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Chapter 21

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 21: I Hate All of You

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    "Darn it. You're so overboard!"


    The beast stomped, leaving the ground shaking. A deep footprint could be seen on the ground when it raised its feet.

    Lu Qiming's eyes were out on stalks. "That's weird," he mumbled. "Why is it chasing Junior Brother Lin so relentlessly?"

    Yin Xiaotian came over to Lu Qiming. He was dumbfounded too. "This is weird. The beast was obviously bred by the Sunshine Sect. There's no reason for anything to go wrong, but it just murdered the Sunshine Sect disciples that were controlling it! It seems to have lost control."

    "I'll go save Junior Brother Lin," Lu Qiming said and walked toward the beast.

    Anyone below the Earth Star Border Realm was no match for the beast, and death was the only result they would achieve if they tried to fight the beast.

    Lu Qiming was pulled back by Yin Xiaotian. "Don't. What can you do? You would only be adding on to the death count!"

    "But I can't watch Junior Brother Lin die," Lu Qiming answered sternly.


    "Damn it. It's your choice."

    Lin Fan blew his top.

    Lin Fan could take it no longer, and the only way for him to end the beast was to draw a lottery.

    Points -300

    Silver Lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    "Darn it."


    Points -1,000


    Bronze Lottery: Thank you, please try again.


    Lin Fan stared at the "Thank you, please try again." in utter disbelief.


    All of a sudden:

    Bronze Lottery: A step-by-step 82-2 grenade creation guide book.

    "I don't want this!" Lin Fan yelled.

    Bronze Lottery: A Sting Fly's rotten egg.


    Lin Fan was in despair. There was no need for Lin Fan to turn around to know that the beast was still chasing after him.


    "Damn it, I'll draw four silver lotteries at one go. I don't believe that I won't get anything useful."

    Silver Lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    Silver Lottery: A small-sized storage ring.

    Silver Lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    Silver Lottery: A mystic low-class cultivation pill and an Imperial Tiger Pill.

    "So, my 2,400 points are gone just like that?" Lin Fan cursed.


    Seeing the Sunshine Sect disciples in front of him, Lin Fan raised his broadsword immediately and slashed down on them.

    "Oh no, the insane guy is coming for us!"

    "The beast is right behind him!"

    Under the threat of the beast, the Sunshine Sects disciples were all trembling in fear, running away from Lin Fan. Meanwhile, Lin Fan took the chance to kickstart his killing spree.

    Points +40

    Points +40


    As for the beast, Lin Fan was all it cared about. The Sunshine Sects disciples were just another pile of ashes that lay under its feet.

    Blood-curdling screams filled the battlefield, sending chills down everyone's spines.

    Watching the beast crush the Sunshine Sects disciples under its feet, Lin Fan felt blood trickling from his heart.

    "Save me, I do not want to die here!" The Sunshine Sect's troop was in a mess.

    They were willing to die under the hands of the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, but not the beast!

    On the other hand, the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples were tearing up at the scene.

    "Guys, look. Even when Senior Brother Lin is being chased by the beast, he remembers to tackle the Sunshine Sect disciples. How can we let Senior Brother Lin battle on his own? Let's go and help Senior Brother Lin fight the Sunshine Sect disciples."

    "Senior Brother Lin is such an idol."

    The Magnificent Flame Sect disciples had figured out the situation.

    In their eyes, Senior Brother Lin was in a life-threatening situation, but that didn't stop him from taking down their enemy. His actions touched the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, and they were determined to live up to his spirit.

    "Let's go! Do not get close to the beast. Kill the Sunshine Sect disciples from a distance."



    They had all been touched by Lin Fan, but they all knew that they should stay away from their senior brother unless they wished to enter heaven early.

    The Sunshine Sect disciples were in a mess. This was not what they expected. Their formation was completely ruined.

    When Lin Fan saw a Magnificent Flame Sect disciple taking a Sunshine Sect disciple's life, he nearly blew his top.



    Lin Fan had just made up his mind that he would collect more points now since he was unable to run away now.

    Lin Fan started slashing anyone he saw.

    Points +50

    Points +60

    A Body Tempering Stage Seven Sunshine Sect disciple pulled out his weapon upon seeing Lin Fan running toward him. He planned to kill Lin Fan, but the beast stomping behind Lin Fan made him start trembling.

    The ferocious beast growled in anger. Its stomps were enough to shake the ground, and there was no one who was able to stop it.

    Lin Fan saw the Sunshine Sect disciple and yelled at him. "Brother! Run! I won't do anything to you! It's too dangerous!"

    The disciple heard Lin Fan's words and started running away. He turned around and saw the beast still running right behind him. "Don't follow me! It's only going after you!" he yelled.

    "Just run and don't look back!" Lin Fan shouted back.

    "Darn it." The Sunshine Sect disciple glared at Lin Fan, but there was nothing he could do except run.

    "Didn't… you say you wouldn't kill me?" The Sunshine Sect disciple was dumbfounded. He felt so cheated.

    Lin Fan pulled out his broadsword and shrugged. "I forgot. Sorry…."




    He wasn't worried that the beast would crush him to death; he was worried that the beast would swallow him. That would certainly be "fun."