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Chapter 24

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 24: I Deserve a Commendation!

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    "Junior Brother Lin."

    "Senior Brother Lin."

    Warm greetings from many disciples could be heard, and Lin Fan greeted them back.

    "Junior Brother Lin." Lu Qiming saw Lin Fan and came to him.

    "Senior Brother Lu, you seem to be in a good mood. What happened?" Lin Fan asked.

    Lu Qiming was taken aback by the question. He stared at Lin Fan weirdly and realized that he had not caught up with the news. "Oh, Junior Brother Lin, you might not have heard about it, but Senior Brother Lu is fine, and the war has ended. We received news that the sect has come to an agreement with the Sunshine Sect, so we will be returning soon."

    "Hah?" Lin Fan was dumbfounded.

    Seeing Lin Fan staring blankly into space, Lu Qiming thought that Lin Fan was on cloud nine after hearing the news of the war coming to an end, so he continued to ramble on. "I was glad to hear this piece of news too! It's been half a year of staying here, and I am so glad that I survived!"

    Thinking about this, Lu Qiming grabbed Lin Fan's hand tightly. "Junior Brother Lin, you have done well this war. When we get back, you will be upgraded to a first class outer disciple for sure."

    The Magnificent Flame Sect's outer disciples were classified into three different classes. First class was the best and third class was the worse. Priority would be given to the first-class outer disciples when it came to rationing resources.

    The first-class disciples always received the most benefits and got a lot of quality stuff.

    Moreover, the war had ended, so gaining points would be a lot more difficult now. It would be beneficial to be in the sect in that case.

    After much thinking, Lin Fan decided to make a trip to the sect.

    As for how the previous Lin Fan survived so long, it was still a mystery.

    The chimes of the bell could be heard.

    Lu Qiming was like a dog with two tails upon hearing the chimes. "Let's go. We're going back!"

    Lin Fan coughed. "Calm down, Senior Brother Lu."

    Zhang Long, Yin Xiaotian, and the rest came over. They apparently knew about the news too.

    Even though none of them knew what made the Sunshine Sect agree to stop the war, they knew they could return to the sect now.

    "Junior Brother Lin and Senior Brother Lu, you guys have been getting closer. Are you perhaps…?" Yin Xiaotian asked smirking


    Due to him being too excited, Lu Qiming was grabbing Lin Fan's hand. Hearing that, Lin Fan sensed that something was wrong. He swung off Lu Qiming's hand and shook his head. "There's nothing going on. I'm a normal man."

    "Haha, of course, we are aware of it." Zhang Long laughed. "Everyone saw your body yesterday."

    Being reminded of what happened yesterday, Lin Fan turned red in embarrassment.


    "Okay, let's gather." Lin Fan dropped the conversation.

    On the training ground, under the witness of the troop, Lu Daosheng stepped on stage. He was pale, signifying that he had not fully recovered, but he could move freely, so he was probably fine.

    "The war has ended. All disciples can return now."

    The disciples cheered upon hearing this. This was the thing that they wished to hear the most.

    Suddenly, Lu Daosheng raised his hands, and a divine ship flew out from his storage ring and enlarged itself. It became so huge that it covered the sun before landing on the ground.

    Lin Fan stared at the ship with wide eyes.

    It was made by the tool-refining masters in the sect. It was a mystic middle-class support treasure that was made out of many rare materials. It was costly, but it had no weaknesses other than the fact that it could not attack.


    The disciples got on the ship happily. This was something that they had been anticipating for a long time.

    "Junior Brother, let's get going." Lu Qiming patted him.

    "Oh, for real?" Lin Fan sighed in his heart, slightly unwilling.

    "What's wrong?" Lu Qiming was unaware of Lin Fan's thoughts. He thought that Lin Fan was still unable to accept the fact that they were able to leave.

    "Nothing much, let's go."

    Ten days passed.

    Initially, Lin Fan planned to spend his days cultivating to pass time, but that was just a plan. How much private space could he possibly have on such a crowded ship?


    However, Lin Fan's time did not go to waste.

    When he looked down from the ship, he could see the different sceneries of a different place.


    This was the first time that he saw such beautiful sceneries with his eyes, and he was looking forward to seeing the sect.


    They reached the Magnificent Flame Sect, and a statue could be seen from far away, standing high up from the middle of the sect. It was a statue of their mighty founder, Emperor Yanhua.

    After alighting from the divine ship, the disciples gathered around, chatting happily.

    Most of them were smiling.

    However, some were looking solemn, grieving for their friends who died on the battlefield.

    Lin Fan was feeling jittery.

    The scenes played in Lin Fan's head.

    "Let's go back, Junior Brother Lin," Lu Qiming said.

    "Now?" Lin Fan turned to Lu Qiming blankly. "Isn't there going to be a ceremony to acknowledge our efforts and reward us?"

    "Nope." Lu Qiming laughed. "Senior brothers have taken note of our achievements, and the elders will send out our rewards according to the records. All we need to do is wait."


    Lin Fan was slightly disappointed.