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Chapter 23

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 23: I'm a Hardworking Person

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    Lu Qiming and the rest went up in glee, but they were still trembling in fear as they had yet to recover from the shock. "Junior Brother Lin, we were so afraid!"

    Lin Fan covered his crotch with his hands, smiling embarrassedly. "Senior Brother, can you get me some clothes? This is so embarrassing."

    Some disciples still had their faces covered from watching the scene earlier. Seeing Lin Fan's posture, they nearly thought that he was a flasher.


    But the disciples weren't to be blamed. Lin Fan was the one posed in the middle of the battlefield shirtless.

    Lu Qiming passed him two shirts, tying one around Lin Fan's waist to cover up his crotch.


    "Junior Brother, how are you?" Yin Xiaotian stepped up, worried for Lin Fan.

    "Yeah, I'm good." Lin Fan grinned. "It was just a beast, nothing to be afraid of. I used my secret skill and slayed him. Now, it's our victory since we managed to send the Sunshine Sect away."


    The Magnificent Flame Sect disciples were unable to believe their ears.

    But they registered it within no time and cheered happily.

    "Victory! Finally!"

    To the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, this victory did not come easy. They had already lost count of how many brothers they had lost to this war.

    The loss of their brothers had them grieving in sorrow.

    Watching the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples cheering, Lin Fan pouted.


    "Great job, Junior Brother Lin." Fang Qing, who was drenched in blood, walked over. He just put a tough fight to an end. Being able to repel the Sunshine Sect had Fang Qing on cloud nine.

    He had doubts about how Lin Fan managed to slay the beast, but it wasn't the time for him to look into that now as the troop was cheering for their victory.

    Fang Qing turned toward the distance.

    Suddenly, a few figures could be seen dashing over.

    The disciples stared at the figures with anticipation. They had already won the war, but they were curious about how it would turn out for Senior Brother Lu.

    Lin Fan looked over too. He knew that, after one broke into the Earth Star Border Realm, they were no longer like ordinary humans. They would be equipped with great strength.

    Lin Fan believed that, with his ability, he would soon become an Earth Star Border cultivator.

    An Earth Star Border disciple managed to make it back. He went to Fang Qing and reported the situation. "Senior Brother Lu is seriously injured. Fang Qing, lead the disciples and clean up the battlefield."

    "Yes, Senior Brother." Fang Qing could not believe his ears. He was aware of how powerful Senior Brother Lu was.

    Lu Qiming was surprised too. "I can't believe that Senior Brother Lu is seriously injured. These evil Sunshine Sect disciples, we will destroy their sect one day."

    "Senior Brother Lu, Senior Brother Lu will be fine," Lin Fan comforted Lu Qiming.


    "Yes." Lu Qiming smiled thinly.

    Fang Qing wasted no time and gave out another command. "Disciples, clean up the battlefield and gather up when you are done."


    The next day, the troop gathered, preparing to leave.

    Lin Fan turned around to look at the sky. He sighed.

    "Junior Brother Lin, are you alright?" Lu Qiming patted Lin Fan on his shoulders. He didn't know what made Lin Fan so sad.

    Lin Fan waved his hands. "Nothing. Let's get going."

    Lin Fan wanted to cry but had no tears. He had a few chances to escape, but something always cropped up, never allowing him to do so, as if somebody was planning against him. Lin Fan was absolutely frustrated with this.


    If anyone found about this, they would blow their top.

    They would go, "Do you think breaking through to the Earth Star Border Realm is like going to the market?"

    Back at the camp, after battling for a day, the disciples were all beat and went to sleep.

    But for Lin Fan, resting didn't exist in his life.

    "Let me see what I've got." Lin Fan checked his prizes excitedly. He didn't take note of what he got when he was on the battlefield, but there seemed to be some good stuff.

    "A small-sized storage ring."



    The silver ring fit perfectly on Lin Fan's finger.


    He then continued to look through his prizes. A mystic low-classed cultivation pill and an Imperial Tiger Pill.


    The last item gave Lin Fan a pleasant shock.


    A step-by-step 82-2 grenade creation guide book.


    Name: Lin Fan

    Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Six (+)

    Experience Points: 10,540

    Points: 2,330


    Talent: Immortality

    Lottery: Bronze (100), Silver (300), yet to be unlocked.

    He took the Imperial Tiger Pill and started cultivating.

    Lin Fan might not have many strengths, but he cultivated diligently.

    He ate the pill, and the flow of energy gushed through his body.

    His experience points continued to add up.

    When Lin Fan opened his eyes, he was on cloud nine.

    Experience Points: 18,540.

    But if Lin Fan knew about the price of these pills, he might not be so happy anymore.


    The sky had lit up. It was now afternoon.

    Lin Fan felt that it was time for him to take a walk. He heard noises outside earlier.

    Of course, he was somewhat tired after the continuous cultivation.

    Lin Fan slashed his neck with the 9-ringed broadsword.


    Experience Points +10

    After 10 seconds, he revived with full health.

    Lin Fan tidied his clothes quickly and wiped the bloodstains off the wall before going out to take a walk.