong pill." As soon as Lin Fan took the pill, he felt his body temperature increasing rapidly. He started to train the Body Refinement Technique and fused it with the pill's effects.

    Experience Points +50

    Experience Points +50


    When he got to 16000 experience points, the number stopped increasing.


    Lin Fan opened his eyes in shock. He never expected that a pill would earn him so many experience points. He clicked on the plus sign without hesitation.

    Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Six (+)

    Experience Points: 0


    Lin Fan could feel changes taking place in his body. He got stronger and heard his bones cracking, getting stronger as well.

    "Hehe." Lin Fan grinned from ear to ear.


    The sky was still dark, but Lin Fan was feeling energized.

    Lin Fan sat up cross-legged and started to practice the Body Refinement Technique again.

    Experience Points +1

    It might've increased by only a small amount each time, but it went quickly.

    After some time, Lin Fan's body started to feel weak, as if he had used too much energy and needed some rest.

    Had he not gone through what he did today, Lin Fan probably take a rest, but now, there was no way he could.

    "Sleep is for the weak. Time to party." Lin Fan grabbed the broadsword without any hesitation and slashed it across his neck.


    Deadly and difficult? Lin Fan wasn't afraid at all.

    Experience Points +10

    Ten seconds passed.

    Lin Fan opened his eyes. He felt refreshed, and the sleepiness was all gone.


    "Immortality is indeed awesome." Lin Fan realized that his talent was great.

    Soon, it was morning.

    Lin Fan stopped cultivating and checked on his Experience Points. There was about 8000 now.

    Suddenly, Lin Fan heard footsteps.

    Lu Qiming walked in. Seeing Lin Fan getting down from the bed, he went up to stop him immediately. "Junior Brother Lin, take a good rest. You are still injured."

    "I'm okay, Senior Brother." Lin Fan smiled. "The pill that Senior Brother Yin fed me is extremely dope! I'm feeling full of energy right now."


    Lu Qiming turned to Lin Fan, unable to believe his ears.

    "Junior Brother Lin…"

    Yin Xiaotian and Gao Dazhuang arrived. Yin Xiaotian held a lunch box in his hands and passed it to Lin Fan. "Junior Brother, drink up. I made this herbal soup for you. There might be ingredients missing, but it's good for your health."

    "Thank you, Senior Brother." Lin Fan smiled.


    Just then, Zhang Long came too with another lunch box. Upon seeing the rest, he was slightly shocked. "You guys are here too?" Zhang Long then turned to Lin Fan. "Junior Brother, this is some turkey soup that I made with the turkey I just caught. Drink up, it can help boost your energy."


    "Thanks, Senior Brother."

    "I did not expect Junior Brother Zhang to be so caring." Yin Xiaotian smiled.

    "Senior Brother Yin, we might not be close, but I treat Junior Brother Lin like one of my own." Zhang Long turned to Yin Xiaotian.


    "Oh, really? I remember that, back at the training ground, Junior Brother Zhang seemed to have a few comments about Junior Brother Lin." Yin Xiaotian and Zhang Long weren't on good terms.

    "You…" Zhang Long wasn't good with his words. He basically solved everything with his fists.

    Gao Dazhuang stepped out in front of Yin Xiaotian. "You wanna go?"

    Seeing this, Lin Fan jumped out to stop the fight.