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Chapter 22

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 22: I'm Charismatic

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    "This is too much!"

    He was speechless.

    Far away, atop a hill, Lu Daosheng clenched his fist. His face flushed red as a ball of black smoke sat atop of him, swallowing his Yuan energy.

    There was a man standing right in front of him. He was a dwarf and looked exactly like the man that controlled the beast.

    The man sneered, looking at Lu Daosheng proudly. "Lu Daosheng, how do you like this surprise?"

    The other Magnificent Flame Sect and Sunshine Sect disciples were in a tough battle around them.

    "Jin Luo, I never expected that you would not follow the rules set by the Sect Union and turn to cultivating evil practices!" Lu Daosheng huffed. He was at a disadvantage because of that.

    "Haha." Jin Luo burst out into laughter. "Sect Union? That's just a bunch of rules set by elites to keep the weaklings in place. I, Jin Luo, care nothing about that. So how do you find my Soul Vampire?"


    Jin Luo smiled at Lu Daosheng evilly, his eyes shining with pride as he raised his hands. "Do you know how many innocents I have tortured to get this Soul Vampire technique to level eight? Oh, smell it, the smell of death!"


    All of a sudden, a few Sunshine Sect disciples came running toward him in a hurry, as if they were running for their lives.

    "Stop there. What are you doing?" Seeing his disciples, Jin Luo's face fell as he questioned them.

    Blood drained from the disciples' faces when they saw Jin Luo. "Senior Brother Jin," one of them stammered. "The beast has lost control, and we have lost too many disciples. There's no way for us to continue the battle."

    "What? Where's my brother!?" Jin Luo yelled at them upon hearing what they said.


    Lu Daosheng heaved a sigh of relief.

    "He was crushed by the beast." As soon as the disciple answered Jin Luo, black smoke waltzed around him, wrapping him up, and blisters grew all over his body. With a bang, he exploded.

    The same thing happened to the other disciples who ran away from the battlefield for their lives. They died terrible deaths.

    "Ah!" Jin Luo screamed, his eyes turning red. "My younger brother…"

    Since birth, Jin Luo and his younger brother had grown up looking ugly. They had dwarfism too and were abandoned not long after they were born. Ridicule was something that they grew up with. By chance, they acquired a set of evil practices and lived their lives torturing others for entertainment. Those that once made nasty comments about them died under their hands.

    He despised healthy people and turned them into monsters that lived for killing. He had caused uncountable deaths, but the death of his only kin, his beloved brother, was not something that he could tolerate.

    "Lu Daosheng, prepare to die!"

    Black smoke rose to the sky slowly, painting the sky black. The surrounding plants withered in no time, showing how dangerous the smoke was.

    Lu Daosheng's body trembled slightly as Yuan energy flowed to his palms. His palms flared up, and the black smoke atop his head disappeared into thin air.

    "Jin Luo, I'll kill you right here, right now."

    "Let's see whose death day it is, shall we?"


    Lin Fan was no longer frustrated at the beast that was chasing after him relentlessly.

    "Draw a lottery."

    Lin Fan had slain quite a number of Sunshine Sect disciples, leaving him with 3,200 points

    "I'm going to do ten draws in a row."

    Bronze Lottery: Thank you, please try again.


    Lin Fan facepalmed.


    "Damn it."

    Lin Fan really did not have any other words.

    The Sunshine Sect's plans had already been messed up by the beast. Body Tempering Stage Eight and Stage Nine disciples dared not go near the beast.


    All the Sunshine Sect disciples were escaping from the battlefield. They were in despair now since their battle tool had become their killer instead.

    Lin Fan was now a hero in many people's eyes.

    But they were unaware of their hero's worries.

    Silver Lottery: Mortal high-class refinement medicine; Liger Pill

    Points -100

    Bronze Lottery: Chinese 82-2 model grenade.


    "What a cheap thing. It just needed some scaring."

    Seeing the sentence, Lin Fan was so happy that he was like a dog with two tails.

    "Senior Brother Lin, be careful!"

    This brought Lin Fan back to reality. He realized that all the Sunshine Sect disciples were nowhere to be seen.

    Seeing Lin Fan being chased by the beast, the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples were at a loss for what to do.

    With their ability, there was no way they could save their Senior Brother Lin.

    Knowing that the disciples were watching him, Lin Fan felt that it was time for him to show off his power.


    He came to an abrupt stop and turned to the beast, raising his hand. "You better stop!"

    The gigantic beast came to a stop seeing Lin Fan. Hatred was swimming in its bloodshot eyes.

    The Magnificent Flame Sect disciples were dumbfounded to see the scene.

    "What is Senior Brother Lin planning to do?"

    Lin Fan glared at the beast, fuming. "Idiot, you must have had a lot of fun chasing after me, right? I'm going to stop running now. Let's fight. Have a taste of my weapon."

    He then threw the Sting Fly's rotten egg at the beast.

    The beast reached out to Lin Fan, wanting to crush him, but the rotten egg landed on the Beast's nose accurately.

    The egg cracked. The yellowish liquid flowed into its nose.

    An unbearable smell spread out in the beast's nose.


    The beast started to vomit, but in the eyes of the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, it had been angered.

    Lin Fan watched the scene, amused. He never expected the rotten egg to be so powerful that it could act as a stink bomb. Even the beast could not take it.

    At that moment, the beast vomited out a skeleton. Upon seeing the skeleton that had lost its arm, it blew its top again as if it was reminded of something.


    The beast roared, as if it was unable to believe what just happened.

    Lin Fan grinned as he saw the scene. He jumped up into the beast's mouth immediately, yelling.

    "Trash, I'll show you my secret weapon!"

    "Senior Brother Lin…!" the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples wailed. They thought that Lin Fan was going to take the beast down with him.

    "You smell like trash." Lin Fan scowled as soon as he entered the beast's mouth. He pulled the pin and waited for the grenade to explode.

    The grenade exploded in the beast's mouth.

    As for the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, all they saw was the beast begin to spasm.

    Under the eyes of all the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, the beast dropped to the floor with a thud.

    "Senior Brother…" The Magnificent Flame Sect disciples were dumbstruck. They were unable to believe that their well-respected senior brother had just died.

    Lu Qiming look to the front in despair. "Junior Brother Lin…"

    "My friend…" Tears rolled down Gao Dazhuang's cheeks.

    Ten seconds later:

    All the disciples jumped out of their skin. A figure broke out of the beast's head under the crowd's vision. He stood under the moonlight with his hands behind him and his head slightly raised, facing the moon.


    Under the moonlight, the figure looked so graceful, yet strong.

    Lin Fan felt that his posture was great, and the loneliness of a winner swam in his eyes.



    "Senior Brother!"

    The Magnificent Flame Sect disciples hailed in the victory of the war as they rushed toward Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan smiled thinly. It was a smile that showed his calmness.