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Chapter 16

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 16: Self-Made Skill Set

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    Lin Fan stopped at an isolated place. He was still in the area that was guarded by the Magnificent Flame Sect though; it was hard to leave the place unless one could fly.

    With Lin Fan's speed, even if he could run, he wouldn't be able to escape.

    Lin Fan took out his pen and started to record down the routes that he tried.

    Since he failed once, he would take another route.

    Lin Fan felt his blood boiling up, but in a less intense way.

    His body exploded immediately.

    Lin Fan could not feel pain, but he could not help but roll his eyes.


    Experience Points +10

    Lin Fan sighed.

    What Lin Fan was unaware of was that, among a human's meridians, some were not to be touched as it would be fatal. Anyone who was creating a skill set would definitely not touch these meridians.

    Those who were able to create a skill set were all knowledgeable, experienced, and powerful. If they didn't meet these criteria, how could they create their own skills?

    What Lin Fan was doing now was experimenting with different paths one by one. He was basically just brute-force guessing the most suitable way.


    Lin Fan woke up after a moment. He might've been immortal, but constantly dying wasn't exactly pleasant. In fact, it was rather torturous in its own way.

    Others learned and picked things up from their elders, but all Lin Fan could do was guess and find the most rudimentary way of creating a skill set.

    Time flew past.

    The paper was filled with Lin Fan's recordings. Lin Fan was pleased with how things were turning out.


    "I'm lucky to have reached the fourth step. Let's work harder, I'm sure I'll be able to succeed soon." Lin Fan smiled in confidence.

    With all the experience he had gained, Lin Fan was confident that it would work out.

    "Let's go."

    Lin Fan felt his blood boiling, and there were changes taking place to his body.

    "What the hell, oh my, stop. Oh lord." Lin Fan looked down and realized his chest was expanding.


    Even though Lin Fan could not feel the pain, he knew that his chest was expanding. He took the broadsword and killed himself without waiting for his chest to explode.


    Experience Points +10

    Even so, Lin Fan was still excited about it because he believed that, with his self-created skill, he would be able to reach the top of the world.

    Sounds of explosions could be heard constantly.

    If there were anyone around, they would have already jumped out of their skins.

    Quite some time had passed.

    Lin Fan was starting to get a bit dizzy. He had already forgotten how many times he had died.

    All he knew was that he had ten thousand experience points currently.


    "Let's go!" Lin Fan gave himself a pat and started to cultivate.

    This was the only route left.

    He could feel that many changes had taken place in his body – something that cultivating the Body Refinement Technique could not achieve.

    All of a sudden, a line of words appeared on the Mortal skills creation guide book, which disappeared into his body.

    "Undying Refinement of Bone: expansion of the body and indestructible bones. Experience Points +2

    "Mortal middle-class."

    "Oh my!" Lin Fan watched the words appear and heaved a sigh of relief.

    Lin Fan started to tear up.


    Lin Fan went back to cultivating with confidence. No matter what, he had already made it halfway through.

    Time flew past.

    The sky was now dark.

    Even so, Lin Fan never gave up.


    Meanwhile, Lu Qiming had been looking for Lin Fan since noon. He had been waiting for his return, but it was now dark, yet he did not see Lin Fan anywhere. This made Lu Qiming start panicking.

    The next day, the sun was high in the sky.

    And the place that Lin Fan was staying was dyed red with blood.

    The piece of paper lying on the floor showed records of many cultivating routes, but none led to success.

    "No, that's enough. I am about to vomit." Lin Fan could take it no more. After a day of experimenting and self-explosions that got Lin Fan nothing, he was extremely beat.

    "I'll just cultivate with the Undying Refinement of Bone first and try out the rest later." Lin Fan comforted himself.