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Chapter 17

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 17: Best Chance

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    Lin Fan stood up, grinning from ear to ear, but it felt oddly cold.

    It then dawned on Lin Fan that his clothes were destroyed from the explosions. Now, he was naked.


    Lin Fan looked around to search for materials to cover up, but there was nothing here other than grass and trees.

    Back in the temporary camp of the Magnificent Flame Sect, Lu Qiming had been searching everywhere for Lin Fan, but there hadn't been any news of him, which worried Lu Qiming.

    Different tragic scenarios kept playing in his mind.

    As the images played in Lu Qiming's head, he broke out in a cold sweat.

    "Where are you, Junior Brother Lin!?" Lu Qiming yelled, making his fat shake. Determination could be seen in his eyes as he went off, continuing his search for Lin Fan. "Junior Brother, I'll find you. Wait for me!"

    "Senior Brother, I'm right here," a faint voice came from a bush a distance away. Lu Qiming jumped up in glee and ran toward it.

    "Junior Brother, are you alright?" Lu Qiming asked as soon as he saw Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan shuddered under Lu Qiming's stare. "Senior Brother, what are you looking at?"

    Lu Qiming's stare seemed lustful, making Lin Fan slightly awkward.


    "Junior Brother, where are your clothes?" Lu Qiming asked.

    Lin Fan definitely could not answer truthfully, thus he plastered on a frown and sighed. "How would I know? I just went for a bath, and when I came back, all my clothes were gone!"

    "It's fine. As long as you are fine." Knowing that Lin Fan was safe, Lu Qiming heaved a sigh of relief.


    "Junior Brother, let's go back. I'll get you some clothes." Lu Qiming patted him and walked off, leading the way.

    "But…" Lin Fan wanted to say more, but Lu Qiming was already gone. He increased his pace and tried to catch up.

    On their way back, they met a group of female disciples.


    Seeing Lin Fan, the girls started making a commotion.

    "Isn't that Senior Brother Lin?"

    Yesterday, Lin Fan's words warmed many hearts. He was soon deemed a real man among the girls.

    Moreover, Lin Fan was in Body Tempering Stage Six; he was no doubt muscular and buff, which captured the girls' hearts.

    Some even catcalled Lin Fan.

    "Woohoo, Senior Brother Lin's in good shape!"

    "What happened to him? Did he do something illegal?"

    "Look at Senior Brother Lin, he's acting so feminine, like someone's wife!"


    Lin Fan heard all the teasing, but out of all of them, looking like someone's wife made Lin Fan turn red in anger.



    "Senior Brother Lin is a pervert!"

    Shrieks could be heard, and within no time, the girls were all gone, blushing from embarrassment.

    Lin Fan chuckled as he watched them run off.


    Hearing them, Lu Qiming looked back at Lin Fan. "Junior Brother Lin, are you okay?"

    Lin Fan grinned from ear to ear and shook his head. "Nothing much, Senior Brother, let's get going."



    Back at his room, Lin Fan finished changing, and he was currently sitting on his bed.

    Lu Qiming left shortly after chatting with Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan then went back to cultivation.


    Experience Points +2

    Experience Points +2


    Lin Fan's experience points increased at the speed of lighting, and it showed better results than the previous Body Refinement Technique that Lin Fan practiced.


    In the Body Tempering Realm, cultivators could practice skills that mortals did, which were just regular martial arts basically, but that was useless to Lin Fan. To him, being strong was the only thing that mattered in the Body Tempering Realm.


    It was now night. It was silent since everyone was sleeping, but Lin Fan was still cultivating. He was a hardworking guy.

    Suddenly, Lin Fan heard sirens.

    "Oh lord. Are we being attacked?" Lin Fan jumped up.

    "Junior Brother Lin, wake up!" He heard calls coming from outside, and the surroundings were lit up. Lin Fan opened his door to see that Lu Qiming and the rest were already waiting for him.

    "Senior Brother, the Sunshine Sect is attacking us?" Lin Fan asked.

    "Yes. We need to gather right now. Remember to stay close to us this time. It's going to be a tough battle," Lu Qiming said, looking serious.


    Lu Daosheng sat on his seat, scowling. "I see that the sect leader has already predicted the results. The Sunshine Sect wants to determine the result with this battle. Send the message down – win this battle at all costs."

    Fang Qing nodded. "Yes. Be at ease, Senior Brother. We will make sure that no Sunshine Sect disciple steps in here with our lives."

    The troops were gathered.

    Lin Fan felt excited seeing such a big crowd.


    They could hear an explosion coming from afar. The Sunshine Sect's troops had arrived.

    Lin Fan glanced around.

    Some disciples were shuddering in fear, while some were standing straight with determination written across their face.

    As for Lin Fan, he was extremely calm.