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Chapter 14

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 14: Declaration

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    Under the witness of both parties, Lin Fan had no choice but to drink up the two bowls of soup.

    "Junior Brother Lin has recovered at such a fast speed. I see that Senior Brother Yin's pill was indeed useful," Zhang Long said.

    Yin Xiaotian nodded. "Junior Brother Lin is extremely healthy too, or else he wouldn't have healed so quickly even with a sacred medicine."

    Lin Fan smiled proudly. "Of course, my body is made out of metal. I don't even flinch the slightest when I get injured. I am still able to remain lively the next day."

    "Indeed a Magnificent Flame Sect disciple. That's the spirit."

    A deep voice rang across Lin Fan's room.

    "Senior Brother Lu, Senior Brother Fang." The crowd looked toward the door upon hearing the voice.

    Lu Daosheng came into the room with Fang Qing, both wearing a smile on their faces.

    Even though it came at a heavy price, they won the battle yesterday.

    Fang Qing looked at Lin Fan and nodded. "Senior Brother Lu, Junior Brother heard about the incident that occurred yesterday. I never expected that Junior Brother Lin would be so brave that he would go against such a large number of Sunshine Sect disciples. He even chose to commit suicide than die under their hands."

    Fang Qing could not believe that he had overlooked such a talent.

    Hearing the praise, Lin Fan shook his head. "Nah, that wasn't really a brave act. But I'm really lucky that I survived yesterday."

    "Junior Brother Lin did great yesterday. I will remember this," Lu Daosheng said. "After we return to the sect, I will report this to the sect leader. We value brave disciples."

    Lin Fan smiled thinly. "Senior Brother, as a Magnificent Flame Sect disciple, it's my job to protect our territory. I'm not doing it for rewards, that's just what a Magnificent Flame Sect disciple is supposed to do."

    Lin Fan rolled his eyes secretly.

    Lu Qiming and the rest nodded. To them, what Lin Fan said made a lot of sense.

    It was something that they might not be able to say themselves, but they took note of it.

    "Junior Brother Lin should be feeling way better right now." Lu Daosheng turned to Lin Fan. "I was thinking that we should let Junior Brother Lin speak in front of all the disciples and spread his spirit. What do all of you think?"

    Lu Qiming grinned. "That's great!"

    Yin Xiaotian nodded. "Junior Brother Lin is courageous, we should let the sect know about it."

    Lin Fan stared at them blankly.

    "I don't think it's a good idea," Lin Fan replied humbly.

    But Lu Daosheng did not give Lin Fan a chance to reject. "Alright, we should do it now. Our disciples have constantly been beaten during the war with the Sunshine Sect. We need to motivate them so they can go against the Sunshine Sect with the best of their ability."

    Hearing that, Lin Fan knew that it was set. He actually somehow felt excited.


    On the training ground, Lu Daosheng sent an order down, gathering all the disciples.

    The victory gave them a lot of encouragement, but they were also sad about the loss of their companions too.

    Back at the sect, they cultivated and practiced all day. Even though there were some injuries and blood, it was peaceful. Only during the war did they realize how cruel life was. One might be here and gone the next day.

    Lu Daosheng went on stage and looked down at the crowd. "Yesterday, we won the battle with the Sunshine Sect. It was a tough fight, and we lost some of our comrades during the battle. However, yesterday, the Sunshine Sect tried to raid Tianfeng City too. A thousand of our disciples were sent to fight the Sunshine Sect, and one of them, Lin Fan, went against the whole Sunshine Sect troop alone without fear. He was even prepared to commit suicide instead of dying under their hands. His courage and fearless spirit deserve to be recognized."

    Lin Fan was slightly embarrassed by Lu Daosheng's praise, but he looked up with pride because, technically, Lu Daosheng was speaking the truth.

    The disciples below the stage turned to each other.

    They heard about the battle yesterday.

    The battle that was deemed as having a 10% survival chance turned out to be a huge victory for them. They had heard about Lin Fan too, but they didn't know what he looked like.

    Lin Fan walked up the stage slowly.

    Looking at the crowd below the stage, Lin Fan started experiencing a sense of the heebie-jeebies.

    He coughed and looked at the crowd sternly.

    "Dear junior brothers and senior brothers, I am Lin Fan."

    Suddenly, Lin Fan felt many pairs of eyes staring at him in anticipation. Lin Fan felt slightly embarrassed.

    He stood up straight.

    The training ground was in total silence as everyone present stared at Lin Fan, anticipating his speech.

    Lin Fan gulped seeing their gazes.

    Gao Dazhuang scooted closer to Yin Xiaotian. "What is Junior Brother Lin trying to do?"

    Yin Xiaotian did not even take his eyes away from Lin Fan. "He's trying to get into the mood. Just wait and see."

    "Oh… oh." Gao Dazhuang nodded.

    On the other hand, Lin Fan finally thought of his speech. He took a deep breath and looked straight at the crowd, turning the atmosphere solemn.

    All of a sudden, everyone present felt it. They looked at Lin Fan with anticipation while waiting for him to continue.

    "As disciples, we are obliged to protect our nation against the Sunshine Sect at all costs. Every inch of our homeland matters, and we won't give up no matter what obstacles we face. We must always be willing to sacrifice ourselves."

    Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

    "I'll exchange my life for the sect.

    "I'll sacrifice my all for the sect that I so deeply love."

    Just before Lin Fan was about to add something else, he heard a voice booming across the training ground.

    "Well said!" Lu Daosheng's eyes were red. As an Earth Star Border disciple, he was here leading his fellow junior brothers out to war to protect his nation and sect. Lin Fan's words had touched him.

    Lin Fan stared at him speechlessly.